My bread baking book

For the love of bread - time for good bread

Today I have great news: my bread baking book »FOR THE LOVE OF BREAD - Time for good bread« has appeared. The book can be ordered now! The desire for a bread-baking book kept coming back to me. After some thought, I decided to grant this wish. The fifth blog birthday is also a great occasion for this and it has become a big (heartfelt)Project developed from it. The book contains over 65 bread recipes And in addition a lot of well-structured basic knowledge about bread baking and additional instructions for the production of baking malt as well as for the cultivation of different sourdough (s). So you can look forward to many new and delicious bread recipes with sourdough, Lievito Madre and a little yeast! 

Product information

  • Title: FOR THE LOVE OF BREAD - Time for good bread
  • Author: Sonja Bauer
  • Editor: COOKIE “Heart Made”
  • Date of publication: 10.12.2021
  • Hardcover, 312 pages
  • Format: 20.5 x 2.8 x 26.6 cm
  • over 65 recipes, approx. 150 color photos
  • Price: € 29.90
  • ISBN: 978-3-9823514-07

Available here:

Time for good bread

By the way, the subtitle Time for Good Bread has a deeper meaning. The book was not only created out of For the love of Bread, but the chapters are arranged according to the chronological sequence of the recipes. Depending on how much time is available, the recipes can be searched for in the appropriate chapter. All recipes are therefore listed in full in the table of contents and can be found quickly. The chapters are divided into "Same Day Bake" recipes for bread that is ready on the same day of preparation, recipes with simple preparation and dough processing overnight at room temperature, recipes with long dough processing in the refrigerator, recipes with time-consuming preliminary stages such as poolish or sourdough and (as is well known, the best comes at the end) sweet recipes made from yeast dough - with and without Lievito Madre. In addition, the bread baking book contains a detailed chapter with basic knowledge on the subject of bread baking - from the ingredients to the preparation of the dough to baking.

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Podcast episode with a review of my bread-baking book "FOR THE LOVE OF BREAD"

My bread baking book

Incidentally, I published the book myself. In other words, everything is decided and selected from scratch, from paper to printing to sales. Incidentally, several publishers have already made me offers to write a book. Most of the suggestions didn't appeal to me. But I can tell you so much that I haven't turned down all of the offers 😉. With my own “heart-made” bread baking book, I didn't want to work towards a specific number of pages or to follow guidelines. My book is ready when everything I want in it is in it. Of course, here too you have to think rationally and economically and sometimes make compromises. And the paper crisis hit me hard too. Most of the book was designed and set by the end of July. At this point I would also like to thank my wonderful graphic designer Helene, who tirelessly and luckily crisis-proof has always implemented all my change requests. At this point (end of July) the paper had to be ordered from the printer so that you could can still hold the book in your hands punctually until Christmas. That's why I have to mention here: only while stocks last enough! If you're interested in the book, don't wait too long. A reprint should currently take a very long time. 

Brief description

FOR THE LOVE OF BREAD - This book pays homage to the love of good bread. The baking book contains over 65 bread recipes with practical step-by-step instructions and great attention to detail.

  • For every taste: from simple mixed breads to juicy wholemeal breads to Mediterranean pastries. Crunchy, healthy and delicious!
  • Clearly explained: a lot of basic knowledge to look up | Baking with sourdough, Lievito Madre & a little yeast | Step-by-step instructions | alphabetical register.
  • Ideal for everyday use: Chapters sorted by time spent. Sometimes with little effort or practical overnight cooking up to long cold dough processing. It's always like that ...TIME FOR GOOD BREAD!

Here is a little preview of what you can expect in the book ...

🍀 Competition 🍀

Here is the promised competition. The condition to take part in the competition is: Comment here under this blog post which is your personal favorite bread from my blog.

The competition starts today on October 31, 2021 and ends on November 3, 2021 at 6 p.m. Anyone over the age of 18 residing in Germany or Austria can take part. The prize draw is carried out by lottery. The winners will be informed by email and have 48 hours to accept the prize. If this deadline expires, a new winner will be drawn. The judges' decision is final. A cash payment is not possible. The prices will be sent out after the book's publication date (probably mid-December 2021). Much luck! ❤️️

The competition is over, the winners have been notified by email! 

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New recipes

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319 thoughts on “Mein Brotbackbuch”

  1. Good idea with the competition 😊
    My favorite bread from your blog is, among other things, the mixed bread with sourdough.

      1. Christine Marsoner

        I would have to choose one of your recipes ???? Impossible ... there are sooooooo many fixed starters who are with us all the time and new ones are always added
        Whole grain spelled carrots
        Curd mares
        World champion bun
        Milanese rolls
        ... to name just a small selection ... we love your recipes ❤❤❤❤😋😋😋😋

      2. Mirjam Kornhaas

        How nice that you are bringing out a bread baking book! I love the booklet for baking bread in the pot! I like the mixed bread with sourdough and the wheat crust very much. And of course the ervergreen: Jule 1.0 😉 thanks for the competition and I'm really looking forward to the book 😍

      3. My absolute favorite is the FRENCH BRIOCHE ☺ I had tried dozens of other recipes before, but this one is by far the best I have ever baked. It is now an integral part of my collection and my family “orders” it regularly.

        1. Dear Sonja,
          Dein Brotbackbuch ist da. Es hat meine Erwartungen übertroffen. Tolle Erklärungen, super strukturiert und hilfreiche Tipps. Gratulation, das ist Dir voll gelungen.
          LG Heike

          1. Liebe Heike das freut mich riesig, herzlichen Dank für dein Feedback!

            Ein schönes Wochenende,

      4. Nicole Scheytt

        A favorite recipe. !!!!. There is not any. Your crumble cake recipe, your alpine bread with overnight cooking or the Milanese crusties are just 3 of the many recipes that we bake on a regular basis

    1. Today I got your mixed bread with sourdough out of the oven. One of my favorites and like to hop into the lottery pot with it. Maybe I'll be lucky. 🐞🍀🍞

  2. Dear Sonja,
    I hope I'm right here for the competition for your great book. Somehow I couldn't find a link above.
    If it doesn't work out for Christmas, I'll have to order it for my birthday 😂
    Your recipes were the first that I started with, so of course I'm particularly “hot” for your book 😄
    Warm greetings!

