Christmas / Advent time

Marzipanblüten. Siritzgebäck mit Marzipan und Konfitüre

Marzipan flowers (shortbread biscuits)

Now we are already in the middle of the Advent season and it is high time for cookies here at Cookie and Co! That's why I brought my marzipan flowers for you today: A marzipan shortbread cookie filled with a good dollop of fruit jelly. Not only does it look pretty, it also tastes delicious and is quick and easy to prepare ... ♥ ...

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Quarkstollen-Konfekt und Stolle im Glas

Grandma's Stollen Confectionery & Stollen in a glass

Today I brought you my recipe for Grandma's Stollen Confectionery & Stollen in a Glass. A 2 in 1 recipe where you can choose what you'd rather bake. I pimped up Grandma's traditional Quark Stollen recipe, optimized it for my terms and made it “blog-fine”, so to speak ... ♥ Grandma's Stollen Confectionery & Stollen in a Glass The recipe ...

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Marzipan potatoes - simply homemade

Today I have a very traditional Christmas treat in my luggage for you: Homemade marzipan potatoes. For me, at least from an early age, they are part of the Christmas season. Homemade, of course, they taste much better and, depending on your taste preferences, you can play a little with the flavors ... ♥ The marzipan potatoes ... ... are super easy and also pretty quick to make yourself ...

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Kokoskonfekt a la Bounty

Bounty confections

Today I have a sinfully delicious snack in my luggage for you: Bounty confectionary. Super tasty, super easy and great for giving away. Of course, it is also delicious to eat yourself and always worth a sin! ♥ The bounty confectionery These small chocolate-coated coconut balls are VERY reminiscent of the well-known chocolate bar with coconut filling. The famous chocolate bar came ...

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Baked Apple Cinnamon Rolls

Today it will be particularly delicious on cookies and the like, there is a recipe for juicy baked apple and cinnamon buns. These are very fluffy snails or cinnamon rolls made from yeast dough, with a delicious baked apple filling. Incredibly delicious and just the thing for the cold and dreary season ... ♥ The yeast dough The dough is prepared with a little yeast. I use ...

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Kuchenstück von einer Apfel-Glögg-Torte (Apfel-Wein-Torte) auf einem Teller mit Weihnachtsbeleuchtung im Hintergrund.

Apple-Glögg-Torte (with Glögg)

Today I have a new and extremely delicious cake recipe in my luggage for you. And since we are making great strides towards the Christmas season, nothing fits better than a delicious wintry-Christmas apple cake: an apple-glögg-cake. Very tasty, very fruity and wonderfully spicy and aromatic. Exactly the right soul warmer for dark and cold winter days ... ♥ The Apple-Glögg-Torte The ...

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Beef roulades - classic (from the oven)

Today it will be hearty, because today there is a recipe for braised beef roulades for you. Stews are just so wonderfully suited to the cold season. Not only do they taste very tasty, they can also usually be prepared the day before as a “Sunday roast”. These roulades are really tasty and down-to-earth home cooking and a wonderfully delicious combination ...

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Früchtebrot in Scheiben geschnitten auf einem Holzbrett

Fruit bread - Christmas fruit cake ...

Today, for a change, I have a somewhat healthier, but very tasty pastry from the Christmas bakery for you: A juicy fruitcake that many of you will probably know as a fruitcake. In principle, this bread is even wholesome, as it does not require industrial sugar and can be baked with wholemeal spelled flour if desired. Due to the many dried fruits and nuts ...

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Mandel-Marzipanstollen in Scheiben geschnitten

Almond marzipan stollen (my way)

Today I have another delicious pastry for you from the Christmas bakery: my almond marzipan stollen. Many have their own (family) recipe for Christmas stollen or various other stollen. For most people, baking stollen is traditionally part of Christmas. Personally, for a long time I didn't like any studs at all. In the meantime I have developed my own recipe for ...

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Pear and marzipan jam with amaretto

Today I brought a very tasty pear and marzipan jam for you. The jam is wonderfully aromatic with marzipan, amaretto, cinnamon and vanilla. Not only does it taste great for breakfast, it is also a great gift from the kitchen for autumn, winter and Christmas. A great alternative to the very popular baked apple jam. ♥ This pear and marzipan jam is something completely different. ...

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