Muffins and cupcakes

Schokomuffins (saftige Schokoladenmuffins)

Chocolate muffins | juicy chocolate muffins

Today I brought you juicy chocolate muffins. These are delicious chocolate muffins with chocolate chips. Double chocolate, so to speak. After all, you can never get enough of chocolate, right ?! This recipe is super simple, straightforward, and quick to bake. These muffins are ready in just 30 minutes ... ♥ Chocolate muffins Muffins have been so with us in recent years ...

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Filled brownie bites

Today I have delicious, filled brownie bites for you. A bite of luck with an extra portion of chocolate and a choice of delicious filling made from creamy nut nougat cream or soft toffee candies. A little dream and definitely worth a sin ... ♥ I filled the brownie bites half with nut nougat cream and half with toffees. You simply choose the filling according to your ...

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Spooky brownie muffins

Today I have a recipe for you for spooky Halloween fun: juicy and chocolatey brownie muffins ... easy to bake, tasty and easy to prepare ... ♥ The spooky brownie muffins taste big and small, because under the little horror ghost there is a delicious mini - Chocolate kiss. And hand on heart ... who of you doesn't like to have a delicious chocolate kiss? With us you are ...

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Osterlamm und Ostermuffins

Easter lamb and Easter muffins (made from eggnog batter)

                                        Today's recipe for you are actually several in one ... Easter lamb and Easter muffins consist of a delicious, juicy egg liqueur cake batter. This can be baked very well before, as it tastes delicious for several days and stays fresh. ...

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Mulled wine - muffins

These delicious mulled wine muffins taste very aromatic and juicy. They can be prepared very well, which also applies to decoration. If the mulled wine muffins rest for a day, they taste even better because the spices can soak through the batter. They can also be decorated to your heart's content or you can turn them into pretty cup cakes with a delicious topping. ...

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