Simple bread recipes

Onion crust from the pot

Today I have another great bread recipe for you ... ???? this time a hearty onion crust from the pot. This onion crust is made very quickly, tastes delicious, is nice and juicy and becomes fluffy and crispy when it is baked in a pot. If you don't like fried onions, you can leave them out or fry fresh onion pieces yourself and ...

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Kerniges Möhrenbrot

Hearty carrot bread (vegan possible)

Today I have a healthy, hearty carrot bread for you again. It tastes very tasty, is juicy, stays fresh for a few days and is not at all complicated to prepare ... Unfortunately, with us it often doesn't even last for two days because everyone tastes so good. I like it so much because it has “bite” and the ...

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potato bread

  Today I have a simple recipe for potato bread for you. This potato bread is uncomplicated to bake, goes relatively quickly, becomes super fluffy, has a nice soft crumb and tastes great. My children especially like it as school bread because the potatoes keep it nice and juicy. Most of the time I bake it when there are potatoes left over, ...

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Saftiges Sonnenblumenkernbrot

Moist sunflower seed bread (vegan possible)

Today I would like to introduce you to my personal favorite bread among my quick bread recipes: juicy sunflower seed bread. It is easy and quick to make, tastes very mild and is juicy. It also stays so tasty and juicy for a few days. But with us it is actually always eaten very quickly, because not only does it taste so good to me☺. Do not be surprised, …

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Bürli Kastenbrot mit Roggen

Bürli box bread with rye - super easy

Today there is a delicious Bürli Kastenbread with rye and cooked overnight. It's super easy and straightforward to do. I was inspired by the popular “Bürli with rye”. The result is bread that can be seen. The Bürli Kastenbrot with rye is very tasty, has an aromatic, fluffy ...

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Herbstbrot mit Kürbis Kastenbrot

Autumn bread with pumpkin

 This delicious autumn bread with pumpkin is perfect for autumn. Not only does it have a beautiful yellow color, it is also very juicy and stays fresh for a few days thanks to the pumpkin pulp processed with it. It can be baked immediately after the dough has been prepared - so there is no walking time, as with my fitness bread for those in a hurry. However ...

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Buttermilk crust

       This bread tastes very tasty and aromatic, has a wonderful crust and is very juicy and fluffy. You don't need a lot of preparation, except for some walking time. Due to the whole grain content, it is very filling and you can choose between spelled or wheat flour. Both variants taste good and work well. We have this ...

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Fitnessbrot für Eilige

Fitness bread for those in a hurry (without walking time)

This fitness bread for those in a hurry tastes very juicy and delicious. It tastes very good even after the 2nd and 3rd day, because the carrots and yoghurt do not dry it out as quickly. If it lasts that long at all, with us it is eaten in no time. Fortunately, since the fitness bread is prepared in no time for those in a hurry, ...

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