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Grissini mit frischen Kräutern wie Bärlauch

Breadsticks | Basic recipe

Today I brought a crispy and hearty snack for you: Grissini. A true finger food classic and perfect for mild spring or summer evenings with a glass of wine. In keeping with the season, I refined it with wild garlic. The best thing about it, the breadsticks are easy to prepare and ideal for other sourdough, because this can be processed here as desired. ... ♥ ...

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Kartoffelsalat mit Radieschen & Feldsalat. Super lecker und einfach zubereitet. Ideal zum Grillen oder als erfrischende Mahlzeit im Sommer.

Potato salad with radishes & lamb's lettuce

Today I brought one of my favorite summer salads for you for warm days, potato salad with radishes & lamb's lettuce. Super tasty and easy to prepare. Whether for grilling or simply as a refreshing meal, we eat this potato salad very often and with great pleasure in summer ... ♥ Potato salad with radishes & lamb's lettuce Potato salad is always a good option in summer - in ...

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Taralli pugliesi (ampulisches Familienrezept)

Taralli pugliesi

Today I'll take you to Bella Italia, with a typical southern Italian snack: crispy taralli pugliesi, based on an original Apulian family recipe. But stop, stop! Of course I also brought you a “cookie and co variant”. So there are two recipe variants - one the original and one that you can use to consume the rest of the Lievito Madre ...

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Thailändischer Gurkensalat (Ajad)

Thai cucumber salad (ajad)

Today it's going to be Asian for a change with cookies and co. Today I have a very delicious salad for you, a Thai cucumber salad. It tastes wonderfully refreshing, is a delicious side dish (not only for grilling) and also super easy and quick to prepare ... ♥ Thai cucumber salad Thai cucumber salad could almost be considered a classic of Thai cuisine ...

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Vanilla extract

Today I have a new basic recipe for vanilla extract for you - homemade from real vanilla. The cookie season is about to start or is your Christmas baking in full swing? A lot of vanilla is usually needed, at least for me. With this vanilla paste, the valuable vanilla pods are not only much more productive, they also don't need ...

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Pfirsich-Hugo-Konfitüre mit Prosecco, Holunderblütensirup und Minze

Peach Hugo Jam (with Prosecco)

Today I brought a very tasty and fruity peach Hugo jam for you. Made from aromatic vineyard peaches, Prosecco, some elderflower syrup and some fresh mint. Based on the popular long drink "Hugo", with the most wonderful summery aromas that need to be preserved for the cold season ... ♥ Hugo ... ... is a popular and widespread cocktail or long drink ...

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Basic recipe for fruit liqueur | Mirabelle liqueur m ...

Today I have had a liqueur recipe for you for a long time: A basic recipe for fruit liqueur. In this case I made a very tasty mirabelle liqueur with vanilla. In principle, this recipe works just as well with any other fresh fruit. The fruits must be absolutely perfect and must not have any bad spots, that is ...

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Peach and passion fruit jam with vineyard peach

Today we are boiling down again: a stunningly fruity peach and passion fruit jam that tastes like summer. In this case, however, simply made with aromatic vineyard peach. But now is exactly the right time to preserve the tastiest sun-ripened fruits for the cold season. Last year I made 15 new recipes for ...

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Aprikosen-Konfitüre mit Lavendel

Apricot jam with lavender

Today I'll take you to Provence, because today I have a recipe for Provencal apricot jam with lavender for you. With it you can catch the sun of southern France and maybe a little holiday feeling ... directly into the glass and on your breakfast table, so to speak. In any case, my thoughts are immediately in the south of France and in the direction of Provence when I hear this delicious ...

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Erdbeer- Konfitüre mit Basilikum

Strawberry jam with basil

Today I brought a delicious jam for you ... a strawberry jam with basil. It tastes wonderfully fruity-refreshing and not so sweet. The lovely strawberries complement each other perfectly with a touch of basil and its fresh, summery aromas ... ♥ The strawberry jam with basil just tastes like summer to me. Because we don't like overly sweet jams in summer ...

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