Pizza bread sandwich with basil ricotta pesto

 Today's recipe for you falls under the category simple, quick and delicious ... a delicious Mediterranean pizza bread sandwich, consisting of my pizza bread (recipe here), topped with a delicious basil-ricotta pesto, tomatoes and mozzarella. I also like to sprinkle some pizza spice from a spice grinder over tomatoes and mozzarella, this adds to the delicious flavors. The pizza bread sandwich ...

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raspberry syrup

  This week a blogger parade starts again on the subject of summer, sun, sunshine. In addition, today I have the recipe for a delicious and simple raspberry syrup for you, with which you can conjure up a delicious and refreshing summer drink in no time at all. Most of all I like the syrup poured with mineral water or in sparkling wine or a delicious punch. The raspberry syrup is suitable ...

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Strawberry Pudding Rolls (Strawberry Rolls)

  Are you as crazy about fresh strawberries as I am during the strawberry season? I really look forward to it every year ... That's why we have strawberries very often at the moment. Now I've tried something new: Strawberry pudding snails ... These are delicious snails made from fluffy yeast dough with a filling of strawberries and pudding. Strawberries and pudding are ...

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Strawberry and coconut jam with white chocolate

Today I have the recipe for you for a really delicious, spring-like jam ... for strawberry-coconut jam with white chocolate. It tastes really delicious to us. I can tell you that much. Strawberry jam is one of the most popular jams anyway and we especially like to eat strawberry jam. But this strawberry coconut jam with white chocolate is really delicious. ...

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Flatbread (pide)

  Today I have my recipe for you - a variant for a really delicious flatbread or pide. Exactly the right side dish for grilling, with Mediterranean dishes or simply as a basis for delicious sandwiches. For us, flatbread or pide is one of our favorite breads, especially in summer, and is regularly on the menu, in all possible combinations. ...

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Chocolate ice cream (without egg)

Today I have a recipe for a homemade chocolate ice cream for you. In contrast to industrially produced ice cream, it does not contain emulsifiers or other additives and can be prepared without eggs. But it still tastes very tasty and creamy. (By the way, you can find more delicious ice cream recipes without adding egg here.) You can vary according to your taste, ...

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Samtige Waldfrucht Konfitüre

Velvety forest fruit jam (with a splash)

  Today I have the recipe for a very velvety forest fruit jam for you - without seeds. ???? The berry mix gives the jam a strong, fruity taste, which is rounded off with a little amaretto. The low alcohol content actually evaporates during cooking, but of course you can of course leave out the amaretto or buy cherry juice or more berries ...

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Mediterranean herb rolls

Today's recipe for you is again a very simple, uncomplicated and very quick roll recipe for delicious Mediterranean herb rolls. Based on the recipe for the magic baguette, the dough is simply mixed together for a short time. With this recipe, it is then filled into a baking pan and after just under an hour of walking, these delicious rolls can be baked ...

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Velvety raspberry jam without seeds

After a long time I have a recipe for a delicious homemade jam for you again. It's actually called jam, but we actually tend to say jam ... how is it with you? In any case, you should definitely cook today's recipe for my raspberry jam without seeds, because it tastes absolutely good and so ...

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