Grandma's egg liqueur

Oma´s Eierlikör


Egg liqueur is a must at and during Easter. It is a wonderful and popular gift and souvenir as well as a great basis for delicious desserts, cakes, pastries and much more ...
The basis for my eggnog is an old family recipe that I add to it every now and then, for example with a little tonka bean zest.
This egg liqueur is nice and mild and thick. That's how we love it and it's really tasty and “tasty”. If you prefer to prepare it a little more liquid, use a little more cream and grain. In any case, it is worth making it yourself, as it tastes much better than the one you buy ... I also like to make mine from this egg liqueur Eggnog cream to. 

Oma´s Eierlikör

Oma´s Eierlikör


  • 200g sugar
  • 2 sachets of vanilla sugar
  • optional: some tonka bean abrasion
  • optional: a little butter-vanilla flavor 
  • 200g whipped cream
  • 200g grain (I don't use double grain)
  • 8 egg yolks


  • If you don't want the egg liqueur too thick, take 250g Whipped cream and 250g grain.
  • With a few drops of orange oil, the egg liqueur tastes very tasty and is something “different”. 

You can find a recipe for using the leftover egg whites here click.


  • Thermomix: Put all ingredients in the mixing bowl and heat for 8 minutes / 70 ° C / speed 4.
  • First beat the egg yolks and the sugar, the vanilla sugar and possibly the flavors until frothy,
  • then slowly add the cream.
  • Now the grain is slowly mixed in and 
  • Heated over a water bath while stirring. This works best if you put a smaller pot or bowl in a larger pot of hot water.
  • Stir again and again until the egg liqueur becomes thick and thick. Under no circumstances should it boil! (It should reach 70-75 ° C for a few minutes.)
  • The liqueur can now be filled into sterilized or hot-rinsed bottles.
  • It can be kept refrigerated for about 4 weeks.
♥ Have fun copying! ♥


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