Olive oil brioche

Today French patisserie meets Mediterranean flair. In the form of a wonderfully delicious brioche from the south of France, where olive oil instead of butter often finds its way into brioche dough. This particularly fluffy and aromatic brioche harmonises wonderfully with both sweet and savory toppings. The cold overnight cooking creates a wonderful aroma and makes this olive oil brioche ...

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Grissini mit frischen Kräutern wie Bärlauch

Breadsticks | Basic recipe

Today I brought a crispy and hearty snack for you: Grissini. A true finger food classic and perfect for mild spring or summer evenings with a glass of wine. In keeping with the season, I refined it with wild garlic. The best thing about it, the breadsticks are easy to prepare and ideal for other sourdough, because this can be processed here as desired. ... ♥ ...

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Kartoffelsalat mit Radieschen & Feldsalat. Super lecker und einfach zubereitet. Ideal zum Grillen oder als erfrischende Mahlzeit im Sommer.

Potato salad with radishes & lamb's lettuce

Today I brought one of my favorite summer salads for you for warm days, potato salad with radishes & lamb's lettuce. Super tasty and easy to prepare. Whether for grilling or simply as a refreshing meal, we eat this potato salad very often and with great pleasure in summer ... ♥ Potato salad with radishes & lamb's lettuce Potato salad is always a good option in summer - in ...

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Blaubeer Quark Taler: Rezept für saftiges Hefegebäck mit einer Quark Creme und Blaubeeren. Mit wenig Hefe und Lievito Madre oder hefefrei.

Blueberry curd thaler

Today I'll tell you the recipe for my juicy blueberry quark taler. These are juicy yeast pastries with a quark cream and blueberries. They taste fruity, are not too sweet and are simply delicious ... ♥ Blueberry Quark Taler These blueberry Quark Taler are another and very tasty addition to my recipe collection for sweet yeast pastries. ...

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Rezept für ein cremiges Karamell Eis. Auch als salty caramel Variante, also als Salz-Karamell Eis super lecker. Mit & ohne Eismaschine.

Caramel ice cream | Salted caramel ice cream

Today I brought you a super delicious and creamy caramel ice cream. Also as a salty caramel variant, i.e. salt and caramel ice cream, it tastes really delicious! By the way, it is super easy to prepare with and without an ice cream maker. It can also be easily portioned straight from the freezer. If you like caramel, this ice cream is an absolute must ...

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Aprikosen Käsekuchen mit Streusel

Apricot cheesecake with sprinkles

Today I have a new cheesecake recipe for you, because cheesecake always works, doesn't it ?! This time it turned out to be a very tasty apricot cheesecake with crumble. Along with peaches and berries, apricots are simply THE summer fruits for me, which is why this beautiful time must be savored to the full. Packaged as a cheesecake and in combination ...

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Ein Kirsch-Streuselkuchen auf einem Teller mit einer Gabel und Blumen im Hintergrund (schneller Blechkuchen aus Rührteig)

Cherry crumble cake

Today I brought an irresistibly delicious cherry crumble cake for you. A particularly fluffy and juicy sheet cake made from sponge mixture that is baked super quickly. It can of course also be topped with other fruits, but now it's cherry time and with fresh cherries this crumble cake tastes absolutely heavenly ... ♥ cherry crumble cake cherry crumble cake, I don't need much for this delicacy ...

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Griechischer Reissalat mit Feta, Tomaten und Gurke

Greek rice salad (vegetarian)

Do you fancy that summer feeling? Then my Greek rice salad is an absolute must. Wonderfully refreshing, quick to prepare and super tasty on warm summer days or as a side dish for grilling ... ♥ Greek rice salad With this Mediterranean and vegetarian rice salad, firm brown rice, fresh cucumber, crunchy peppers and aromatic black olives meet spicy feta. Rounded off with a mild dressing ...

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Eggnog rice made from 3 ingredients

Today I brought you a super delicious and creamy egg liqueur rice. Homemade ice cream with eggnog has been on my to-do list for a long time and if not now in summer, when? By the way, it is super easy to prepare with and without an ice cream maker. The ice cream tastes incredibly creamy and literally melts on your tongue ... simply delicious! ♥ Eggnog rice yourself ...

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Erdbeer-Sahnerolle (Biskuitrolle) mit Quark-Sahne Füllung und Erdbeeren.

Strawberry and cream roll (Swiss roll)

Today I have a true classic cake for you: a strawberry and cream roll. Airy, fluffy and soft sponge cake meets a delicious quark cream filling and of course strawberries. A wonderfully delicious delicacy with coffee or as a dessert ... ♥ Strawberry and cream roll: a cake classic Sponge rolls are simply true cake classics. Whether with grandma on the coffee table or in the good pastry shop around the ...

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