Bread without sourdough

Brotbackbuch For the love of bread - Zeit für gutes Brot

My bread baking book

Today I have great news: my bread-baking book "FOR THE LOVE OF BREAD - Time for good bread" has been published. The book can be ordered now! The desire for a bread-baking book kept coming back to me. After some thought, I decided to grant this wish. The fifth blog birthday is also a great occasion ...

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Einfaches Weizenbrot ohne Sauerteig

Plain wheat bread

Today I brought a new bread recipe for you: A simple wheat bread without sourdough. Nevertheless, this bread has a great aroma, is wonderfully fluffy and is relatively easy to prepare. You can also choose between two variants: one with and one without the seed-flake swelling piece. Overall, a wonderfully down-to-earth bread without a lot of frills and also ...

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Goldkruste, eine einfach No knead Gelbweizenkruste aus Gelbweizenmehl mit Übernachtgare.

Gold crust

Today I have a new No Knead Bread for you again, a wonderfully crispy and delicious gold crust. The name says it all, because the crust is wonderful golden brown and the loose crumb also has a wonderful yellowish color. Incidentally, the bread recipe is also ideal for beginners, because it does not require an endless list of ingredients ...

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Knusperkruste mit Eclats

Crunchy crust with eclats (cooked overnight)

Today I brought you a new bread recipe. A delicious crispy crust with eclats. The bread is simple and uncomplicated to prepare, tastes aromatic and delicious. It also gets nice and crispy and crackles wonderfully after baking ... ♥ The crispy crust with eclats As mentioned above, the crispy crust with eclats is more of an uncomplicated ...

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Vollkorn Knäckebrot

Whole grain crispbread with seeds - just se ...

Today I brought you a recipe for whole grain crispbread with seeds. You can choose whether you prefer to bake it with or without sourdough or Lievito Madre. It is very easy and uncomplicated to prepare and also a very variable recipe ... ♥ Whole grain crispbread with seeds This type of crispbread makes ...

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No knead Weizenmischbrot

No Knead mixed wheat bread

Today I have a new No Knead Bread variant for you, a No Knead mixed wheat bread. Super simple and super tasty, great for beginners and very suitable for everyday use. The bread does not have an endless list of ingredients, is very aromatic and requires neither sourdough nor other special ingredients such as yeast water or Lievito Madre ... ♥ ...

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Focaccia: crispy, airy & simple

The barbecue season has started slowly but surely. What goes better as a side dish to a successful barbecue evening than a good focaccia? That's why I have a new focaccia recipe for you today. Of course, this delicious Mediterranean flatbread - often also referred to as pizza bread - goes well with much more ... ♥ This focaccia is a feast even as a sandwich. ...

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Kamut carrot box with pecans

After the lavish Easter holidays, today I have a healthy bread recipe with a high whole grain content for you: A kamut carrot box with pecans. Very tasty, very juicy, with a wonderfully nutty aroma and very good freshness. So not just something for the good conscience, but also for the palate. This bread box is super easy to prepare and requires little work. ...

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No knead Pizza

No knead pizza (pizza dough)

Today I brought an ingenious no knead pizza dough for you - Homemade pizza is so easy and delicious! The dough hardly makes any work. In return you get an airy and crispy pizza base, with a great aroma and excellent digestibility. And that without industrial yeast! ♥ How does it work? Quite simply, with homemade yeast water and a lot of time. But no …

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No knead black beer bread - rustic bread ...

How about a wonderfully rustic, crunchy and juicy bread today? I have a delicious no knead black beer bread on offer for you. It is based on my no-knead rolls and is just as easy and uncomplicated to prepare ... ♥ The recipe works wonderfully with just 1 g of yeast. However, if you wish, it can also be completely ...

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