Müslikekse, leckere Cookies ohne Industriezucker mit Vollkornmehl aus Dinkel

Muesli cookies

Today there are cookies again! Super tasty muesli cookies. What could be better than the smell of delicious cookies wafting through the apartment in dreary January weather? This time in the slightly healthier version with muesli, wholemeal flour, honey and without refined sugar. Super tasty and pure soul food ... ♥ Muesli Cookies Despite the healthier ingredients, the ...

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Fonduebrot zu Käsefondue

Fondue bread

Today I have a new “No Knead” bread variant for you, a super simple and yet delicious fondue bread. It consists of a few basic ingredients and uses a minimal amount of yeast. Incidentally, the bread recipe is also ideal for those who are new to baking, because it does not require sourdough or other special ingredients. Of course I have ...

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Apfel Nuss Kruste

Apple nut crust

Today I brought a delicious apple and nut crust for you. A very juicy mixed bread cooked overnight, with an aromatic and light crumb. The perfect bread for all nut lovers, not just in winter, for Christmas or in autumn. The recipe uses very little yeast and can also be prepared yeast-free if desired ... ♥ Apple and nut crust with spelled malt flakes or ...

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Eggnog, amerikanischer Eierpunsch


Today I brought you a wonderful alternative to mulled wine, punch and the like: Eggnog, a super tasty egg punch with vanilla liqueur. Rounded off with a little tonka bean and cinnamon, topped with a good dollop of cream, this drink is simply a stunner! ♥ Eggnog simply made yourself Eggnog is traditionally drunk in North America during winter and Christmas time and is ...

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Marzipan Gugelhupf | Marzipankuchen mit Gewürzen

Marzipan bundt cake

Fancy some November soul food ?! Today I have a juicy and outrageously delicious marzipan Gugelhupf on offer. Because today is the official Gugelhupf day. Of course, a bundt cake is urgently needed. And so this recipe for the best “soul food day ever” was born with lots of marzipan, delicious spices and a crunchy chocolate glaze. There have ...

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Gefüllter Nusszopf aus Hefeteig mit Lievito Madre

Nut braid - juicy nut striezel

Today it's going to be particularly delicious again on Cookie and Co, there is Nusszopf: A new recipe for a very fluffy, juicy and delicious nut striezel. Simply amazingly delicious and just the thing for the cold and dreary season ... ♥ The nut braid The nut braid consists of sweet yeast dough and is made with a very simple, but totally delicious ...

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Linsensuppe wie von Oma - Linseneintopf

Lentil soup like grandma's - hearty & tasty ...

Today we have the recipe for a real classic again: Lentil soup like grandma's. Winter time is stew time, at least for us. Stews and soups not only warm up wonderfully from the inside, but are also usually quite easy to prepare and can be cooked in advance. We particularly like this soup based on the original recipe ...

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Baked Apple Cinnamon Rolls

Today it will be particularly delicious on cookies and the like, there is a recipe for juicy baked apple and cinnamon buns. These are very fluffy snails or cinnamon rolls made from yeast dough, with a delicious baked apple filling. Incredibly delicious and just the thing for the cold and dreary season ... ♥ The yeast dough The dough is prepared with a little yeast. I use ...

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Kuchenstück von einer Apfel-Glögg-Torte (Apfel-Wein-Torte) auf einem Teller mit Weihnachtsbeleuchtung im Hintergrund.

Apple-Glögg-Torte (with Glögg)

Today I have a new and extremely delicious cake recipe in my luggage for you. And since we are making great strides towards the Christmas season, nothing fits better than a delicious wintry-Christmas apple cake: an apple-glögg-cake. Very tasty, very fruity and wonderfully spicy and aromatic. Exactly the right soul warmer for dark and cold winter days ... ♥ The Apple-Glögg-Torte The ...

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