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No-Knead Bun 2.0

Heute habe ich für dich ein neues Brötchen-Rezept für sehr einfache weiße Brötchen im Gepäck. No-Knead-Brötchen − die wirklich einfachste Methode, um selbst leckere Frühstücksbrötchen zu backen. Eigentlich sind es sogar die idealen Brötchen, wenn wenig Zeit zur Verfügung steht. ♥  No-Knead-Brötchen − einfach und aromatisch Es wurde auch mal wieder Zeit für ein neues Rezept. …

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Rustikales Auffrischbrot | “Aroma Jule” oder Jule 2.0

Rustic refreshment bread

Today I brought a mixed bread for you to use leftover sourdough: A rustic, refreshing bread. Jule 2.0, so to speak. Simple, down-to-earth and flexible. Super tasty, juicy and aromatic, hence also “Aroma Jule”. Still without a lot of chichi, but this time with a small and subtle difference. As is so often the case, the very simple things are ...

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Schwedische Zimtschnecken | Kanelbullar

Cinnamon rolls | Swedish Kanelbullar

Today there is pure soul food! Swedish cinnamon buns. The last snails here on the blog were already over a year ago ... really now ?! Hard to believe how time flies. Of course, today's recipe is not an original, but rather a “Kanelbullar my way” version with significantly less yeast than usual ... ♥ Swedish cinnamon buns - a classic cinnamon buns ...

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Weltmeisterbrötchen | Körnerbrötchen mit Vollkorn Anteil

World champion bun

Today I brought you a new recipe for rolls: my world champion rolls. These are wonderfully crispy, juicy and hearty rolls with seeds and whole grains. Overall, a relatively quick and uncomplicated recipe. These delicious grain rolls have convinced even the last wholegrain grouch ... ♥ World champion rolls - juicy & delicious The world champion rolls are a rather spontaneous recipe development ...

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Brioche Burger Buns - die besten. Sehr fluffig, soft und sehr lecker. Mit wenig Hefe.

Brioche burger buns

Today I brought you my favorite brioche burger buns. They are loose, fluffy and soft. Just like a good burger bun should be for me. Because a good homemade burger also needs a good homemade burger bun. This should not only taste delicious, but also has to meet a number of requirements- ...

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