My bread baking book

Today I have great news: my bread-baking book "FOR THE LOVE OF BREAD - time for good bread" will be published shortly. The book is now available for pre-order! Again and again I got the desire for a bread book. After some thought, I decided to grant this wish. The fifth blog birthday is also a ...

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Knusper Cracker – Grundrezept | Mit Sauerteig möglich

Crispy crackers

Today I brought you a wonderfully crunchy snack: my crispy crackers. You can always modify this recipe as you wish and try new versions. So it is a basic recipe with which you can be wonderfully creative yourself. You can even use leftover sourdough in two different ways. The best thing about ...

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Taralli pugliesi (ampulisches Familienrezept)

Taralli pugliesi

Today I'll take you to Bella Italia, with a typical southern Italian snack: crispy taralli pugliesi, based on an original Apulian family recipe. But stop, stop! Of course I also brought you a “cookie and co variant”. So there are two recipe variants - one the original and one that you can use to consume the rest of the Lievito Madre ...

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Backkurs ,Brot backen, Brotbackkurs

Bread baking courses

Do you want to learn to bake bread or deepen your knowledge? You will have the opportunity to do so in September. Because in my bread-baking course, together with the “bread fairy” Heidi Schlautmann, I would like to share the fascination of bread-baking with you. In our course we will provide you with the necessary know-how to be able to bake bread and other baked goods at home ... ♥ ...

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Brotchips würziger Snack

Bread chips

Today I brought you a hearty snack: Spicy and crispy bread chips. Perfect for mild summer evenings with a glass of wine or as a snack with your favorite crime thriller. The best thing about it, the bread chips are made super fast and ideal for using leftovers from stale bread, rolls or baguette ... ♥ Bread chips for a blog event Bread chips are so easy and quick ...

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Selbstgemachter Joghurt, auch präbiotisch und lactosefrei möglich

Yogurt - homemade natural yogurt

Today I brought you my recipe for homemade natural yogurt. I've been making yogurt myself for many years and today I'll show you how to do it. By the way, this recipe also works great with lactose-free milk as well as with low-fat milk ... ♥ Why make yogurt yourself? For us it just happened that way ... I do ours ...

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Kräuterquark mit Schnittlauch Petersilie und Schnittlauchblüten. Im Hintergrund Kartoffeln, Leinöl, Zwiebeln und Knoblauch sowie eine Pfeffermühle.

Herbal Quark | quick dip or spread

Today I have a tiny recipe for you: herb quark - the way we like it best. Super easy, super tasty and versatile. It tastes equally good with jacket potatoes, baked potatoes or baked potatoes. Also with vegetarian patties, grilled meat or vegetable sticks. A quick, healthy all-round dip, so to speak, which is also simply delicious as a spread. Particularly tasty ...

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Nuss-Nougat-Creme (statt Nutella) vegan, glutenfrei und vollwertig möglich

Hazelnut chocolate cream: healthier Nutella® age ...

Today it will be particularly delicious on Cookie and Co. Today I brought you the recipe for a delicious, aromatic and wonderfully chocolaty hazelnut-chocolate cream. With real chocolate, roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, just the thing for big and small people with a sweet tooth ... ♥ This hazelnut chocolate cream always works with us, whether spring, summer, autumn or winter. And with ...

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