    1. Dear Sabrina, you have come to the right place for the competition. 😊 You can simply click on “pre-order now” or on the pictures of the book. Click on the first picture in the post. 🤗

      Greetings, Sonja

        1. I'll throw the rustic refreshment bread into the lottery wheel. But very important - good luck with your book. I get it anyway, whether as a prize or I just order it myself. VG Mario

      1. Juhu finally a book! 😃 Everything that I have baked from you so far has succeeded without exception. I love your recipes. ❤️ The juicy potato crust is the family favorite.

        1. Dear Sonja,
          That's great news! And it is not easy to decide on a recipe! But I really like the Milanese rolls!
          Lg Julia

      2. Dear Sonja, congratulations on your blog birthday and on your first book, which is sure to be a success because all your recipes are really well explained and well thought out.
        I've been a loyal follow-up baker for a long time. Our favorite bread is still Jule, although I have many favorites from your recipe treasure. When it comes to rolls, the Milanese rolls are the undisputed number one and the sunken rhubarb cake with raspberries has been on our coffee table countless times.
        Thank you and good luck for the future! ❤️

      3. Christin Klaas

        Hello Sonja,
        I can only write to answer but not do my own post .. I hope it works anyway 😬. Congratulations ❤ It is very difficult to name one but the spelled - carrot - wholemeal bread is baked regularly and we just love it as many others Bread from you ❤
        Warm greetings

    2. Dear Sonja, The new look on the blog is great 🤔 my favorite bread is the Jule refreshment bread (see photo) 🤗 I would be really happy about the book profit - if not, I definitely have to buy it 😍 Greetings from Mainz

        1. Hello Sonja, it's great that you will soon publish a bread-baking book. I'm really looking forward to it.
          My favorite bread is your house bread - it has developed into one for us too. When I'm with my grandchildren in the Palatinate, I have to bake the rustic spelled bread from your magazine “Backen im Topf” every day. I'm back at the moment.

        2. Christine Marsoner

          I would have to choose one of your recipes ???? Impossible ... there are sooooooo many fixed starters who are with us all the time and new ones are always added
          Whole grain spelled carrots
          Curd mares
          World champion bun
          Milanese rolls
          ... to name just a small selection ... we love your recipes ❤❤❤❤😋😋😋😋

        3. Congratulations, you have a lot of great recipes, I can't even make up my mind. Your recipes are always sure to succeed and are perfectly explained. I really like the world champion rolls, Jule 2.0 and also the spelled rolls shaped as ciabatta ...

          1. Dehlinch Barbara

            I love your recipe for Jule 2.0 😊 We serve it every week - thank you very much for the great recipes!

        4. Dear Sonja, once again CONGRATULATIONS! 🎉🤩🥂🍾🎊
          Your blog turned out beautiful.
          Our favorite breads are the Jule and the wheat bun with yoghurt. I only took the latter out of the oven yesterday and it tastes fantastic. But you also have a lot of great recipes on your blog. I'm looking forward to many more great recipes. Keep it up. 😘
          Warm greetings

    3. Anette von Dake

      We love the world champion bread very much ... but there are so many delicious breads on your blog.
      I hope I'm right here for the competition

  3. Hello Sonja,

    My absolute favorite bread of yours is the grill and pan bread. We have already tried many variations and are thrilled every time. Our guests love it.
    When it comes to sweet pastries, our favorites are the milk dwarfs.

    Thank you for the great recipes and keep it up. Good luck with the book. I will definitely get it 🤞



      1. Dear Sonja,
        ♥ ️ Congratulations on your 5th blog birthday!
        I am absolutely thrilled that you have a baking book published, because I am a big fan of your recipes too!
        I find it very difficult to choose a favorite recipe ...
        I chose the crispy crust with Eclats,
        Lovely wishes

  4. Dear Sonja,

    Wow a book and a competition😃

    It's not that easy to find a favorite bread, I have several.
    But I opted for the Jule 2 refreshment bread.
    And if it doesn't work out with a profit, I can wish it for Christmas.

    Warm greetings
    Angelika Sp.

  5. Waltraud Klocker

    I like to try my luck!
    I love your recipes! My absolute favorite rolls from your blog are the world champion rolls!
    Lg Waltraud

  6. Hi there,

    First of all, congratulations on your 5th blog birthday 😉

    Decide on a favorite recipe? Unfortunately not possible! That's why I'll name the recipe that I have probably made most often, the quark mares.

    We wish you continued success with the blog and the book

      1. Dear Sonja :)

        Congratulations on your blog birthday, to many, more and more successful years.
        I've already baked so much from your blog and our absolute standard recipe is the malt beer bread and the carrot bread.
        By the way, many recipes (crumble, plait, toast, etc.) also work vegan without any problems ^^
        For me your blog is a great inspiration and help, THANK YOU !!
        Sincerely yours

      2. Scherber Daniela

        ... phew managed to arrive in the comment function with so many happy bakers 😜
        I really like to bake your Pide in both versions, but there have also been plenty of your sweet delicacies and rolls like the Goldies or the Weltmeisterbrötchen ❤️
        Niiittteeee Dear Luck Fairy, be kind to me and let me win the book 🤭

    1. Dear Sonja,
      Congratulations on your 5th blog birthday, on the new blog design and on your bread baking book! I like to bake your recipes because they are very easy to understand and you often include photos of intermediate results. As a not so experienced baker, I am particularly pleased because I can then better control whether my progress is still in line with the recipe. ☺
      My favorite so far is the malt crust. I've attached a photo for you too. But I haven't tried all of the blog recipes that I would like to make by a long way. ☺

      Have a nice evening and best regards, Lisa

  7. Great blog, great competition, I would be very happy, thank you
    I found the blog by chance. I am very inspired by the recipes. I will bake something again. I hope I succeed that well. And then it tastes too. Homemade always tastes good.

  8. Congratulations on your blog's 5th birthday. On the next 5 and the next 5 and the next 5 and…. 🎉🍾

    I love the walnut root bread. Preferably with a homemade spread or wild garlic pesto.

  9. My favorite is the forest nut bread, I don't know anyone who didn't like it. I would therefore be very happy to receive new bread-baking inspiration.

    1. Mareike Kopatz

      Dear Sonja! I really like the forest nut bread! But also the chestnut bread! Or the carrot spelled ... You have so many delicious recipes! Congratulations on your blog birthday!

