Eierlikör Käsekuchen

Eggnog cheesecake

Today I have a new cheesecake recipe for you, because cheesecake always works, doesn't it ?! This time it turned out to be a very tasty egg liqueur cheesecake with a chocolate base. Because Easter is almost around the corner and eggnog belongs to Easter like cinnamon stars to Christmas. Packaged as a cheesecake and in combination ...

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schneller Eiersalat mit Schnittlauch

Egg salad | simply fast

Today I brought you a delicious egg salad. It can be prepared in a few minutes and is perfect for an Easter breakfast or brunch. Of course, it is also absolutely delicious as a topping on bread outside of Easter time. It is also ideal for using leftover hard-boiled eggs. We especially like sprinkling it with a little cress ... ♥ Homemade egg salad ...

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Eggnog dessert with white chocolate

Today I brought you a delicious egg liqueur dessert with white chocolate. A very tasty egg liqueur mousse. Easter is just around the corner, what is better than a dessert with eggnog ?! Because egg liqueur is traditionally always particularly popular at Easter. This delicacy is a small glass full of happiness and just the right way to end a delicious meal ... ♥ Eggnog ...

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Eierlikör auch ganzen Eiern

Eggnog with whole eggs

Easter is coming. That's why I brought you a recipe for egg liqueur with whole eggs today. The practical thing about this recipe: At the end you don't have any egg white left, which is the case with conventional recipes. This egg liqueur with whole eggs tastes delicious and is just as easy as it is quick to make yourself ... ♥ egg liqueur egg liqueur is ...

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Rüblikuchen - Carrot Cake

Rüblikuchen - Carrotcake with Cream Cheese F ...

Easter is getting closer and closer, so today I brought you a super delicious and juicy carrot cake: a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. The carrots in the batter not only make this carrot cake particularly juicy and stay it for many days, but also go perfectly with Easter ... ♥ carrot cake or carrot cake? The carrot cake or the carrot cake ...

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Eierlikörpudding mit Kirschsoße-3

Eggnog pudding with cherry sauce

Today I brought you another delicious dessert from the glass that is easy to prepare: Eggnog pudding with cherry sauce. Quickly and easily cooked and kept rather simple. But still super tasty - not only at Easter. ♥ This dessert ... ... is also ideal for using up remaining egg liqueur. Or of course just like that ... Because as an alternative ...

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Osterbrot (Aachener Poschweck)

Easter bread (Aachener Poschweck)

Today I brought a delicious Easter bread for you. In principle even a very traditional Easter bread that has been known since the late Middle Ages. The special thing about it: sugar cubes or rock candy, which are incorporated into the dough and melt during baking. Poschweck stands for a sweet yeast bread that is traditionally baked in the Aachen area during Easter ... ♥ ...

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Easter wreaths: Easter nests made of spelled

Easter is fast approaching, so I've baked pretty little Easter wreaths for you. These are delicious Easter nests made from yeast dough and prepared with spelled flour. Yeast pastries should not be missing at Easter, whether for breakfast or brunch. As small nests with a colored Easter egg, they go particularly well with this festive occasion ...

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