Apple nut crust

Aromatic, crispy & juicy

Today I brought a delicious apple nut crust for you. A very juicy mixed bread cooked overnight, with an aromatic and light crumb. The perfect bread for all nut lovers, not only in winter, for Christmas or in autumn. The recipe uses very little yeast and can also be prepared yeast-free if you wish ... ♥

Apfel Nuss Kruste

Apple nut crust with spelled malt flakes

Apple and nut are a real dream couple anyway. By the autumn season at the latest and in the Christmas bakery, I often put both of them together in various cake doughs. Why not process it together in bread dough? By the way, I should definitely not ignore the delicious spelled malt flakes at this point. They round off the nutty, aromatic taste really well. Alternatively, you can also use roasted oatmeal. But if you don't know any spelled malt flakes, you have to try them out! (They are linked in the recipe). By the way, here you can find other delicious recipes with spelled malt flakes: Original grain bin, Carrot grain crust, Whole grain crispbread with seeds, Malt grains with eclats, Muscle man bread, Grain toast.

Apfel Nuss Kruste

A juicy and aromatic bread

The apple nut crust tastes wonderfully nutty and aromatic. The grated apple not only gives the bread a subtle fruity taste, it also becomes wonderfully juicy and keeps it fresh. The proportion of rye flour gives the apple nut crust a rustic character. the Piece cooked takes place overnight in the refrigerator. As a result, not only can a wonderful aroma develop, but the apple nut bread can also be baked directly in the morning. Acclimatization is not even necessary for this. I have my Italian sourdough as a leavening agent Lievito Madre used. If you have a particularly active Lievito Madre with very good driving power at home, you can safely leave out the crumb of yeast in the recipe.

Then, however, I would advise the longer specified walking times and observe the development of the dough carefully. You may still freshen up your madre twice beforehand. Because every sourdough is slightly different and the times given in the recipe are only guidelines. With a small amount of yeast, the ripening times can still vary individually, but the whole thing becomes a bit more controllable. But no matter which version you choose, I wish you a lot of fun baking and a Merry Christmas ... ♥

Apfel Nuss Kruste

Apple nut crust

  • Prep Time:
    18 hours
  • Cook Time:
    40 minutes
  • Total Time:
    17 hours 20 minutes
  • Yield:
    1 bread
  • Category:
    Dinner, bread, breakfast, Vespers
  • Cuisine:
    German - German



  • 120 g grated apple (preferably a sour variety)
  • 60 g roasted hazelnuts, roughly chopped (or walnuts)
  • 40 g Spelled malt flakes / toasted oat flakes
  • 80 g Water, boiling

Lievito Madre

  • 60 g Wheat flour type 550 (alternatively the usual flour for feeding the madre)
  • 60 g Lievito Madre 
  • 30 g Water (35 ° C)

Autolysis dough

  • 350 g french Wheat flour T65 / strong wheat flour (or wheat flour type 550 and a little less liquid)
  • 300 g water

Main dough

  • Autolysis dough
  • mature Lievito Madre
  • 100 g Alpine rye / rye flour type 1370
  • 10 g inactive baking malt / beet syrup / barley malt syrup
  • 1 g fresh yeast (can be omitted if the madre is very active)
  • 12 g salt
  • 10 g Butter (vegan: nut oil or other oil)
  • 20 g Water (if necessary)



  1. Scald all the ingredients for the broth with the boiling water.
    Cover and leave to soak for at least 2-4 hours.
    (Whether the apple is grated coarsely and finely and with or without the peel depends on personal taste.)

Lievito Madre

  1. Dissolve Lievito Madre in the water and whip until foamy. Then knead thoroughly with the flour.
  2. Let ripen for about 2-4 hours at about 26-28 ° C. The madre should have at least doubled or tripled during this time.

Autolysis dough

  1. Mix T 65 and water for 40-60 minutes Autolysis let rest.

Main dough

  1. Add Lievito Madre, rye flour, barley malt syrup and, if necessary, yeast to the autolysis dough.
    Knead on slow speed for about 8-10 minutes.
  2. Knead for 3-5 minutes at high speed. Knead in the salt and butter towards the end.
    Knead in the stock as briefly as possible at slow speed or by hand.
    Only then, if necessary, knead in the remaining water. (The brewing piece gives off a lot of moisture.)

