Apfeltarte mit Licor 43

Apple tart with Licor 43

(Post contains advertising) Today I have an incredibly delicious apple tart in my luggage for you. A particularly juicy apple cake with a base of tender almond shortcrust pastry. This fruity tart is particularly delicious with my beloved Licor 43. The Spanish liqueur gives this cake a particularly tasty note! ♥ Apple tart with a shot Who knows me and my blog ...

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Müslikekse, leckere Cookies ohne Industriezucker mit Vollkornmehl aus Dinkel

Muesli cookies

Today there are cookies again! Super tasty muesli cookies. What could be better than the smell of delicious cookies wafting through the apartment in dreary January weather? This time in the slightly healthier version with muesli, wholemeal flour, honey and without refined sugar. Super tasty and pure soul food ... ♥ Muesli Cookies Despite the healthier ingredients, the ...

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Apfel Nuss Kruste

Apple nut crust

Today I brought a delicious apple and nut crust for you. A very juicy mixed bread cooked overnight, with an aromatic and light crumb. The perfect bread for all nut lovers, not just in winter, for Christmas or in autumn. The recipe uses very little yeast and can also be prepared yeast-free if desired ... ♥ Apple and nut crust with spelled malt flakes or ...

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WaldNuss Brot

Forest Nut Bread

Today I have brought you a wonderful, hearty and very tasty bread recipe, my WaldNuss bread. A real powerhouse with lots of (forest perennial rye) wholemeal flour and walnuts, which fills you up for a long time and just goes well with autumn. The preparation couldn't be easier. This box bread is very juicy, has a great aroma and ...

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Kürbiskuchen mit Frosting und karamellisierten Kürbiskernen

pumpkin pie

Today it will be really nice autumn, because I brought a pumpkin pie with frosting and caramelized pumpkin seeds. This cake is very juicy, aromatic and delicious to kneel down! And above all, just the thing for autumn ... ♥ Pumpkin pie Like my zucchini cake and my carrot cake (carrot cake with cream cheese frosting), this pumpkin cake is also made with grated vegetables. ...

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Pumpkin cheese crisps | Crispbread with sourdough

Today it will be crispy on Cookies and Co, because today I brought my pumpkin cheese crisps for you. A crispbread recipe with wholemeal rye flour, which is great for using old sourdough. It is very easy and uncomplicated to prepare and super delicious ... ♥ Pumpkin Cheese Knäcke With this crispbread you can use the batter ...

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Flammkuchen mit Birnen, Camembert & Walnüssen

Tarte flambée with pears, camembert & walnuts ...

Today I brought you a wonderful autumnal tarte flambée variant. A tarte flambée with pears, camembert & walnuts. Quick and easy to prepare, super tasty, vegetarian and perfect with a glass of Federweißer ... ♥ Tarte flambée with pears Tarte flambée is so easy and quick to make yourself. And of course super tasty too. A new autumn variant has haunted me for a long time ...

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Apfelkuchen | 10 Lieblings-Rezepte

Apple pie | 10 favorite recipes

Today I have summarized 10 of my favorite apple pie recipes for you. Since a lot of recipes for cakes and pastries with apples have now accumulated, you quickly lose track of things. That's why I've put together 10 favorites for you. Have fun baking ... ♥ Apple cider cake with Calvados Grandma's apple quark cake Apple spelled cake (whole grain) Apple and almond cake (with marzipan) Apple sauce crumble tart - apple cake with ...

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Gefüllter Nusszopf aus Hefeteig mit Lievito Madre

Nut braid - juicy nut striezel

Today it's going to be particularly delicious again on Cookie and Co, there is Nusszopf: A new recipe for a very fluffy, juicy and delicious nut striezel. Simply amazingly delicious and just the thing for the cold and dreary season ... ♥ The nut braid The nut braid consists of sweet yeast dough and is made with a very simple, but totally delicious ...

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Linsensuppe wie von Oma - Linseneintopf

Lentil soup like grandma's - hearty & tasty ...

Today we have the recipe for a real classic again: Lentil soup like grandma's. Winter time is stew time, at least for us. Stews and soups not only warm up wonderfully from the inside, but are also usually quite easy to prepare and can be cooked in advance. We particularly like this soup based on the original recipe ...

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