Jam / sweet spreads

Erdbeer-Rhabarber-Konfitüre mit Holunder

Strawberry-rhubarb jam with elderberry

Today I brought a delicious jam for you again. A strawberry and rhubarb jam with a hint of elderflower. It tastes wonderfully fruity-refreshing and not too sweet. The lovely strawberries complement each other perfectly with the taste of rhubarb and its fresh, slightly sour aromas ... ♥ Rhubarb & strawberries belong to spring This strawberry-rhubarb jam simply tastes like ...

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Pfirsich-Hugo-Konfitüre mit Prosecco, Holunderblütensirup und Minze

Peach Hugo Jam (with Prosecco)

Today I brought a very tasty and fruity peach Hugo jam for you. Made from aromatic vineyard peaches, Prosecco, some elderflower syrup and some fresh mint. Based on the popular long drink "Hugo", with the most wonderful summery aromas that need to be preserved for the cold season ... ♥ Hugo ... ... is a popular and widespread cocktail or long drink ...

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Kirschkonfitüre deluxe

Cherry jam deluxe

Today I have a new recipe for you to boil down: a cherry jam deluxe. Very tasty, extra fruity and with that certain something. Therefore also “deluxe”, because in addition to delicious cherries, this jam also contains fine vanilla, the best chocolate and fine liqueur ... ♥ And what goes particularly well with cherries? Right ... amaretto. The delicious Italian almond liqueur rounds off ...

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Peach and passion fruit jam with vineyard peach

Today we are boiling down again: a stunningly fruity peach and passion fruit jam that tastes like summer. In this case, however, simply made with aromatic vineyard peach. But now is exactly the right time to preserve the tastiest sun-ripened fruits for the cold season. Last year I made 15 new recipes for ...

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Aprikosen-Konfitüre mit Lavendel

Apricot jam with lavender

Today I'll take you to Provence, because today I have a recipe for Provencal apricot jam with lavender for you. With it you can catch the sun of southern France and maybe a little holiday feeling ... directly into the glass and on your breakfast table, so to speak. In any case, my thoughts are immediately in the south of France and in the direction of Provence when I hear this delicious ...

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Erdbeer- Konfitüre mit Basilikum

Strawberry jam with basil

Today I brought a delicious jam for you ... a strawberry jam with basil. It tastes wonderfully fruity-refreshing and not so sweet. The lovely strawberries complement each other perfectly with a touch of basil and its fresh, summery aromas ... ♥ The strawberry jam with basil just tastes like summer to me. Because we don't like overly sweet jams in summer ...

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Nuss-Nougat-Creme (statt Nutella) vegan, glutenfrei und vollwertig möglich

Hazelnut chocolate cream: healthier Nutella® age ...

Today it will be particularly delicious on Cookie and Co. Today I brought you the recipe for a delicious, aromatic and wonderfully chocolaty hazelnut-chocolate cream. With real chocolate, roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, just the thing for big and small people with a sweet tooth ... ♥ This hazelnut chocolate cream always works with us, whether spring, summer, autumn or winter. And with ...

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Rhubarb and raspberry jam (without seeds)

Today I'll tell you my favorite recipe for a delicious rhubarb and raspberry jam. It tastes heavenly, is super fruity, not too sour, but not too sweet either. The rhubarb season is in full swing and NOW is the right time to preserve some rhubarb for the rest of the year ... ♥ Homemade jam ... ... is of course much better than bought ones. ...

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Orangen-Zitronen-Gelee mit frischen Zitronen und kandiertem Ingwer auf einem Tablett.

Orange-lemon jelly (with candied ginger)

Today I have a slightly different canning idea for you. A delicious orange-lemon jelly with candied ginger. Not so sweet, slightly spicy, a touch bitter and nice and fruity. Even when spring is approaching - I think we are all looking forward to it - there is still the opportunity to preserve the taste of delicious citrus fruits. ♥ Because ...

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