Grill and party recipes

Grissini mit frischen Kräutern wie Bärlauch

Breadsticks | Basic recipe

Today I brought a crispy and hearty snack for you: Grissini. A true finger food classic and perfect for mild spring or summer evenings with a glass of wine. In keeping with the season, I refined it with wild garlic. The best thing about it, the breadsticks are easy to prepare and ideal for other sourdough, because this can be processed here as desired. ... ♥ ...

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Kartoffelsalat mit Radieschen & Feldsalat. Super lecker und einfach zubereitet. Ideal zum Grillen oder als erfrischende Mahlzeit im Sommer.

Potato salad with radishes & lamb's lettuce

Today I brought one of my favorite summer salads for you for warm days, potato salad with radishes & lamb's lettuce. Super tasty and easy to prepare. Whether for grilling or simply as a refreshing meal, we eat this potato salad very often and with great pleasure in summer ... ♥ Potato salad with radishes & lamb's lettuce Potato salad is always a good option in summer - in ...

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Brotchips würziger Snack

Bread chips

Today I brought you a hearty snack: Spicy and crispy bread chips. Perfect for mild summer evenings with a glass of wine or as a snack with your favorite crime thriller. The best thing about it, the bread chips are made super fast and ideal for using leftovers from stale bread, rolls or baguette ... ♥ Bread chips for a blog event Bread chips are so easy and quick ...

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Griechischer Reissalat mit Feta, Tomaten und Gurke

Greek rice salad (vegetarian)

Do you fancy that summer feeling? Then my Greek rice salad is an absolute must. Wonderfully refreshing, quick to prepare and super tasty on warm summer days or as a side dish for grilling ... ♥ Greek rice salad With this Mediterranean and vegetarian rice salad, firm brown rice, fresh cucumber, crunchy peppers and aromatic black olives meet spicy feta. Rounded off with a mild dressing ...

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Pizza-Zupfbrot Pull Apart Bread

Pizza Zupfbrot (Pull Apart Bread)

Today I once again brought you a great side bread for you. A pizza Zupfbrot or also called Pull Apart Bread. This is not only very popular with us in the barbecue season ... because it tastes delicious, wonderfully spicy and is wonderfully juicy ... ♥ Pizza Zupfbrot Since the barbecue season is already in full swing and my herb-Zupfbrot here ...

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Grillbrote | 20 Beilagen zum Grillen für Burger Buns, Pide, Focaccia, Baguette & Co

Grilled breads | 20 side dishes for grilling

  Heute habe ich für dich meine 20 liebsten Rezepte für Grillbrote zusammengefasst. Alle stammen aus dem Rezeptarchiv für Beilagenbrote. Da sich dort mittlerweile schon so einige Rezepte für Burger Buns, Pide, Focaccia und Baguette oder Kräuterzupfbrot angesammelt haben, verliert man schnell den Überblick. Deshalb habe ich hier für dich nochmal meine 20 Favoriten zusammengetragen. Viel …

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schneller Eiersalat mit Schnittlauch

Egg salad | simply fast

Today I brought you a delicious egg salad. It can be prepared in a few minutes and is perfect for an Easter breakfast or brunch. Of course, it is also absolutely delicious as a topping on bread outside of Easter time. It is also ideal for using leftover hard-boiled eggs. We especially like sprinkling it with a little cress ... ♥ Homemade egg salad ...

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mediterranes Tomatenbrot (hefefrei)

Mediterranean tomato bread | Pane Pomodori

Today I brought you my Mediterranean tomato bread, a Pane Pomodori. It does not require industrial yeast and is prepared with yeast water and Lievito Madre. Dried cherry tomatoes, roasted pine nuts and tomato pesto give this bread a special kick. Super tasty, very aromatic and also ideally suited as a side bread for grilling ... ♥ Mediterranean tomato bread I have my Mediterranean tomato bread ...

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Mediterrane Tomaten-Feta-Creme (Dip & Aufstrich)

Mediterranean tomato and feta cream (dip & spread ...

Today I brought you a Mediterranean tomato and feta cream. It can be enjoyed as a dip or as a spread. This delicious, Italian-inspired cream is also super easy and quick to prepare and fits every party buffet, barbecue or brunch. We also like them just in between, as a change from the usual bread topping ... ♥ The ...

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Rauchige Mandel Speck Wurzeln

Smoky Almond Bacon Roots

Today it's going to be rustic on Cookie and Co: I brought you smoky almond and bacon roots. These are wonderfully aromatic and spicy root rolls with a special kick. Because fried bacon and salty smoked almonds provide a spicy aroma and a delicious crunch. Do you fancy a little taste explosion? Then put this recipe on your post-baking list ... ♥ Smoky ...

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