  10. I like to try my luck 🍀😊 and take part!


    Thanks for the wonderful raffle !!!
    I would be really happy about the great win

  11. Dear Sonja,
    my favorite recipe is the forest nut bread from your collection.
    A book profit would be great as I'm still a complete beginner in bread baking!


  12. Hello Sonja, my libling roll recipe from your blog is the “Milanese rolls” in all variations, but preferably with the long, cold overnight cooking. I would love to add the book to my bread-baking book library.

    Warm greetings


  13. The fondue bread is an absolute hit, a great variant to “normal” baguette and makes a real treat for guests!

    1. Hello Sonja!
      Happy 5th birthday of your blog 🥳 Jule is baked up and down here and my daughter loves the soft sandwich bread more than anything!
      I'm looking forward to many more great recipes from you 😀

  14. Dear Sonja, it's great that you did it with the book. I already know two friends who I will give it to for Christmas.
    My favorite bread is the “Ruchbrot with Malzbier”, it tastes great, is easy to prepare and stays fresh for a long time.
    Keep it up!
    Greetings Barbara

  15. Hello Sonja! It's great that you have now made a book! There is nothing like relaxed “real” browsing and choosing! 🙂 My absolute favorite bread is Jule 2.0 and, if not really bread, the real Neapolitan pizza!
    All the best!

  16. Difficult to choose your favorite bread from the many great recipes. So I choose spontaneously
    Mixed rye bread 80/20

  17. Eschweiler Heidi

    Congratulations dear Sonja.
    My love is Jule ... I like to bake again and again. Even in the oven ...
    Lg Heidi

  18. Hello Sonja,
    How nice that there will finally be a book by you 🙂. My absolute favorite bread, besides all the snail varieties, is the apple nut crust.
    Warm greetings

  19. Congratulations on your blog birthday and on your first book. My favorite recipe Difficult ... the agony of choice ... I love your recipes in the special issue “Baking Bread in a Pot” the most and opt for the “Farmer's Bread with Sourdough”. But I also really love your pizza recipe or the “BlueberryCheesecakeRolls” and many others.

  20. Tina Dobberstein

    Dear Sonja 😘

    I congratulate you on your first book ☺️

    I love to bake the crispy crust that goes away like hot cakes 😀

  21. The new blog design is beautiful! I'm really looking forward to and about the book, I bake a lot according to your recipes, dear Sonja!
    One of the favorite breads is the wheat crust with yoghurt - baked here in our little house in Sweden.

  22. Carmen Fischer

    What a great surprise 😍
    Now I know what I would like for my birthday, in case I am not lucky in the competition ❣
    I love the Jule refreshment bread because it is so wonderfully uncomplicated, but has a characterful yet mild taste 💞

  23. I LOVE bread in all its variations. My favorite bread from your blog is the apple and nut crust, so delicious.

  24. Erika Dittmann

    Congratulations on your book.
    You have so many great recipes, it's really hard to favorite, your soft sandwich bread is awesome. That's why I get 1st place. When it comes to bread rolls, the number one is the Milanese rolls.

  25. Hello Sonja, that's a great idea with your bread baking book. I prefer to bake your house bread "mixed bread with sourdough". It has meanwhile also developed into our house bread. When I'm with my grandchildren, I have to bake the rustic spelled bread every day.

  26. Dear Sonja,
    I am very happy about your success and I already have some favorite recipes from you.
    In a hurry, I would now call the refreshment bread Jule 2.0.
    I'm really happy about the publication of the book and if, contrary to expectations, I win it, that would be great, otherwise it will be on my birth wish list 😍

  27. Dear Sonja, it is also difficult for me to choose a favorite bread. I also really like the grain toast bread!

  28. You have put a lot of work and heart and soul into your blog for 5 years, wow - congratulations and thank you for all your great recipes, information and explanations! I prefer to bake the “Jule”, but also your French brioche!

    1. In that case the selection is difficult! Pumpkin and cinnamon rolls, Milanese rolls, potato bread… ..🤩.
      I'm looking forward to your book!

  29. Happy Birthday 🎂 for the 5 year old and finally a book by you, dear Sonja, will be on the market and hopefully in the kitchen with a lot of baked people including me 😁. (Time is worn 🦾)

    I actually love all of your recipes, my favorite is the whole grain fig

    Wholegrain Coward - Pane Integrale

    I am allowed to bake it again and again and I really like to bake it. 😋

    Warm greetings
    Sa My

  30. I don't have to think long about my favorite bread, definitely JULE. In the recipe, I am enthusiastic about the indication of the types of flour exchanged as well as the flexible times. It always fits into the plan and the supplies always fit, it is easy to handle and tastes good. I wish you every success with your book.

  31. Oh, I would be happy to win one 😍 My favorite recipe is the nut braid. Made the first time and was immediately enthusiastic and successful. But Jule is also gigantic❤️
    All the best to you further ☺️

  32. Etta Boatswain

    My favorite bread is the French country bread. Super tasty and very long-lasting 😀as a cake I bake your blueberry cheesecake up and down 😀 I love your great recipes and I am very happy that your book will appear soon 🥰

  33. Dear Sonja, if my husband had a choice, it would be the wholemeal crackers with seeds and freshener leftovers. I love your Alpenruch bread. But there are so many recipes that I will still test. Best regards, Anett

  34. My favorite bread from your blog is the crispy crust with eclats ❤😋😋😋
    Congratulations on the publication of your book, dear Sonja!
    Greetings Christine

  35. Valentina Hecke-Plank

    Hello dear Sonja! Congratulations once again on the blog birthday and the book that is soon to be published! So far I love all of your recipes, but my two favorites are and will be the crispy crust and the milk bread ❤️ but I'll come to your book either way 😉

  36. Dear Sonja,

    congratulations! I am glad that there will soon be a bread baking book from you🤗

    I like many of your recipes because everyday suitability and taste seem to be connected. As a “favorite bread recipe” from your blog, however, I would like to mention your cinnamon rolls (I hope that is not an exclusion criterion😅). It was they who made my 82-year-old mother, a doer all along the line, exclaim admiringly “why can you do something like that!?!”. ❤️

  37. Rebekka Hagmann

    Dear Sonja, your Streuseltaler are awesome !! We are addicted to it 😋 I'm really looking forward to your book ❤️

  38. Katharina Lichtenegger

    Hi, I've already baked some of your recipes. At the moment I particularly like the Mediterranean country bread | Fresh bread (baked without yeast). 🤩 I also found the flatbread (pide) particularly tasty. 😋 Thank you for your recipes! 🌻

  39. How wonderful! A book from you <3
    My husband loves the rye kernels, I love your house bread and my children the soft sandwich toast ... the world champion rolls were my first "successful" rolls! Thanks for your great recipes!

