Cake made from batter

Marzipan Gugelhupf | Marzipankuchen mit Gewürzen

Marzipan bundt cake

Fancy some November soul food ?! Today I have a juicy and outrageously delicious marzipan Gugelhupf on offer. Because today is the official Gugelhupf day. Of course, a bundt cake is urgently needed. And so this recipe for the best “soul food day ever” was born with lots of marzipan, delicious spices and a crunchy chocolate glaze. There have ...

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Kürbiskuchen mit Frosting und karamellisierten Kürbiskernen

pumpkin pie

Today it will be really nice autumn, because I brought a pumpkin pie with frosting and caramelized pumpkin seeds. This cake is very juicy, aromatic and delicious to kneel down! And above all, just the thing for autumn ... ♥ Pumpkin pie Like my zucchini cake and my carrot cake (carrot cake with cream cheese frosting), this pumpkin cake is also made with grated vegetables. ...

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Ein Kirsch-Streuselkuchen auf einem Teller mit einer Gabel und Blumen im Hintergrund (schneller Blechkuchen aus Rührteig)

Cherry crumble cake

Today I brought an irresistibly delicious cherry crumble cake for you. A particularly fluffy and juicy sheet cake made from sponge mixture that is baked super quickly. It can of course also be topped with other fruits, but now it's cherry time and with fresh cherries this crumble cake tastes absolutely heavenly ... ♥ cherry crumble cake cherry crumble cake, I don't need much for this delicacy ...

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Versunkener Rhabarberkuchen mit Himbeeren

Sunken rhubarb cake with raspberries

Spring is in full swing and rhubarb is finally in abundance. So it's time for a delicious recipe with rhubarb. We have already enjoyed the first rhubarb cake and I would like to share the recipe for this simple and delicious cake with rhubarb with you today: A sunken rhubarb cake with raspberries ... ♥ Sunken ...

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Rüblikuchen - Carrot Cake

Rüblikuchen - Carrotcake with Cream Cheese F ...

Easter is getting closer and closer, so today I brought you a super delicious and juicy carrot cake: a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. The carrots in the batter not only make this carrot cake particularly juicy and stay it for many days, but also go perfectly with Easter ... ♥ carrot cake or carrot cake? The carrot cake or the carrot cake ...

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Schokomuffins (saftige Schokoladenmuffins)

Chocolate muffins | juicy chocolate muffins

Today I brought you juicy chocolate muffins. These are delicious chocolate muffins with chocolate chips. Double chocolate, so to speak. After all, you can never get enough of chocolate, right ?! This recipe is super simple, straightforward, and quick to bake. These muffins are ready in just 30 minutes ... ♥ Chocolate muffins Muffins have been so with us in recent years ...

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Schokoladenkuchen mit Scholoadenglasur

chocolate cake

Today I brought you a juicy chocolate cake. Simple and extremely tasty - chocolate cake is not one of the most popular cakes for nothing! This recipe is really uncomplicated and quickly baked. You are guaranteed to enchant your guests. Because: who doesn't like chocolate, please ?! ♥ Chocolate cake with chocolate glaze This box cake does not only consist of ...

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Surprise Marmorkuchen

Surprise marble cake - Color Cake

Today it's going to be colorful on Cookie and Co, I've baked a delicious color cake with a surprise for you: a surprise marble cake. Whether for a birthday, a festive occasion or just like that, colorful cakes are not only popular with children ... ♥ And since spring is currently still a long way off and we are instead with ...

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