Refreshing recipes (sourdough residue recovery)

Recipes for using sourdough residue

Mischbrot mit Sauerteig

Mixed bread with sourdough - my house bread

Today there is fresh bread again on Cookie and Co. A wonderfully crispy, rustic, juicy and very tasty ... actually unspectacular and completely normal mixed bread with sourdough. What makes this recipe special, you can find out below in the text. But does it always have to be spectacular, especially in everyday life ?! Mixed bread is not one of the most popular for nothing ...

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Malt grains with eclats (refreshing rolls)

Today I have a new bread roll recipe for you. For particularly tasty and rather rustic rolls with whole grains. I called them malt grains because they have a slightly malty and therefore very pleasant aromatic taste. They can be prepared with Lievito Madre from the refrigerator as a refreshing roll or with refreshed Madre ... ♥ The malt grains ... ...

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Mediterranes Landbrot

Mediterranean country bread | Fresh bread

Today we have freshly baked bread again, a Mediterranean country bread. Uncomplicated, with an Italian touch and ideal for using up an excess of Lievito Madre or simply to spontaneously prepare a bread dough with excess Madre from the refrigerator. Because pre-doughs or precursors are not required with this refreshment bread recipe ... ♥ Thanks to the long, cold aging time over night ...

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Maroni Brot aufgeschnitten auf einem alten Backblech

Chestnut bread (fresh bread)

Today I brought a very tasty chestnut bread for you. A bread recipe in which you can make wonderful use of the leftover sourdough - a refreshing bread, so to speak. Because when you freshen up sourdough, there is often a lot of old sourdough that is no longer needed. The idea for this bread came to me in our Italy ...

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Focaccia with Lievito Madre

Today it's going to be Italian. There is focaccia ... an Italian flatbread that is typically topped with olive oil, salt and other Mediterranean delicacies before baking. With that I brought a little dolce vita and Italian holiday feeling home with me ... ♥ Because our summer vacation this year took us to Italy as well as France and Austria. Since after the vacation it was time to freshen up various sourdoughs, ...

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Wheat trunks with yoghurt (refreshing bread)

Today I have another bread recipe for you, for my delicious wheat crust. A mild, juicy and crunchy bread that is prepared relatively quickly. ♥ In this case, relatively quick means: Without pre-dough or refreshment from Lievito Madre. It is not bread that you have in the oven after an hour. But it's supposed to be a ...

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