  40. Birgitta Hohenreuther

    We especially love the crispy crust with eclats and the chocolate / raisin rolls, but everything else we've tried so far has also been super delicious.

    1. Birgitta Hohenreuther

      And now I actually forgot to congratulate you on your great blog and your new book. Thank you for all the work you do for us. And now I absolutely have to look at the carrot and grain crust that someone has named as their favorite bread. It actually passed me by ...

  41. Congratulations,
    Dear Sonja!
    What kind of innovative, hardworking and radiant baker woman are you!
    Your recipes motivate and animate me again and again.

    It is impossible to decide on a favorite recipe, as there is not only one for me ...... I just take what I will now bake:
    Ollis Crushbread!
    All the best for you
    Warm greetings

  42. Dear Sonja,

    Wonderful, that's great news: Congratulations on your own book!
    I always enjoy browsing your blog for recipes, but my absolute favorite is the JULE 2.0. Just fantastic!
    Kind regards, Kristina

  43. Hello Sonja,
    My favorite recipe is Jule 2.0 - always delicious with different flours and flexible approaches, easy to adapt to the daily routine. Not to forget the use of leftover food. Otherwise, I bake the recipes from your booklet "Baking in the Pot" up and down ... The new blog is great, nice appearance and very well structured.
    Thank you for everything from Barbara

  44. So cool, your bread book! Our favorite bread is always Jule! So flexible and always delicious! But we also love the Milanese rolls! Our favorite rolls! Good luck with the book! I love your blog!

  45. Dear Sonja, this is wonderful news and I am so happy that you now have your own book ♥ ️
    I'm really looking forward to leafing through it. Personally, I think the Streuseltaler is particularly good!
    Greetings from Olja

    1. Dear Olja, thank you very much! I think so fondly back to the baking course. It was really great to get to know you. 🙂

      All the best, Sonja

  46. Lisa Kollecker

    That's really great and I hope that I will win one day. We love your baked works and I can't write down all of our favorites because they are ALL, awesome 🔨 Bake your world champion bread more often, Jule and the Milanese Krusties ❤❤❤And if I don't win, I'll order your great book for birthday.
    Congratulations on your success 🍀🍀🍀

  47. Hello Sonja,
    my favorite recipe is Jule 2.0 and thousands of other recipes.
    I think the best thing about your book is the timing. I've wanted to make such a list for so long. Thank god you got ahead of me.
    Greetings Sanja

  48. My favorite bread is your house bread, which is also so flexible in its preparation - but the absolute best and not to be surpassed are your streuseltaler with vanilla cream. 😇

  49. Dear Sonja,
    Congratulations again on the new blog and the book. Looks great. I don't have a special favorite bread. But your instructions for converting the sourdough to LM were great. Thank you very much for that. I am always happy to recommend them to others.

  50. Günther Busch

    Congratulations on the new bread baking book!
    our favorite bread from your recipes is the soft sandwich bread or golden toast bread

  51. No bread, but I just have to cast a vote for the world champion rolls here. It's here EVERY weekend. Just today I said to my family that I should actually try a different bread roll recipe, but we decided unanimously: "Nope." 😀

  52. I have already found a lot of nice bread recipes here and that's why it's difficult for me to choose my favorites. The last recipe I used from here a few days ago is the pure spelled bread, spelled farmer's crust. So for me it's my favorite for this week.

  53. Congratulations Sonja!
    First of all, a big thank you for the great recipes with the detailed explanations with which I was able to bake so many great breads (for me) as a beginner!

    I still bake my way through the recipes on your blog - the crispy crust with éclats turned out to be great, the Milanese rolls were great and I now only bake yeast pastries according to your two yeast dough recipes (mostly the one with spelled flour). Such a wonderful, fluffy dough from which these creatures were created ... 👻

  54. Dear Sonja,
    I'm really happy that you wrote a bread-baking book.
    Your Jule 1 and 2 are often baked and the world champion rolls are just delicious.

  55. Dear Sonja, this is great news and the preview of your book sounds super exciting !!!! My favorite recipe is the Jule Auffrischbrot. All the best for the future! Kind regards, Maike

  56. Silke Fröhlingsdorf

    Dear Sonja, your question is not easy to answer. I would like to name the crispy crust because you have the ingredients for this uncomplicated bread (almost) always in the house!
    LG Silke

  57. Hello dear Sonja 👋
    My favorite recipe is - WILD YEAST - BUNS ... They are simply fantastic and super tasty 🤤

  58. Monika Salzberger

    Congratulations on your 5 year blog birthday and on your bread baking book 🥳
    We love Jule 2.0 🥰

  59. I like your mixed sourdough bread a lot, but the others are great too, even if I haven't tried all of them yet ☺️
    Please keep it up! Your blog is awesome!

  60. Dear Sonja,
    Your blog (with its bread recipes) is now one of my favorite bread baking blogs. Thank you for that and congratulations on 5 years!
    My favorite recipe that I bake regularly is Jule 2.0 - and not just because of the name 😉
    Kind regards, J.

  61. Sabine Müller

    Dear Sonja, first of all, congratulations on your anniversary. I've baked quite a bit and everything was very good. Jule, Blueberry Cheesecakerools, cinnamon rolls, rolls, muesli sticks, toast, etc. The tip with the cinnamon roll dough was very good. I only make my yeast plait with this dough, that's how a yeast plait has to be.
    LG Sabine

  62. WOW congratulations! That looks really great. Choosing one recipe is almost impossible, so unfortunately I have to take two. The Milanese rolls and the Jule fresh bread. 🙂 lg and good luck with all your endeavors!

    1. Kerstin Kenyeri-Trauner

      That's a great competition 🤩 My favorite bread recipe is Jule ’

      Congratulations on the book🎉

  63. Heike Bretthauer

    I think the new blog is great. I've already tried some great recipes from you. I like to bake the rye cornling very often and very much. I'm really excited about the new book, it would of course be great if I won it. If not, then this is definitely a Christmas wish to my family for me.

