Light & tasty

Kartoffelsalat mit Radieschen & Feldsalat. Super lecker und einfach zubereitet. Ideal zum Grillen oder als erfrischende Mahlzeit im Sommer.

Potato salad with radishes & lamb's lettuce

Today I brought one of my favorite summer salads for you for warm days, potato salad with radishes & lamb's lettuce. Super tasty and easy to prepare. Whether for grilling or simply as a refreshing meal, we eat this potato salad very often and with great pleasure in summer ... ♥ Potato salad with radishes & lamb's lettuce Potato salad is always a good option in summer - in ...

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Thailändischer Gurkensalat (Ajad)

Thai cucumber salad (ajad)

Today it's going to be Asian for a change with cookies and co. Today I have a very delicious salad for you, a Thai cucumber salad. It tastes wonderfully refreshing, is a delicious side dish (not only for grilling) and also super easy and quick to prepare ... ♥ Thai cucumber salad Thai cucumber salad could almost be considered a classic of Thai cuisine ...

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Griechischer Reissalat mit Feta, Tomaten und Gurke

Greek rice salad (vegetarian)

Do you fancy that summer feeling? Then my Greek rice salad is an absolute must. Wonderfully refreshing, quick to prepare and super tasty on warm summer days or as a side dish for grilling ... ♥ Greek rice salad With this Mediterranean and vegetarian rice salad, firm brown rice, fresh cucumber, crunchy peppers and aromatic black olives meet spicy feta. Rounded off with a mild dressing ...

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Selbstgemachter Joghurt, auch präbiotisch und lactosefrei möglich

Yogurt - homemade natural yogurt

Today I brought you my recipe for homemade natural yogurt. I've been making yogurt myself for many years and today I'll show you how to do it. By the way, this recipe also works great with lactose-free milk as well as with low-fat milk ... ♥ Why make yogurt yourself? For us it just happened that way ... I do ours ...

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Exotische Linsensuppe

Exotic lentil soup: easy & quick

Today there is an exotic lentil soup for you. Yes, you read that right ... Today we don't bake on cookies and the like, but I've cooked for you again and it's really aromatic. We often have this lentil soup when things have to be done quickly and without meat. And the best thing about it: In ...

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Zitronen-Huhn mit Honig

Lemon Chicken with Honey (Oven Dish)

Today I'm just kidnapping you to Italy…. I have a simple but extremely tasty Mediterranean oven dish for you: lemon chicken with honey. A very aromatic dish in which everything stews together in the oven at the same time and therefore does not require a lot of work ... ♥ The simplest things are sometimes the best ... I love such ingeniously simple dishes because they ...

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Apfelmus Apfelmark

Apple sauce without sugar (apple pulp) - basic recipe ...

Today I have a little basic recipe for you again, for homemade applesauce. If desired, it can be prepared without any sugar and is then actually called apple pulp. But whether applesauce or apple pulp is unimportant, I just make the addition of sugar dependent on the sweetness of the apples. In any case, with this recipe you can ...

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Gebackener Feta mit Gemüse

Baked feta with vegetables: quick dish for ...

Today I have a quick and easy dish for you: Baked Feta with Vegetables. Ideal for the quick after-work kitchen or as a light summer dish. You can either prepare the feta with vegetables either in the oven or on the grill ... ♥ I love such simple dishes that are totally easy and uncomplicated to prepare and great ...

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Cabbage salad (Greek style)

Today I have a great salad recipe for once, for a Greek-style cabbage salad. It tastes super delicious and is super easy to prepare, even in larger quantities. Thus, this white cabbage salad is the ideal side dish for the next barbecue or the next party buffet ... ♥ But of course the salad is not only great for grilling, but ...

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Mint-lime syrup (low carb possible)

Today I have a little basic recipe for you ... a delicious mint-lime syrup. It is the ideal basis for refreshing drinks and tastes wonderfully like summer with its fine and delicious aromas of mint and lime. It tastes not only delicious and refreshing in a little chilled sparkling water, but also as an ingredient for refreshing drinks or cocktails. ♥ Above all, you can ...

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