Pastries made from yeast dough

Olive oil brioche

Today French patisserie meets Mediterranean flair. In the form of a wonderfully delicious brioche from the south of France, where olive oil instead of butter often finds its way into brioche dough. This particularly fluffy and aromatic brioche harmonises wonderfully with both sweet and savory toppings. The cold overnight cooking creates a wonderful aroma and makes this olive oil brioche ...

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Schwedische Zimtschnecken | Kanelbullar

Cinnamon rolls | Swedish Kanelbullar

Today there is pure soul food! Swedish cinnamon buns. The last snails here on the blog were already over a year ago ... really now ?! Hard to believe how time flies. Of course, today's recipe is not an original, but rather a “Kanelbullar my way” version with significantly less yeast than usual ... ♥ Swedish cinnamon buns - a classic cinnamon buns ...

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Blaubeer Quark Taler: Rezept für saftiges Hefegebäck mit einer Quark Creme und Blaubeeren. Mit wenig Hefe und Lievito Madre oder hefefrei.

Blueberry curd thaler

Today I'll tell you the recipe for my juicy blueberry quark taler. These are juicy yeast pastries with a quark cream and blueberries. They taste fruity, are not too sweet and are simply delicious ... ♥ Blueberry Quark Taler These blueberry Quark Taler are another and very tasty addition to my recipe collection for sweet yeast pastries. ...

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Milchzwerge (fluffige Milchbrötchen)

Milchzwerge (fluffy milk rolls)

Today I brought you my milk dwarfs, they are wonderfully fluffy and juicy milk rolls. Overnight cooking in the refrigerator is particularly practical with this recipe. So all you need to do in the morning is to put these yeasty pastries in the oven and in around 30 minutes you have conjured up a delicious breakfast on the table ... ♥ For the recipe ... ... I have ...

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Streuselkuchen vom Blech mit wenig Hefe und Lievito adre. Obstkuchen- Blechkuchen mit Obst.

Crumble cake made from yeast dough

Today I brought a truly irresistible crumble cake for you. A fluffy and juicy sheet cake made from yeast dough that is very variable. It tastes both topped with fruit, but also “only” with frosting. Whether cherries, apples, berries, apricots or mixed: super delicious! In principle, this cake is very simple and classic, but it is made with significantly less ...

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Gefüllter Nusszopf aus Hefeteig mit Lievito Madre

Nut braid - juicy nut striezel

Today it's going to be particularly delicious again on Cookie and Co, there is Nusszopf: A new recipe for a very fluffy, juicy and delicious nut striezel. Simply amazingly delicious and just the thing for the cold and dreary season ... ♥ The nut braid The nut braid consists of sweet yeast dough and is made with a very simple, but totally delicious ...

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Nutella Herzen (Hefegebäck)

Nut and nougat hearts (filled yeast dough)

Airy, fluffy yeast dough filled with a delicious nut nougat cream. Who can resist this combination? These nut-nougat hearts not only look great in terms of taste, they also impress visually - simply perfect for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or birthdays. These juicy yeast biscuits make hearts big and small beat faster ... ♥ Nut and nougat hearts The nut and nougat hearts are yeast snails that later become like ...

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Baked Apple Cinnamon Rolls

Today it will be particularly delicious on cookies and the like, there is a recipe for juicy baked apple and cinnamon buns. These are very fluffy snails or cinnamon rolls made from yeast dough, with a delicious baked apple filling. Incredibly delicious and just the thing for the cold and dreary season ... ♥ The yeast dough The dough is prepared with a little yeast. I use ...

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