    1. Antonella Ciantia

      Dear Sonja !!
      I'm a big fan of your recipes because they work and I don't have to hone them. Absolutely sure of success!
      I am particularly enthusiastic about the “soft sandwich bread” that (as my children say) tastes like “real toast bread”. I've really tried a lot there.
      Thank you for trying and pre-baking before you share a recipe with us.
      And: Of course I would also like to have your bread baking book.
      Thanks for the great competition!


  64. Oh how delicious. But I have to “confess” that I haven't really dared to get bread myself. But I can enjoy good bread, in my opinion its delicious walnut bread is hard to beat.

  65. Petra or _petzi

    Dear Sonja,

    First of all, absolute respect for 5 years and a great, own book!
    You can clearly see a lot of time, knowledge, great photos and passion here!
    You can be very proud of it! Chapeau! We love your house bread and the walnut root bread, also all recipes with Lievito Madre!

  66. First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your blog birthday and, of course, on your first book. I think both are great and I wish the one many more anniversaries, the other many editions, sales and “siblings” 🙂
    Choosing a recipe is not difficult. I just take what I baked first of all from your recipes and often repeats it. My start was “JULE” the fresh bread.
    Thank you very much for that.

  67. Wow, a great competition, thanks for that ... I personally love wholemeal bread of all kinds and maybe through your book I can finally learn how to start a good sourdough. That has always failed me so far.

  68. Isabelle Fluthwedel

    Congratulations on the book and your 5-year blog birthday!
    My favorite recipe is the pizza dough and pizzaiola! Pizza finally tastes good at home!

  69. Mirjam Kornhaas

    How great that you brought out a bread-baking book 🤩👍 I love the bread-baking booklet ”Bake bread in a pot” more than anything. The recipes are always so good. I love to bake the mixed bread with sourdough, wheat crust and of course the ervergreen Jule 1.0.
    I'm really looking forward to your book! Warm greetings

  70. Martina Wershofen

    My favorite bread, when I have to decide, is the refreshment bread “Jule” -
    Your book has already been ordered, but I would also like to win it, because I have a lot of dear baker friends who would also be interested.
    Greetings and above all, please keep it up

  71. The variety of a bread maker amazes again and again ... this book will surely multiply the amazement again.

  72. All the best for your 5th BLOG BIRTHDAY 🎂
    We actually like so many recipes but if I would choose one it would be this:
    Mixed bread with sourdough - my house bread
    Many greetings, Steffi

  73. Dear Sonja,

    I also congratulate you on your blog birthday and redesign!
    I've already baked so much of you and I think your recipes are really great because - at least mostly - they are not as highly complex as many others and even newbies can trust them. I especially like to bake all your no-knead breads and panini rolls 🙂

    All the best,

  74. Dear Sonja, My favorite bread is Jule 2.0. It's great how you explain all of this and the different variants 👌
    Now another book! I would very much like to have that. Kind regards Ingrid

  75. Kathrin Schatz

    Dear Sonja,
    a book from you 💕 what wonderful news! My favorite recipe 🤔, it's going to be difficult. Jule, huh, I've stopped counting how often I've already baked her. Whenever I baked bread that didn't turn out so well, I had to bake Jule afterwards - because it was always wonderful.
    And the curd mares - what a poem. 😘
    Of course, the Blueberry Cheescake Rolls are addicting too.
    I'm looking forward to your book and I wish you a lot of success with it 🐞💐

  76. Karin Berres-Fischer

    My absolute preference when it comes to rolls are the world champion rolls.
    Rich, tasty, high in fiber and healthy.
    Thank you for the many great recipes

  77. Kerstin Kenyeri-Trauner

    That's a great competition 🤩 My favorite bread recipe is Jule ’

    Congratulations on the book🎉

  78. Dear Sonja,
    For the first time, congratulations on your 5th blog birthday. I would very much like to take part in your raffle, but I don't know if I will get into your lottery pot because I discovered your website by chance today. Even if I shouldn't come in, I've already won, because I've looked at a few recipes that I will definitely bake again. There is nothing nicer and better than baking bread, rolls, cakes, pies, etc. yourself. You save a lot of money, it tastes better and you are proud of yourself. I love baking. I would be very happy about the book, because it sounds very interesting and delicious. Again, thank you very much for sharing your recipes and tips with everyone and making everyone happy with them. Have a nice party and please share your recipes, that's great. Kind regards Gerti

  79. Dear Sonja,
    I am very happy to take part in your competition, but I would also like to wish you all the best for your 5th blog birthday, unknown to me. There is nothing better than homemade bread and rolls. You know which ingredients are included. Your recipe for the world champion rolls are my absolute favorite and I always get a lot of compliments when I bake them and serve them to my guests. Thank you for the great recipes. Keep it up.

  80. Hello Sonja, Happy birthday for your 5th blog birthday. I would very much like to take part in your competition, because the book would be awesome, or is awesome. There are a lot of recipes that I would like to try. It is very difficult for me to choose a favorite for your great recipes. That's why I choose the house bread that I've made several times. It tastes delicious. I also think the title is very well chosen. FOR THE LOVE OF BREAD - TIME FOR GOOD BREAD.
    Thank you for giving away such a great book, making unknown people happy and giving others a gift even though you are celebrating a birthday. Thank you very much for that.

  81. Dagmar Hugenroth

    Dear Sonja, congratulations on your book. I love the way you have organized your recipes. This is really something new. It is really difficult for me to decide on a recipe because I use a lot of yours. Ad-hoc I would say the Milanese rolls, baked apple, cinnamon rolls and the rustic baguette.
    Good luck to you.

    1. Congratulations dear Sonja !! We love your recipes - have so many of them in the standard repertoire ... Milanese rolls, world champion rolls, crispy crust, blueberry cheesecake snails ...
      Good luck - you deserve it! 🙂

  82. Frauke Weihofen

    I can hardly make up my mind…. The world champion rolls, the Jule 2.0 and the yellow wheat crust are definitely one of the family favorites.

  83. Yesterday I made the autumn crust in the shape of a pumpkin for Halloween - soooooo delicious !! It was still juicy and good for breakfast today 🙂 I will definitely do it again this and the coming pumpkin season. Thanks for the top recipe!

  84. Unfortunately, I haven't "baked" any bread yet, as the blog was only recommended to me recently. But what I've discovered so far, I think it's great. Everything well explained too!

  85. That sounds so great. I bake bread 2-3 times a week and I always look forward to trying out new recipes. My favorite is the potato crust.

