Whole grain bread

Brotbackbuch For the love of bread - Zeit für gutes Brot

My bread baking book

Today I have great news: my bread-baking book "FOR THE LOVE OF BREAD - Time for good bread" has been published. The book can be ordered now! The desire for a bread-baking book kept coming back to me. After some thought, I decided to grant this wish. The fifth blog birthday is also a great occasion ...

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Einfaches Weizenbrot ohne Sauerteig

Plain wheat bread

Today I brought a new bread recipe for you: A simple wheat bread without sourdough. Nevertheless, this bread has a great aroma, is wonderfully fluffy and is relatively easy to prepare. You can also choose between two variants: one with and one without the seed-flake swelling piece. Overall, a wonderfully down-to-earth bread without a lot of frills and also ...

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Rustikales Auffrischbrot | “Aroma Jule” oder Jule 2.0

Rustic refreshment bread

Today I brought a mixed bread for you to use leftover sourdough: A rustic, refreshing bread. Jule 2.0, so to speak. Simple, down-to-earth and flexible. Super tasty, juicy and aromatic, hence also “Aroma Jule”. Still without a lot of chichi, but this time with a small and subtle difference. As is so often the case, the very simple things are ...

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Roggen Kornkasten | 100 % Roggen, ohne Hefe

Rye Kornling

Today I have brought you a wonderfully crunchy and very tasty crate bread recipe, my rye cornling. A pure rye bread with whole grains, whole meal and sunflower seeds. The preparation couldn't be easier. This loaf of bread is very juicy, has a great aroma and particularly good freshness ... ♥ Rye Kornling Three types of rye flour, a decent portion ...

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WaldNuss Brot

Forest Nut Bread

Today I have brought you a wonderful, hearty and very tasty bread recipe, my WaldNuss bread. A real powerhouse with lots of (forest perennial rye) wholemeal flour and walnuts, which fills you up for a long time and just goes well with autumn. The preparation couldn't be easier. This box bread is very juicy, has a great aroma and ...

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Pumpkin cheese crisps | Crispbread with sourdough

Today it will be crispy on Cookies and Co, because today I brought my pumpkin cheese crisps for you. A crispbread recipe with wholemeal rye flour, which is great for using old sourdough. It is very easy and uncomplicated to prepare and super delicious ... ♥ Pumpkin Cheese Knäcke With this crispbread you can use the batter ...

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Auffrischbrot Jule

Refreshing bread "Jule"

Today I brought you a mixed bread for using leftover sourdough: My fresh bread “Jule”. It's rather simple, down to earth and unexcited. Without a “special special ingredient”, but in this case with maximum flexibility. Sometimes the most unspectacular and simple things are the best. Because with bread in particular, you don't need a long list of ingredients to create something magical from the ...

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Ur-Kornkasten. Saftiges Körnerbrot aus Urgetreide mit Sauerteig. Ohne Hefe

Original grain bin

Today I have a wonderful, hearty, healthy and delicious bread recipe for you: my original grain bin. A small muscle man with a high proportion of whole grains that will keep you full for a long time. The preparation couldn't be easier and does not require the addition of yeast. The actual working time is also only a few minutes. This loaf of bread is super juicy, has a ...

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Vollkornfeigling- Pane integrale. Ein locker leichtes Vollkornbrot mit Vollkorn Manitoba Mehl und langer Teigführung.

Wholegrain Coward - Pane Integrale

Today I brought you my whole grain coward. The ideal whole grain bread for whole grain figs. Why? Because this bread is just great for every wholegrain fig or wholegrain grouch. Because no one suspects that this light, airy and crunchy bread is a wholemeal bread ... ♥ Wholegrain fig - a mild wholemeal bread The wholegrain fig is a very mild, very juicy and unusually light and airy ...

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Carrot grain crust | juicy multigrain bread

Today I have a new bread recipe for you. A very juicy, aromatic and all-round delicious bread: my carrot-grain crust. Half of the loaf consists of wholemeal flour in the form of spelled and emmer. It also contains carrots, many seeds and flakes. Nevertheless, the crumb is wonderfully loose and stays fresh for a long time ... ♥ The carrot-grain crust The carrot-grain crust ...

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