Flour dishes and sweet main dishes


Rice pudding with cherry sauce - so delicious!

Today there is a delicious classic for you: rice pudding with cherry sauce. We always do that, whether cold or warm, and almost everyone likes it, whether big or small ... ♥ The combination of rice pudding and cherries is also just delicious. Of course, an extra portion of vanilla should definitely not be missing with me. I don't do any additional ...

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Grießbrei mit Heidelbeersoße

Semolina with blueberry sauce

Today I have my recipe for semolina porridge with blueberry sauce for you. A classic and a true long-running favorite with us. So easy and delicious ... sometimes you don't even need to be happy anymore. ♥ Do you like to eat semolina too? In winter it is a real comforter for the soul when enjoyed warm and a delicious refreshment in summer when enjoyed cool. ...

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Ofenpfannkuchen mit Heidelbeeren

Oven pancakes with blueberries

Today I have the recipe for a super delicious oven pancake with blueberries for you. Pancakes ... who doesn't love them? So delicious and so easy ... and then prepared in no time. In a good half an hour you will have this delicious oven pancake with blueberries on the table. There is no need to bake the pancakes individually with this version from the oven. This find ...

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Eggnog waffles

Today I have a quick waffle recipe for you: Fantastically delicious eggnog waffles. These eggnog waffles are prepared in no time, taste very tasty and can also be toasted wonderfully the next day. Whether simply sprinkled with powdered sugar or topped with vanilla ice cream, cream, eggnog or chocolate sauce ... the eggnog waffles taste delicious, you should definitely try them! ...

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