  86. Now in autumn I take more time to bake bread again. Sonja's “autumn crust” tastes delicious and stays fresh and juicy for days. My absolute favorite👌🤩 in my bread recipe collection !!

  87. Good Morning! I only discovered brioche through you (I didn't even know it before) and became very fond of it! Like your blog. Thank you very much!

  88. Claudia Schröder

    Congratulations on your 5th blog birthday !!
    On this way, THANK YOU for the great blog content and recipes that are really to bake.
    We especially love the aroma jule
    (had to decide)
    Maybe luck is on our side, we would be very happy.
    Warm greetings
    Claudia and Marco

  89. Hello Sonja!
    Happy 5th BLOG birthday. I like the new blog very much.
    I always like to bake the following recipes from your blog:
    cinnamon rolls
    Grilled buns
    World champion bun
    I would be very happy about your new bread baking book.
    Lg Elisabeth

  90. My sister recommended the blog to me and last time gave me half a “Rustic Fresh Bread” that she baked - AWESOME! Really great recipes! I want to try my hand at baking bread soon!

  91. Hello Sonja,
    My favorite recipe is the rustic Jule 2.0 refreshing bread
    Thank you for your great blog! I would be really happy about the book☺️
    Warm greetings

  92. The book is certainly an enrichment for the “bread-baking market” and we would like to get to know it as well as the WaldNuss bread! We have been getting our flours from a nearby mill (ancient technology) and bake all breads ourselves with pleasure for years!
    We wish you continued success!

  93. Dear Sonja,
    It's hard to decide ... I love the sourdough brownies for using the leftovers from the sourdoughs.
    I look forward to your further ideas, recipes and explanations 🙂

  94. Hello Sonja,
    so great the new blog. I also like to try my luck. My favorite bread is the buttermilk crust😋. It is very difficult to decide when choosing.
    The Streuseltaler are addictive in every variant

  95. According to my family, I'm ONLY allowed to make your brioche burger buns. And that's a good thing - because they are incredibly delicious!

    Otherwise there are some other favorite recipes: The mixed rye bread 80/20 or the pizza dough or the grissini or, or, or ...

    1. Susanne Zimmermann

      Hello Sonja
      That's an amazing work! 312 pages. If I had known that you were planning something like that, I would not have spent two evenings a few months ago printing out all the important bread and roll recipes and stapling them together 😀
      Thanks to you, I heard about Lievito Madre for the first time, bred him and became a big fan of your recipes. Thank you for your tireless work and creativity!
      I love your Jule 2.0 and many of your sweet things like the cinnamon rolls, Steuseltaler, Stollen, ...

  96. Hello Sonja, congratulations on the new blog and good luck with your book! Honestly, HOW AWESOME is that please.
    We totally love the streuseltaler, but also the Jule refreshment bread. Oh and actually a lot more!

    1. Wow! What a great bread baking book! Thank you for this great opportunity to win! ☺️🤗
      Mmmm, a super delicious, simple and unbelievably great idea is the fondue bread! 🥰

  97. Moin, a really informative blog and a great idea with the competition.

    My favorite recipe is the rye cornling.

    LG 🙂

  98. Dear Sonja, having a real favorite bread from your blog is really difficult. Nevertheless, our current favorite is the JULE 2.0.

    I'm looking forward to your great book. I already own the special issue of bread from you.


  99. Dear Sonja, with so many great recipes it is difficult to choose ONE favorite. For me, your rustic baguettes are just awesome. Whether for a barbecue, as a souvenir or simply for a snack in the evening, they are ideal.
    I'm really looking forward to your book, the first impression is great. I wish you continued success and stay nice as you are!

  100. Antonella Ciantia

    Hello dear Sonja! IM very happy for you! I love recipes that work. And yours definitely do! Favorite bread is (among other things) the sandwich bread. I'll veganize it !!
    I am very happy to take part in this competition !!
    LG Ella 💖

  101. Congratulations on your 5th blog birthday and the book. Crazy, what a great book this will be. I love to bake bread, especially bread in a pot. My favorite recipe is Rustic Fresh Bread, because there is always leftover sourdough here. Many greetings, Birgit

  102. My favorite recipe is the “Jule” refreshing bread. At the moment, however, I also really enjoy making the pumpkin crispbread.

  103. Gaby Bindernagel

    I like a lot of your breads, but I love one thing in particular ...
    The GRAIN BOX ❤️ ...
    Thank you for the great book and the always great recipes 🥰

  104. Hello Sonja,
    best wishes for the anniversary !!! I like to visit your blog and bake your delicious recipes again and again.
    My favorites: Swedish cinnamon rolls, refreshing Jule bread, carrot-grain crust, grill and snack rolls, etc.

  105. Congratulations. The new book sounds great and since I bake bread all the time, I can really use it. Our absolute favorite bread is the hearty red carrots, so juicy😋 …… It is always on the table with us. All the best continue 👍😀

  106. I've already tried several recipes. Our favorite is the bread Jule 2.0. I'm looking forward to more recipes. Kind regards, Elena

  107. Dear Sonja, it is really great to find your great recipes and good tips collected in a book. I have some favorite recipes that I bake over and over again. The South Tyrolean chestnut bread, the malt beer mixed bread (both from baking in a pot) and of course your two Jule recipes.
    Thank you for your varied work for me as a bread baker 😉

  108. Mareike Girreser

    Dear Sonja,

    congratulations on your first book! Great ❤️
    My favorite bread is your potato kefir box! Your box breads are quick and easy to prepare and taste great! Keep it up! 👏🏻

    1. Ahlbrecht Sonja

      Oh how great, I'm looking forward to your book. We like so many recipes from you, but since we have to decide, we'll take the Jule.😍
      Greetings Sonja

  109. I really like the Jule refreshment bread and the No Knead rolls.
    Come here often to browse. Learned how to bake here, thanks to the videos and nice descriptions.
    LG Kiki

  110. Dear Sonja!
    Congratulations on your blog birthday and your first book!
    I've already baked many of your recipes and all of them are delicious! One of our favorites, however, is the smoked crust.

  111. Beierlein Tina

    Congratulations on the first book 🧡 it's my birthday on the day of publication 😀
    My favorite recipe is the golden toast baked so many times 🤤 best regards Tina

  112. First of all, congratulations!
    My favorite is the nut plait, but that's not bread - it doesn't matter, there are so many great recipes that I still have to try a lot.

