Country bread from the wooden baking frame

With two-stage sourdough flow

Today I brought a rustic country bread from the wooden baking frame. A wonderfully juicy, very tasty and actually quite simple mixed bread that currently has the potential to become my favorite bread. The special thing about this recipe is the two-stage sourdough process with a mixed flour sourdough made from wheat and rye, a kind of Balkan sourdough ... ♥

Mischbrot aus dem Holzbackrahmen mit Balkansauerteig / Kastenbrot
The country bread from the wooden baking frame

The country bread from the wooden baking frame does not require the addition of yeast. Instead, it is fermented exclusively with sourdough. This not only makes it particularly aromatic, but also has excellent freshness. In addition, it can be frozen very well and baked in advance. If necessary, you can of course bake this bread in the loaf pan if you don't have a wooden baking frame.

The sourdough is made with a mixture of wheat and rye flour. a mixed sourdough. I lead him in two stages with this recipe. But even with a single-stage guide, this mixed sourdough is wonderfully active and very strong, which is certainly not least due to the selected flour types (organic quality makes a clear difference!). Incidentally, I also use them to carry my other sourdoughs and since then I have not been able to complain about any "weaknesses".

Landbrot aus dem Holzbackrahmen mit Balkansauerteig
My wooden baking frame

I'll tell you something: I had a wooden baking frame lying around for years that I didn't really enjoy using. The quality wasn't great and it was quite warped right after the first baking. As a result, a lot of dough regularly ran under the wood during baking and the bread could hardly be gotten out whole. That really annoyed me. But since I've got a new one (after a bit of hesitation), I'm a real fan of it again. The special thing about “the new one” is that it can simply be unscrewed and reassembled. As a result, I can not only clean it easily after baking, but also store it in a very space-saving way. A real space saver, because my baking cabinets are really hopelessly overcrowded, with all sorts of baking pans, proofing baskets etc ... But even if I unscrewed myself I can still find a place for it.

The real benefit

The real advantage of this wooden baking frame is that even a somewhat misshapen bread can be easily removed. Because every now and then a little dough runs under the frame when baking (especially if the dough is quite soft) or a real mushroom forms on top. Both can then cause real problems when loosening and often the bread is damaged in the process. So the main reason for me to try again was the possibility of unscrewing it. The associated “adjuster” is also great. This allows the wooden baking frame to be reduced to the required size or divided in the middle for 2 smaller loaves of bread. There is also space for 2 small loaves of bread made from different doughs. Incidentally, I chose the model made of sturdy maple (there is also beech).

Landbrot aus dem Holzbackrahmen mit Balkansauerteig
My conclusion

A simple, honest bread that basically only consists of water, flour and salt. At first glance, it might seem more complicated than it actually is. The preparation steps are quick and easy and, overall, also manageable. Due to the two-stage sourdough process, the bread is aromatic, but still nice and mild. In order to “catch” the right ripeness of sourdough and dough pieces, I have linked two posts with helpful videos under the recipe. Now I hope you enjoy baking ... ♥

Brotbackbuch: For the love of bread_Zeit für gutes Brot


Country bread from the wooden baking frame

Yeast-free bread with 2-step sourdough preparation

  • Prep Time:
    20 minutes
  • Cook Time:
    16 hours 40 minutes
  • Total Time:
    17 hours
  • Yield:
    2 small loaves or 1 large loaf
  • Category:
    Dinner, side dish, breakfast, breakfast, Vespers
  • Cuisine:
    German, French, French, German


Sourdough level 1

  • 50 g Rye flour type 997/1150 or champagne rye type 1000
  • 50 g Spelled or wheat flour type 1050 / T80Paysans
  • 100 g Water (40 ° C)
  • 10 g ASG from sourdough 

Sourdough level 2

  • 200 g Sourdough (from level 1)
  • 200 g Water (40 ° C)
  • 100 g Rye flour type 997/1150 or champagne rye type 1000
  • 100 g Spelled or wheat flour type 1050 / T80Paysans

Fermentolysis dough

  • 600 g Sourdough (from level 2)
  • 210 g Spelled or wheat flour type 1050 / T80Paysans
  • 250 g Water (35 ° C)

Main dough

  • Fermentolysis dough
  • 210 g Rye flour type 997/1150 or champagne rye type 1000
  • 20 g Beet syrup (optional, can be omitted)
  • 18 g salt


Sourdough level 1

  1. For the sourdough level 1, mix all the ingredients together thoroughly.
  2. Let ripen for about 8-12 hours, falling to 22 ° C. (Usually takes a maximum of 8 hours for me.)

Sourdough level 2

  1. For the sourdough level 2, mix all the ingredients together thoroughly.
  2. Let ripen for about 2-4 hours at 25-27 ° C. (Usually takes about 2-2.5 hours for me.)

Fermentolysis dough

  1. Put the sourdough, water and T80 Paysans in the kettle of the food processor, mix briefly but thoroughly.
    (Thermomix: water only 25 ° C / 20 sec. | Level 3 | mix counterclockwise)
    Let rest covered for 15 minutes.

