Original grain bin

Very simple sourdough bread

Today I have a wonderful, hearty, healthy and delicious bread recipe for you: my original grain bin. A small muscle man with a high proportion of whole grains that will keep you full for a long time. The preparation couldn't be easier and does not require the addition of yeast. The actual working time is also only a few minutes. This loaf of bread is super juicy, has a great aroma and excellent freshness ... ♥

Urkorn Kastenbrot. Saftiges Körnerbrot aus Urgetreide mit Sauerteig. Ohne Hefe

The original grain bin

By the way, the recipe for this original grain bin is based on mine Grain box from 2018. I've baked my original grain bin a few times since last summer. In principle, it has become our bread and butter, so to speak. Whenever I find out that the freezer is no longer offering too much and we need bread, this recipe is made. Over time, a kind of favorite variant has emerged that I would like to make available to you today.

Urkorn, what is it actually?

Old grain varieties are, so to speak, the forefathers of today's high-performance wheat. In the Middle East, people started growing ancient grains such as einkorn or emmer around 10,000 years ago. At first, grasses such as wild einkorn and wild emmer were cultivated. Wildemmer in particular is the ancestor of today's cultivated wheat. Urkorn is a collective term for all old types of grain. This includes varieties such as original spelled, emmer, einkorn and forest perennial rye, but also kamut, yellow wheat or red grain wheat. You certainly know these types of grain or have even baked them at home and with them. For me, breads made with ancient grain always have a very special flavor.

Simple bread crates with overnight cooking

At Cookie and Co you will find a whole range of the simplest bread crates that cook overnight. Maybe you would like to bake a few times:

Ur-Kornkasten Saftiges Körnerbrot aus Urgetreide mit Sauerteig. Ohne Hefe
My conclusion

I just love this box of bread. The ingredients are mixed in no time and the long maturing time gives the bread a great aroma. It is very juicy and has great freshness. What more could a man or a woman want? In addition, it can be wonderfully modified over and over again. Not only the types of flour can be exchanged as required, but also the flakes or seeds. Now I wish you a lot of fun trying it out ... ♥

For the love of bread


Original grain bin

  • Prep Time:
    10 mins
  • Cook Time:
    50 minutes
  • Total Time:
    12 hours
  • Yield:
    2 loaves of bread from the 0.5 kg bread pan or 1 bread from the 1 kg bread pan
  • Category:
    Dinner, bread, breakfast
  • Cuisine:
    German - German



  • 200 g Spelled flour type 1050
  • 100 g Whole wheat flour (made from yellow or red wheat)
  • 100 g Emmer wholemeal flour (or wholemeal spelled flour)
  • 100 g Forest perennial rye wholemeal flour (or wholemeal rye flour)
  • 50 g Malt spelled flakes (or oat flakes)
  • 30 g Sourdough starter (ASG) ((very fit, otherwise it is better to freshen up))
  • 300 g Water (35 ° C)
  • 250 g Buttermilk, room temperature ((vegan: half water + soy yoghurt))
  • 10 g inactive baking malt
  • 10 g Beet syrup (or honey (optional))
  • 3 g ground psyllium husks ((or aquaposa))
  • optional 0, 5 g acerola powder ((or 1 Pinch of vitamin C powder))
  • 1214 g of salt
  • 10 g Oil ((e.g. nut oil or olive oil))
  • 30 g Sunflower seeds (roasted)
  • 20 g Sesame (toasted)


  • Spelled malt flakes, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds (for sprinkling and for the pan)



  1. Food processor:
    Dissolve the items to be set in the water.
    Add all the other ingredients for the dough except for the oil and salt.
    Mix for 4 minutes at slow speed in the food processor (if possible with the flat beater or flexible stirring element).
    Add oil and salt and continue mixing for 1 minute on slow speed.
  2. Thermomix:
    Put the ingredients and water in the mixing bowl, mix for 30 seconds / speed 3.
    Add all other ingredients for the dough, except for the oil and salt, 2 minutes / dough kneading setting.
    Add oil and salt, 1 minute / dough kneading setting.