  113. Natalie Kuckels

    Congratulations on the 5th birthday of your blog ❣ How time flies myself Follow yourself for over 4 years ❣ Of course I've already made a lot of recipes and you can't really name a recipe as your favorite bread because all of them were always great! My son raved about Jule2.0 and the spelled bread ❣

  114. Favorite bread? Oh .. where do I start ... honestly, anything without LM or sourdough (although I love the taste) is my favorite bread. I am a self-confessed LM / sourdough dyslexic 🙂 my absolute favorite: the crackers and the fondue bread 😀

  115. Oh, the book looks great! My favorite bread is Jule 2.0, although I think so many recipes from your blog are great! There is something for everyone 🙂

    1. Buchwald Julia

      I love the Jule fresh bread. So nice and flexible and you don't have to throw away the leftovers.
      I am happy to take part in the competition. I would be so happy.
      Lg Julia

  116. Alexander Klutzny

    Dear Sonja,

    If there is one recipe of yours that I have to choose, it is surely the “Mediterranean country bread”. My personal gateway drug into the wonderful world of wheat sourdough and so classically-confident-great that I fell in love immediately after baking (with the bread 😁)
    For weeks I was looking for recipes that fit between everyday life and freshening up uncertainties at Junglievitos, and lo and behold - there was light.
    I still like to quote the “Madre Unser” with a picture of this great bread:

    So let's knead together now.
    (the congregation rises)

    Madre our you are in the glass
    Your instinct is coming
    Your doubling happen
    As in the Häussler so on earth
    Our daily bread drives us today
    And forgive us our debts
    Even if we forget your feeding
    And lead us not into temptation
    But deliver us from the yeasts
    Because yours is the crumb and strength
    And the glory in durability
    Amen and thanks for everything, Sonja!

  117. I love the crispy crust with eclats! 😍
    Mega fluffy and totally delicious 🤤
    All the recipes I've made so far are just great! 😘
    Thanks for this great blog! 🥰

  118. Dear Sonja,
    First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your 5 year blog and your book! That looks awesome!

    But how please should I take part in the competition if I can't decide which bread to buy! I bake a different bread every week because I love variety. Yes, of course, one or the other will certainly repeat itself, but 1 favorite bread? No ……. I love them all !!!! 😘

    Greetings and good luck

  119. The favorite bread of young and old is clearly the golden sandwich bread. 😍

    Congratulations on the book! 👏

    PS I hope a publisher has finally made you an offer for “Hüftgold aus Lievito Madre”. 😁😁😁

  120. Dear Sonja,
    I started with the mixed rye bread 80/20 and I was thrilled. My absolute favorites are your Milanese rolls. For me you are the best baker ever. Everything tastes great, is sure to succeed and always beautifully photographed. I've been wondering for a long time why you haven't published a book yet. Now the time has finally come and I am very happy for you.
    Kind regards Brigitte

  121. Jule 2.0
    Congratulations on your book - since I really like to bake your recipes because they are sure to succeed, I am really looking forward to your book!
    Many greetings from Berlin, Ulrike

    1. Renate Ostermayer

      Dear Sonja,
      First of all, congratulations on your 1st bread baking book. Your blog is awesome. What I like to bake best ... your refreshment loaves ... especially Jule 1.0
      Otherwise, all the recipes are mega. Great explanations. I've already ordered the book, of course. I would be very happy about a signature.
      LG Renate Ostermayer

    1. Susanne Zimmermann

      Hello Sonja
      That's an amazing work! 312 pages. If I had known that you were planning something like that, I would not have spent two evenings a few months ago printing out all the important bread and roll recipes and stapling them together 😀
      Thanks to you, I heard about Lievito Madre for the first time, bred him and became a big fan of your recipes. Thank you for your tireless work and creativity!
      I love your Jule 2.0 and many of your sweet things like the cinnamon rolls, Steuseltaler, Stollen, ...

  122. Definitely the fondue bread !!! I don't even know how many times I've baked it !!!
    And the book sounds awesome !! I'm happy for that! 🤩

  123. Hello, unfortunately I cannot tell you which is my favorite bread of yours, as I only just became aware of you through your post in a Facebook group.
    But your book would be the perfect opportunity to get to know your recipes and finally find the courage to dare to try a sourdough.
    I would be very happy about the book.
    Best regards and good luck with your book

  124. Hello dear Sonja, I'm really looking forward to your book. If we are to commit to a recipe here, then it is Jule 2.0 that we like to eat, along with many others.

  125. Daniela Ortmann

    My favorite recipe is the lye pastry. Mainly because it contains Lievito Madre and relatively little yeast. Nice recipe!

  126. Thomas Ohlhaut

    Hello Sonja, I'm happy for you and your 1st book. Over time there will certainly be more I my thumbs ...
    When it comes to bread, my favorites are the Jule Breads😘😘 but as you know, I'm more of a bread baker. Your Noknead rolls or spelled rolls in 2 variations I like them so much ... or your brilliant Brioche Burger BUNS come to mind ... I see I still have to invest a lot of time in your blog😘😘 Maybe I'll be lucky in the raffle 🤞🤞🤞 Greetings Thomas

  127. Good morning 😊

    I think it's great about the timing 😊 I would really like your bread. Happy LG Jasmin

  128. Hello Sonja, you can hardly decide on a recipe for your delicious recipes - but our most popular favorite is probably Jule 2.0 😋 Congratulations on the book!

  129. De Schrijver Bettina

    Dear Sonja,

    I'm really looking forward to the book! It is sure to be a hit 💕

    Well, what kind of bread? I've already baked so many of you ... I would say Pain Paysans rustique is my favorite.

    Lg Bettina

  130. De Schrijver Bettina

    Dear Sonja,
    Your Pain Paysans rustique has conquered my heart ♥ ️ ...

    Super nice blog

    Best regards

  131. Dear Sonja,
    Your recipes always have a guarantee of success ❤️
    Our favorite recipe are the world champion rolls
    They must ALWAYS be available in the freezer 😅

    Best regards

  132. Hello Sonja,

    So far, all of your recipes have been great and absolutely sure to succeed!
    Jule 2.0, Weltmeisterbrötchen and Foccacia are particularly popular here!