Main dough

  1. Add rye flour, salt and, if necessary, beet syrup.
    Mix into a soft batter for 4-5 minutes at slow speed. (Depending on the food processor, like to work with the flat beater / flexible stirring element.)
    (Thermomix: 2-2.5 min | knead dough level)
  2. Then let it rest for 20-30 minutes.
    Meanwhile, grease and flour the wooden baking frame or loaf pan (s) well.
  3. Then shape the dough long on the very well floured work surface or first round and then long. (Do not incorporate too much flour.)
    Place in the wooden baking frame / loaf pan (s) and sprinkle with rye flour.
    Tip: If you have difficulties shaping the dough, you can alternatively pour it directly into the prepared baking pan and smooth it out with a moistened dough spatula.

Piece cooked & baked

  1. Cook for about 2.5-3 hours at 25-27 ° C.
    Alternatively for about 5 hours at about 22-24 ° C.
    You are welcome to leave it uncovered after about half the time (promotes the formation of cracks on the surface.)
    (The time required depends on your own sourdough.)
  2. Preheat the oven in good time to 250 ° C top / bottom heat (230 ° C hot air / convection), depending on the case together with a baking oven / tray or baking stone.
  3. Place in the preheated oven and steam a little.
    After 5 minutes, let off the steam and lower the temperature to 210 ° C (190 ° C hot air / circulating air). The baking time in the wooden baking frame is 60-70 minutes, depending on the oven.
    (Loaf pan around 55-60 minutes, 2 small forms around 45-50 minutes.)
  4. Then remove it from the wooden baking frame / loaf pan.
    If necessary, place in the switched-off oven for a few minutes without a mold.
    Then let cool down completely on a wire rack.


The maturing times of the sourdough and the length of time it takes to cook in pieces depend heavily on the quality of your own sourdough. You can find very helpful videos in these recipes:

Mixed bread with sourdough: Sourdough and its optimal ripening time


  • Wooden baking frame internal dimensions: 30.5 x 9.5 x 9 cm
  • Alternatively, the dough fits into 1 large loaf pan
  • or in 2 loaf pans measuring around 16-17.5 x 9.5 x 8.5-9.0 cm (the baking time is then reduced by approx. 10-15 minutes for 2 small loaves of bread.

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Teig vor dem Backen.
The characteristic grain of the baked dough pieces can be clearly seen. A finger pressure test does not make sense for dough with a high proportion of rye.


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12 thoughts on “Landbrot aus dem Holzbackrahmen”

  1. Hello, I think your bread is just great! I would like to bake them again because I bake with self-ground wholemeal flour, I don't know how to make the dough. I had already made a recipe with whole wheat flour that wasn't designed for it and it went wrong.
    Could you give me some advice on how it would be feasible, or maybe you could set up such a bread recipe? I think many are like me.

    Many greetings

    1. Dear Simone,

      take a look at this recipe, in the text above the recipe, I give a few tips for grinding your own grain: Original carrot

      Here are examples of bread recipe with whole wheat flour from this blog:
      Hearty wholemeal bread
      Pumpkin Kamut box
      Whole grain spelled carrot bread
      Grain bread with kefir
      Rye bread>

      The recipes can all be made with home-ground wholemeal flour.
      If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  2. Hello dear Sonja,

    I've baked your bread several times now and it has landed in my recipe collection in the bang category. My husband and I like it excellent and it has also been well received as a gift. Today it is now also in my blog.

    Thank you for the great instructions, I'll definitely bake a few more delicacies from you.

    Best regards


    1. cookieundco

      That makes me very happy! 🙂
      Unfortunately, your comment was in the spam folder, so I'm only answering now. Thank you very much for your comment!


  3. Hello Sonja,
    After trying out some of your bread recipes in the last few months, I just want to say thank you for the great tips and recipes! I've become a real fan of your site and I'm looking forward to the newsletters.
    I baked this country bread yesterday in a wooden baking frame - it turned out to be really great and was cut lukewarm because we couldn't wait ... I added sunflower seeds - also highly recommended!
    Many greetings

    1. Hi there,
      I'm really happy! Thank you very much for your feedback and continue to bake happy. 🙂

      Many greetings,

  4. This has now become our standard recipe. Such a juicy delicious 🍞.

    In the 2nd stage and in the main dough, I replace 50% of the champagne rye and T80 with alpine rye 1500 and a smoked flour. The result is the best bread in the world 😉

    Could it be possible to use an inactive malt instead of the beet syrup, or would that not have the same effect?

    1. I'm really happy! And of course you can swap the beet syrup, the main thing is that there is no active malt!

      Many greetings,

  5. Thank you for this great, sure-fire recipe! Although I have been baking bread myself for a long time, this was the first attempt in the newly purchased wooden baking frame. The result hit my living project like a bomb! I'm as happy as Bolle and everyone is happy.

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