Cakes / pastries

Apfeltarte mit Licor 43

Apple tart with Licor 43

(Post contains advertising) Today I have an incredibly delicious apple tart in my luggage for you. A particularly juicy apple cake with a base of tender almond shortcrust pastry. This fruity tart is particularly delicious with my beloved Licor 43. The Spanish liqueur gives this cake a particularly tasty note! ♥ Apple tart with a shot Who knows me and my blog ...

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Olive oil brioche

Today French patisserie meets Mediterranean flair. In the form of a wonderfully delicious brioche from the south of France, where olive oil instead of butter often finds its way into brioche dough. This particularly fluffy and aromatic brioche harmonises wonderfully with both sweet and savory toppings. The cold overnight cooking creates a wonderful aroma and makes this olive oil brioche ...

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Oster Rezepte

Easter recipes

Heute habe ich für dich über 20 meiner liebsten Rezepte für die Osterzeit zusammengefasst. Alle stammen aus dem Rezeptarchiv für Osterrezepte. Da sich dort mittlerweile schon so einige Rezepte für Eierlikör, Kuchen, Desserts und Süßes angesammelt haben, verliert man schnell den Überblick. Deshalb habe ich hier für dich nochmal meine Favoriten zusammengetragen. Viel Spaß beim …

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Eierlikör Käsekuchen

Eggnog cheesecake

Today I have a new cheesecake recipe for you, because cheesecake always works, doesn't it ?! This time it turned out to be a very tasty egg liqueur cheesecake with a chocolate base. Because Easter is almost around the corner and eggnog belongs to Easter like cinnamon stars to Christmas. Packaged as a cheesecake and in combination ...

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Schwedische Zimtschnecken | Kanelbullar

Cinnamon rolls | Swedish Kanelbullar

Today there is pure soul food! Swedish cinnamon buns. The last snails here on the blog were already over a year ago ... really now ?! Hard to believe how time flies. Of course, today's recipe is not an original, but rather a “Kanelbullar my way” version with significantly less yeast than usual ... ♥ Swedish cinnamon buns - a classic cinnamon buns ...

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Müslikekse, leckere Cookies ohne Industriezucker mit Vollkornmehl aus Dinkel

Muesli cookies

Today there are cookies again! Super tasty muesli cookies. What could be better than the smell of delicious cookies wafting through the apartment in dreary January weather? This time in the slightly healthier version with muesli, wholemeal flour, honey and without refined sugar. Super tasty and pure soul food ... ♥ Muesli Cookies Despite the healthier ingredients, the ...

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Erdnuss Karamell Busserl

Peanut caramel buns

The first Advent is just around the corner and it is high time for cookies here at Cookie and Co! That's why I brought my incredibly delicious peanut caramel Busserl for you today: A delicate shortcrust pastry with (salted) peanuts, filled with a decent dollop of caramel and a hint of chocolate. It doesn't just look pretty, it tastes good ...

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Marzipan Gugelhupf | Marzipankuchen mit Gewürzen

Marzipan bundt cake

Fancy some November soul food ?! Today I have a juicy and outrageously delicious marzipan Gugelhupf on offer. Because today is the official Gugelhupf day. Of course, a bundt cake is urgently needed. And so this recipe for the best “soul food day ever” was born with lots of marzipan, delicious spices and a crunchy chocolate glaze. There have ...

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