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Weltmeisterbrötchen | Körnerbrötchen mit Vollkorn Anteil

World champion bun

Today I brought you a new recipe for rolls: my world champion rolls. These are wonderfully crispy, juicy and hearty rolls with seeds and whole grains. Overall, a relatively quick and uncomplicated recipe. These delicious grain rolls have convinced even the last wholegrain grouch ... ♥ World champion rolls - juicy & delicious The world champion rolls are a rather spontaneous recipe development ...

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Malt grains with eclats (refreshing rolls)

Today I have a new bread roll recipe for you. For particularly tasty and rather rustic rolls with whole grains. I called them malt grains because they have a slightly malty and therefore very pleasant aromatic taste. They can be prepared with Lievito Madre from the refrigerator as a refreshing roll or with refreshed Madre ... ♥ The malt grains ... ...

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Krume Bürli mit Sauerteig auf einem Backblech

Bürli with sourdough (Swiss style)

Today I have a new bread roll recipe for you. This time a traditional pastry from Switzerland: Bürli with sourdough. However, this is of course my personal interpretation of the traditional Swiss burli. Among other things, I (as the name suggests) incorporated sourdough and, in return, there is very little yeast in the dough. ...

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No knead Brötchen in einem Brötchenkorb

No knead bun - ingeniously simple

Today I have a new roll recipe for you for delicious no knead rolls. True to the motto: Because simply is simply simple ... Because in my opinion a hobby baker can hardly pull good rolls out of the oven more easily. And this is possible without any industrial yeast and with a manageable list of ingredients ... ♥ No knead rolls No ...

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Potato rolls with buttermilk

Today, for a change, I brought delicious potato rolls with buttermilk for you. Super fluffy, super tasty and super easy to re-bake. Again with overnight cooking at room temperature, so that they just need to be cut in the morning ... ♥ So that means you don't need to shape them any further. While the oven is heating up, you can park it in the baker's linen for about 20-30 ...

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Panini Semplici

Panini Semplici (Ciabattini)

How about a new bread roll recipe? A very simple recipe for delicious ciabattini. Because what goes better with summer and Mediterranean dishes than such a light, airy pastry? And since the rolls are so easy to bake, they are simply called Panini Semplici ... ♥ The Panini Semplici are not just great ...

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Grill- und Snackbrötchen

Grill and snack rolls

How about some delicious grill and snack rolls today? They taste nice and spicy, have a loose crumb and are ideal as a grill side dish and as a basis for delicious snacks. With the topping you can let your creativity and wishes run wild ... depending on how you like it best. ♥ The preparation is pretty easy because ...

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Panini mediterraneo

Panini Mediterraneo (with yeast water): airy & #038 ...

Today we have a new bread roll recipe for you: Panini Mediterraneo. These are Mediterranean-inspired, wonderfully airy, light rolls that easily (in the truest sense of the word) pass as ciabatta ... ♥ The dough does not require industrial yeast and is instead fermented with natural yeast water and the Italian sourdough Lievito Madre. If you want, you can of course use the recipe ...

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Brötchen mit Hefewasser

Bread rolls with yeast water: crispy & fluffy

Today I have a new recipe for rolls with yeast water for you. They are just wonderfully crispy and have a wonderfully loose crumb. Just like delicious breakfast rolls have to be. They manage entirely without industrial yeast, which I find really fascinating ... ♥ I have to keep thinking that I actually ...

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