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Whiskey Trüffel, schokoladig und zartschmelzend aus nur 5 Zutaten

Whiskey truffle

Today it will be temptingly delicious on Cookie and Co. Today I have a recipe for outrageously delicious whiskey truffles in my luggage. This confectionery is quick and easy to prepare and a great homemade gift from the kitchen. Because Valentine's Day is just around the corner! But of course the truffles are also ideal for eating yourself ... ♥ Homemade ...

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Ruby Chocolate Bites (Geschenkidee)

Ruby Chocolate Bites (gift idea)

Today I brought you a delicious gift idea: Ruby Chocolate Bites. They are made from the naturally pink type of chocolate Ruby. Of course, this recipe also works with any other good type of chocolate. But with Ruby I find these Chocolate Bites particularly pretty and suitable for occasions such as Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, birthday, a candy bar for a wedding ...

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Marzipan potatoes - simply homemade

Today I have a very traditional Christmas treat in my luggage for you: Homemade marzipan potatoes. For me, at least from an early age, they are part of the Christmas season. Homemade, of course, they taste much better and, depending on your taste preferences, you can play a little with the flavors ... ♥ The marzipan potatoes ... ... are super easy and also pretty quick to make yourself ...

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Kokoskonfekt a la Bounty

Bounty confections

Today I have a sinfully delicious snack in my luggage for you: Bounty confectionary. Super tasty, super easy and great for giving away. Of course, it is also delicious to eat yourself and always worth a sin! ♥ The bounty confectionery These small chocolate-coated coconut balls are VERY reminiscent of the well-known chocolate bar with coconut filling. The famous chocolate bar came ...

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Baileys Trüffel mit kakao bepudert und einem Glas Baileys

Bailey's truffles - homemade confectionary

Today it will be temptingly delicious on Cookie and Co, because today I have a recipe for outrageously delicious Baileys truffles for you. This confectionary is quick and easy to make and a great homemade gift from the kitchen. But of course they are also ideal for snacking yourself ... ♥ I will give these pralines away for Valentine's Day ...

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Speculoos and orange confectionery: the scent of cinnamon is in the ...

Today I have you in my luggage for a delicious speculoos and orange confectionery. The recipe is very quick and easy to prepare, and the confectionery tastes delicious and has a Christmas spirit. A really great homemade gift from the kitchen for Christmas and Advent. Last year we had my amaretto truffles and this year I am giving away this delicious speculoos and orange confectionary ... ♥ ...

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Tiramisu Konfekt

Tiramisu confectionery

Today I have the recipe for my super delicious Tiramisu confectionary for you. It tastes heavenly and is also ideal as a gift. In addition, we will soon have Mother's Day ... how about a delicious tiramisu confectionary? I find homemade gifts especially nice for Mother's Day, because what comes from the heart ...

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Eggnog confectionary: easy & quick

Do you already have all the goodies and Easter presents together? If not, I have a last minute gift idea for you today: egg liqueur confectionery. It tastes delicious and is very quick and easy to prepare ... ♥ You don't need too many ingredients and the preparation is child's play. In principle you only need to mix all the ingredients and after a short cooling time ...

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Amaretto truffle

Today I have a delicious treat for you: Amaretto truffle. Sounds like something really nice at first, but they are actually very easy to prepare and great for giving away. The amaretto truffles taste wonderfully chocolaty, with a fine amaretto note and a hint of vanilla. I often find truffles bought with alcohol to be too “spicy”. I mean the alcohol content ...

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Homemade Marshmallows - Unicorn Style

Homemade Marshmallows - Unicorn Style

Today I have a recipe for homemade marshmallows for you. But they are not just any marshmallows, no, they are “unicorn” marshmallows. At the moment there is a real unicorn mania ... there are recipes for cakes, cupcakes and biscuits with a unicorn look everywhere. There are even clothes and shower gels printed with unicorns in the most beautiful rainbow and pastel colors. That's why …

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