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Knusper Cracker – Grundrezept | Mit Sauerteig möglich

Crispy crackers

Today I brought you a wonderfully crunchy snack: my crispy crackers. You can always modify this recipe as you wish and try new versions. So it is a basic recipe with which you can be wonderfully creative yourself. You can even use leftover sourdough in two different ways. The best thing about ...

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Kartoffelsalat mit Radieschen & Feldsalat. Super lecker und einfach zubereitet. Ideal zum Grillen oder als erfrischende Mahlzeit im Sommer.

Potato salad with radishes & lamb's lettuce

Today I brought one of my favorite summer salads for you for warm days, potato salad with radishes & lamb's lettuce. Super tasty and easy to prepare. Whether for grilling or simply as a refreshing meal, we eat this potato salad very often and with great pleasure in summer ... ♥ Potato salad with radishes & lamb's lettuce Potato salad is always a good option in summer - in ...

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Taralli pugliesi (ampulisches Familienrezept)

Taralli pugliesi

Today I'll take you to Bella Italia, with a typical southern Italian snack: crispy taralli pugliesi, based on an original Apulian family recipe. But stop, stop! Of course I also brought you a “cookie and co variant”. So there are two recipe variants - one the original and one that you can use to consume the rest of the Lievito Madre ...

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Thailändischer Gurkensalat (Ajad)

Thai cucumber salad (ajad)

Today it's going to be Asian for a change with cookies and co. Today I have a very delicious salad for you, a Thai cucumber salad. It tastes wonderfully refreshing, is a delicious side dish (not only for grilling) and also super easy and quick to prepare ... ♥ Thai cucumber salad Thai cucumber salad could almost be considered a classic of Thai cuisine ...

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Marzipan potatoes - simply homemade

Today I have a very traditional Christmas treat in my luggage for you: Homemade marzipan potatoes. For me, at least from an early age, they are part of the Christmas season. Homemade, of course, they taste much better and, depending on your taste preferences, you can play a little with the flavors ... ♥ The marzipan potatoes ... ... are super easy and also pretty quick to make yourself ...

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mediterrane Kräuter-Gewürz-Paste in einem Glas und auf einem Holzlöffel

Mediterranean herb and spice paste

Today I have a great basic recipe for the summer season for you: A Mediterranean herb and spice paste with which fresh summer herbs can be easily preserved. You can use it to preserve Mediterranean herbs for months in just a few minutes. They are always ready to hand and the herbs taste like fresh ... ♥ What can the paste be used for? ...

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Guacamole deluxe

Guacamole Deluxe (Avocado Dip)

Today I have a true classic among the dips for you: A Guacamole Deluxe. In the version that we like best with this avocado dip. Slightly spicier than the original recipe and super tasty, although so easy and quick to prepare ... ♥ Guacamole ... ... is a typical avocado dip from Mexican cuisine and also very popular in Tex-Mex cuisine. As …

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Zitronenaroma (geriebene Zitronenschale auf Vorrat)

Lemon flavor - lemon peel in stock

Today there is a new basic recipe for you, for a natural lemon aroma from lemon peel. It consists of only two ingredients and is basically just a great and practical way to use leftovers! ♥ This lemon flavor is so easy and super quick to make that it really isn't worth buying some. Apart from that ...

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Zitronen-Ingwer-Trunk mit Kurkuma in einem Glas und Flaschen

Lemon-ginger drink with turmeric (cold kill ...

Today I haven't got anything out of the oven for you, but a soothing lemon-ginger drink with turmeric. For me personally a real cold killer and very pleasant for sore throats and general cold symptoms. It warms from the inside and is simply good for you, similar to my ginger-orange concentrate with honey. And all of this with the power of nature. ♥ ginger ...

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Apple red cabbage - healthy and tasty vegetable ...

Today I have the recipe for my delicious apple red cabbage. Many people probably also know red cabbage under the name red cabbage or red cabbage, but no matter what name you know it by ... as a typical winter vegetable, it goes perfectly with all kinds of braised and game dishes, various roasts and, of course, especially with the classic Christmas dinner with goose or duck and ...

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