  133. Dear Sonja, we have known each other from the beginning and I have baked countless of your breads and cakes. With the best will in the world, I can't say which one I like best, because your recipes all work! I wish you the best of luck with your new book and who knows, maybe I'll be lucky and win one. Greetings, Dagmar

  134. Congratulations on your 5th birthday and thank you for the competition.
    There are so many delicious bread recipes on the blog. The choice was really difficult. The 80/20 rye, the house bread, the buttermilk crust?
    Ultimately, my child was allowed to decide. It quickly became clear that it was for him
    Milk bread - soft & juicy
    the qbsolute star 😉
    Keep it up for the next 5 years :-)

    1. Dear Sonjs, first of all, congratulations on your 5th BLOG BIRTHDAY! And that a book of yours appears; is great. My favorite recipe that I've passed on a hundred times is the GRAIN BOX. Overnight cooking makes the bread very aromatic and keeps it fresh for a long time. EVERYONE likes it! I am really looking forward to your book and greetings!

  135. Kevin Brumbach

    Good Morning. I would say yes, I now choose a bread that I particularly like, but then I would lie. I have seen so many countless breads and recipes with you that taste good and are worthwhile to bake. I love the variety anyway. And what I have been able to read and see so far, your bread-baking book is definitely very instructive and worthwhile. Oh yes and congratulations on 5 years 👌🏻😊

  136. Dear Sonja,

    Great blog! ❤️ My favorite recipe is absolutely the yellow wheat crust. It's awesome !!!

    Kind regards, Elly

  137. Congratulations on the book! You - and us 😉 my absolute favorite bread of yours is not in the blog at all but from the pot bread folder 😉 the farmer's bread with sourdough. Oh, but I really love Jule! and pizza dough, spelled rolls ... oh I'm looking forward to the book, of course I would like to win it 😉 but I'll get it too!

  138. Dear Sonja,
    that's great! A whole book of recipes from you. It is sure to be a great success. Your recipes are all great. To name a favorite recipe is really difficult, actually all of your recipes are your favorite recipes. But what is always on the baking list are the No Knead rolls, the No Knead pizza dough and the milk bread.
    I wish you continued success and look forward to new ideas from you.
    Lovely wishes

  139. Andrea Silberbauer

    Thank you for lots of baking inspirations.
    My favorite recipes are the undisputed Jule and the Streuseltaler.

  140. Your recipes are the best! Our absolute favorite recipe is the fluffy sandwich bread. Warm with jam a dream!

  141. I've been baking with growing enthusiasm and very little yeast since around February 2021 (years ago there was a phase with a bread maker) and at some point I landed on this blog. How lucky, because I've already baked a few simple breads. My favorite is now "Jule 2.0"
    Congratulations on the book and congratulations on the redesigned page,

    LG Isabelle

  142. Carmen Klement

    There is no particular favorite recipe because I love a lot from this blog, but I have made the “crispy crust” very often. But what I think is so great about your recipes is that they all work great. It seldom happens that a recipe doesn't work out.

  143. My favorite bread is the spelled and carrot wholemeal bread cooked overnight. It's so uncomplicated and really delicious when you have to bake bread on the side.
    Congratulations on your 5th blog birthday 🎉

  144. Beatrice Lohwasser

    Congratulations on the book, that’s definitely awesome !! I've only been baking for about half a year, I still have a lot to learn, so the profit would be all the more great! In the summer I often made the Mediterranean country bread from your blog, it was perfect for grilling with it! But there are soooo many more great recipes. Thanks also for the tip with the sourdough leftovers on the roses !! Since then I have been watering my orchids with it and both have been blooming like crazy since then 🤩🤩🤩 ... the roses no longer of course. 😅

  145. Hofmann Elisabeth

    Great idea with the competition 🤩 I like your blog very much 👍🏻 With us, the Milanese rolls should not be missing at the breakfast table. We make them in all variations, with cheese, natural or with different seeds 😀

  146. Congratulations on your blog birthday!
    The logo is super nice, I still have to get used to the new menu.
    My absolute favorites among your bread recipes are the grissini and the rustic refreshment bread. Sourdoughs want to be cared for and with these great recipes you always have a good idea at hand to conjure up something tasty from the refreshment leftovers in a meaningful and timely manner.

  147. Hello Sonja! Great idea, your recipes in book form!
    We like the milk dwarfs and the crunchy crust with Èclats, which I kneaded in the Thermomix with my daughter when she wanted to bake bread herself. We really like Jule 2.0, the rustic refreshment bread, but unfortunately I rarely manage it and then we only eat it as flat cakes.

  148. The rye meal bread 100% rye, without yeast ...
    And of course, congratulations on your 5 year old ..
    Keep up the good work .. very cool recipes ..

  149. It's great that you're bringing out a book!
    I would love to win that too 😊
    I like all of your recipes! Well explained, nicely illustrated and foolproof😅
    My gingerbread bread recipe is the “Pide 2 flat bread”. Done quickly - super delicious - and all my guests always enjoyed it. When I think about it, most of my “good recipes” are actually from you😊 ... and I can bake them and receive the praise at the table 🤣
    Whether bread or sweet things - you have always found the right thing!
    Admirable! All the best

  150. Dear Sonja,
    I always like to look at your site for a nice recipe. Your wheat crust with yogurt has just come out of the oven. So far, I've liked all of the recipes you've tried.

  151. Hello
    I have the Rustic Fresh Bread | Jule 2.0 baked, I like old bread in bread dough and coffee is always possible. A good and tasty bread, thank you very much for the recipe.

  152. I don't know how many breads, rolls, cakes and pastries I have already baked from your blog - what I know is that your recipes are perfect for copying - regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced baker. You just notice your passion and your love for the recipes. Thanks for that!

    (I actually asked my father-in-law for a moment, for whom I mostly bake from your blog, as he is only allowed to eat wheat bread for health reasons - he opted for the crispy crust with eclats ;-))

    Greetings from Bavaria

  153. My “favorite bread” is the Pumpkin Cheese Knäcke and the Focaccia. Thank you for the great blog and congratulations on the finished book! 🙂

    1. Our favorite recipe is the feather white butterfly: very tasty and juicy and the LM is also happy about the frequent use. We still add browned onions to the batter. It's a shame that the Federweisser season is coming to an end again.

  154. Panknin Daniela

    Dear Sonja,
    I haven't tested all bread recipes yet. But I especially love the overnight loaf of bread, and I love the forest nuts ... very tasty!

    All the best, Daniela