Stock cooking

  1. For about 3-4 hours at room temperature (20-22 ° C) Stock cooking place. In doing so, twice gently stretch and fold (coil fold), after 1 and 2 hours.
    Alternatively stick cooking can also take place for 1.5-2 hours at 25-27 ° C.
    The dough should have doubled at most during this time, a little less is also sufficient. The ripening time depends very much on the madre.

Forms & piece cooked

  1. Shape a round or oblong loaf of bread and place the end up in a floured proving basket.
    (The proofing basket should be a little larger.)
  2. Let rise for 30-40 minutes at room temperature (not necessary for warm stick cooking).
    Then for 10-12 hours at 6-8 ° C in the refrigerator Piece cooked place.
    (At 5 ° C it would be about 14-16 hours.)
  3. Preheat the oven in good time to 250 ° C top / bottom heat (230 ° C hot air / convection), depending on the case together with a large cast pot, baking steel / sheet or baking stone.

to bake

  1. Baking in the pot:
    After the rising time, plunge the dough into the hot pot (without acclimatizing), cut into it and close the lid.
    Bake for a total of 50 minutes.
    After 20 minutes of baking time, lower the temperature to 200 ° C and remove the lid.
  2. Bake released:
    Tip the dough out of the proofing basket (without acclimatizing), cut into it and bake for a total of 50 minutes.
    Abundant immediately at the beginning swath (Steam).
    After 10 minutes, open the oven door to drain the moisture and lower the temperature to 200 ° C.
  3. Then let cool down on a wire rack.



  • Autolysis dough: Mix 1 min./dough kneading setting, then place in the refrigerator for 40-60 minutes.
  • Main dough: Knead autolysis dough, rye flour, yeast and Lievito Madre as well as malted barley syrup for 4-5 minutes / dough level.
  • Add salt and butter, knead for 30-60 seconds per dough setting.
  • It is best to knead in the stock by hand.
  • Only then, if necessary, knead in the remaining water. (The brewing piece gives off a lot of moisture.)

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Apfel Nuss Kruste


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14 thoughts on “Apfel Nuss Kruste”

  1. Hello,
    I would like to try the recipe, what can I replace LIEVITO MADRE with? I don't have that, not even sourdough.

    Greetings Maggi

    1. Dear Maggi,

      I think then I would do a biga. This is a firm pre-dough with yeast. To do this, knead 50 g water, 100 g flour and, in this case, 5 g fresh yeast. You can double the pre-dough. I think it should be similar in time to the Madre, but the Biga can stand at room temperature.

      I keep my fingers crossed for you that it works so well and I look forward to your feedback!


  2. My bread turned out very nice with the biga, had so much urge that I only had it for 2 hours at room temperature and then for 16 hours on the balcony (about 2-4 degrees). Since the dough was very soft, I added about 50 g wholemeal spelled flour.

  3. Hello Sonja! I will definitely try the recipe. 🤗👍🏻Can I use rye flour 1150 instead of alpine rye? LG Nicole

  4. I've tried this recipe several times now. Unfortunately for me the dough is very soft and sticky
    and is very difficult to edit. I bake in a pot and the bread still works and tastes very good.
    But still I would like to know what I'm doing wrong, because the glue makes baking very difficult.

    Warm greetings

    1. Dear Roswitha,

      maybe your flour will absorb less water. Next time, hold back a long drink.
      The dough should be relatively firm before the brewing piece. The small amount of rye also contributes to the stickiness.
      I like to work such doughs with enough durum wheat flour on the work surface.

      Many greetings,

  5. Dear Sonja,

    the bread looks so tasty, aromatic and juicy. At the moment I only have whole wheat sourdough, do you have any idea how much of it I should use instead of the LM?


    1. Hi there,

      you could either feed your sourdough more tightly beforehand or simply retain liquid in the main dough.

      Many greetings,

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