Meat & poultry


Beef roulades - classic (from the oven)

Today it will be hearty, because today there is a recipe for braised beef roulades for you. Stews are just so wonderfully suited to the cold season. Not only do they taste very tasty, they can also usually be prepared the day before as a “Sunday roast”. These roulades are really tasty and down-to-earth home cooking and a wonderfully delicious combination ...

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Zitronen-Huhn mit Honig

Lemon Chicken with Honey (Oven Dish)

Today I'm just kidnapping you to Italy…. I have a simple but extremely tasty Mediterranean oven dish for you: lemon chicken with honey. A very aromatic dish in which everything stews together in the oven at the same time and therefore does not require a lot of work ... ♥ The simplest things are sometimes the best ... I love such ingeniously simple dishes because they ...

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Herbstliches Ofengemüse

Autumn vegetables (with chicken legs)

Today I have the recipe for my autumn oven vegetables for you. We're stuck in the middle of autumn, even if I'm already thinking about the first Christmas recipes for you. 😉 We have these oven-baked vegetables very regularly for lunch and dinner because they are simple, uncomplicated and delicious (... and the children eat ...

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Grill marinade - for tender and aromatic ...

Today I have a recipe for a simple and very tasty barbecue marinade. I prefer to use it for poultry, for example for turkey steaks or chicken breasts and drumsticks. The meat gets a great aroma and becomes very tender ... simply delicious! Therefore, this delicious barbecue marinade is not only used in the barbecue season, but that all year round. She …

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Spaghetti pizza (spaghetti meets pizza)

Do you know that too? You have a real irrepressible appetite for something hearty, spicy and hearty ... Then a delicious dish with minced meat comes in handy and is better than any feast. Minced meat can be used in so many ways and there are so many forms of preparation that it is hard to list them. In any case, it is certain that it is not only with us in ...

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