  1. Grease the loaf pan (s) and sprinkle with plenty of seeds and flakes.
  2. Then distribute the dough in the mold (s).
  3. Smooth out with a dampened spatula and sprinkle with plenty of seeds and flakes. (The loaf pan is about half full.)
  4. Cover and cook for 10-12 hours at 22-24 ° C. At the end of the rising time, the dough should reach at least just below the edge of the loaf pan.
    (The ripening time depends very much on the type of product and can be shorter or longer. Experience has shown that the fermentation takes about 8 hours with refreshed sourdough.)
  5. After the walking time, sprinkle with seeds and flakes again.

to bake

  1. Preheat the oven in good time to 230 ° C top / bottom heat (210 ° C hot air / circulating air).
  2. Place in the preheated oven without cutting.
    Bake for 50-60 minutes.
  3. After 10 minutes, lower the heat to 200 ° C (180 ° C hot air / circulating air).
    After another 30 minutes, remove from the loaf pan and finish baking.
    (Baking time of small breads approx. 50 minutes, a large bread approx. 60 minutes.)
  4. After baking, let cool on a wire rack.



Dimensions for bread baking molds

  • 0.5 kg bread molds: approx. 16.0 x 9.8 x 8.5 cm
  • 1 kg bread pan: approx. 23.0 x 11.0 x 9.5 cm

Keywords: Spelled malt flakes, spelled flour type 1050, yellow wheat, grains, mazi, red grain, seeds, ancient grain, ancient grain, whole grain, whole grain flour

Ur-Kornkasten. Saftiges Körnerbrot aus Urgetreide mit Sauerteig. Ohne Hefe


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17 thoughts on “Ur-Kornkasten”

  1. Great Recipe!

    My question: with this composition, is wheat or rye sourdough more recommended?

    Best regards


    1. cookieundco

      It doesn't really matter, I used mild rye sourdough.
      Unfortunately, your comment was in the spam folder, so I'm only answering now. Thank you very much for your comment!


  2. Hello my love ❤️ ...
    this bread looks fantastic ... I don't have a healthy sourdough ... can I use yeast ?????
    LG Angelika

    1. Hello dear Angelika,
      yes then I would take 1g of fresh yeast, that should be enough. 🙂


  3. Sieglinde Friedemann

    Dear Sonja, what type of ASG do you use? Wheat or rye? And if wheat TA 150 or 200?
    Greetings Sieglinde Friedemann

    1. Dear Sieglinde,
      with the small amount, the TA from the ST is in principle unimportant, as the flour itself makes greater fluctuations.
      But I used my mild rye sour with TA 200.


  4. Rosemarie Sobota

    The bread is just delicious! Gave one away. Comment: Olympic suspect! Well, if that's not a compliment!

    1. cookieundco

      That makes me very happy! 🙂 There is hardly a better compliment. 🙂
      Unfortunately, your comment was in the spam folder, so I'm only answering now. Thank you very much for your comment!


  5. Great recipe !!! This is the first bread that I can bake for the fourth time, because my husband loves it too. Despite various changes regarding flour and grains always very successful. Thanks a lot for this.

  6. Hello ... I have one more question because I'm unsure.
    What is the consistency of the dough after kneading? Mine was actually pretty firm.
    Greetings Angelika

    1. I would say like a firm batter, at least not formable as a loaf.
      I hope this helps you further…

      Many greetings,

  7. I still have a question: is there a recommendation for the shape of the box?
    I would have to get a new shape, but because of the overnight cooking, I am very unsure which material is the most suitable.
    Warm greetings

    1. Hi there,

      stainless steel is safest with sourdough. I prefer to use 1 kg bread molds, if they are not made of stainless steel, I prefer to grease them well or cover them with permanent baking foil. There are now extra cuts for.
      For example here:

      Many greetings,

  8. I “only” have rye flour, wholemeal rye flour, light spelled flour and wholemeal spelled flour. Can I bake this bread with these flours? Which quantities of the respective flours would be recommended?
    Can I just leave out the rye flavor piece?
    Thanks for the information!

    1. Instead of mazi your rye flour (200 g), instead of emmer wholegrain spelled flour (100 g), wholegrain spelled remains (100 g) and instead of forest shrubs, your wholegrain rye flour (100 g).

      The bread will probably be a little darker than mine. If that is not what you want, you can use your spelled 630 instead of whole grain spelled and emmer and a little less water.

      You can omit the rye flavor piece.

      Many greetings,

  9. Manuela Fleury

    This bread is perfect for our family and days when there is some air to make dough in the morning and time to bake in the evening. It tastes good with all toppings and stays wonderfully fresh. We love it.
    Thank you very much Sonja for this recipe.

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