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Grissini mit frischen Kräutern wie Bärlauch

Breadsticks | Basic recipe

Today I brought a crispy and hearty snack for you: Grissini. A true finger food classic and perfect for mild spring or summer evenings with a glass of wine. In keeping with the season, I refined it with wild garlic. The best thing about it, the breadsticks are easy to prepare and ideal for other sourdough, because this can be processed here as desired. ... ♥ ...

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Schwedische Zimtschnecken | Kanelbullar

Cinnamon rolls | Swedish Kanelbullar

Today there is pure soul food! Swedish cinnamon buns. The last snails here on the blog were already over a year ago ... really now ?! Hard to believe how time flies. Of course, today's recipe is not an original, but rather a “Kanelbullar my way” version with significantly less yeast than usual ... ♥ Swedish cinnamon buns - a classic cinnamon buns ...

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Müslikekse, leckere Cookies ohne Industriezucker mit Vollkornmehl aus Dinkel

Muesli cookies

Today there are cookies again! Super tasty muesli cookies. What could be better than the smell of delicious cookies wafting through the apartment in dreary January weather? This time in the slightly healthier version with muesli, wholemeal flour, honey and without refined sugar. Super tasty and pure soul food ... ♥ Muesli Cookies Despite the healthier ingredients, the ...

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Saftige Kokosmakronen (Einfach, schnell & ohne Ei)

juicy coconut macaroons

Today it's Christmas again on Cookie and Co. There are freshly baked and wonderfully juicy coconut macaroons. A super easy egg-free recipe that can be made with just 2 ingredients. The remaining ingredients are optional and serve to refine according to personal taste. The macaroons are very easy and quick to bake. So ideal if you still ...

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Knusper Cracker – Grundrezept | Mit Sauerteig möglich

Crispy crackers

Today I brought you a wonderfully crunchy snack: my crispy crackers. You can always modify this recipe as you wish and try new versions. So it is a basic recipe with which you can be wonderfully creative yourself. You can even use leftover sourdough in two different ways. The best thing about ...

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Pumpkin cheese crisps | Crispbread with sourdough

Today it will be crispy on Cookies and Co, because today I brought my pumpkin cheese crisps for you. A crispbread recipe with wholemeal rye flour, which is great for using old sourdough. It is very easy and uncomplicated to prepare and super delicious ... ♥ Pumpkin Cheese Knäcke With this crispbread you can use the batter ...

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Mailänder Schrippen | Schnelle Brötchen mit wenig Hefe

Milanese rolls

Today I brought you a new recipe for breakfast rolls: my Milanese rolls. These are wonderfully crispy, golden yellow and simple rolls with little yeast. This means that you do not need pre-doughs such as sourdough and the like, you can start directly with the dough. After a few hours, the rolls are completely ready. But also an alternative with ...

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Blaubeer Quark Taler: Rezept für saftiges Hefegebäck mit einer Quark Creme und Blaubeeren. Mit wenig Hefe und Lievito Madre oder hefefrei.

Blueberry curd thaler

Today I'll tell you the recipe for my juicy blueberry quark taler. These are juicy yeast pastries with a quark cream and blueberries. They taste fruity, are not too sweet and are simply delicious ... ♥ Blueberry Quark Taler These blueberry Quark Taler are another and very tasty addition to my recipe collection for sweet yeast pastries. ...

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Rezept für ein cremiges Karamell Eis. Auch als salty caramel Variante, also als Salz-Karamell Eis super lecker. Mit & ohne Eismaschine.

Caramel ice cream | Salted caramel ice cream

Today I brought you a super delicious and creamy caramel ice cream. Also as a salty caramel variant, i.e. salt and caramel ice cream, it tastes really delicious! By the way, it is super easy to prepare with and without an ice cream maker. It can also be easily portioned straight from the freezer. If you like caramel, this ice cream is an absolute must ...

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Softes Sandwichbrot

Soft sandwich bread | golden butter toast bread

Today I brought a new toast recipe for you, for a wonderfully soft sandwich bread. It tastes super delicious, the crumb is wonderfully fluffy, wonderfully fluffy and soft and fluffy. It also has great freshness. Just like a good butter toast should be ... ♥ Soft sandwich bread From my previous toast bread recipes here on Cookie and Co, my ...

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