Pikku Pulla

Pikku Pulla (sweet Finnish yeast pastry)

Today I have a recipe for Pikku Pulla for you, these are very tasty, sweet yeast rolls. This recipe originally comes from Finland and is traditionally part of breakfast there. “Pikku” means something like “small” and “Pulla” stands for yeast pastries or yeast particles. So if instead of 12 small rolls you form fewer and larger ones, then you have Finnish ...

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Wheat and spelled rolls (with overnight option)

  Today, after a long time, I have a delicious bread roll recipe for you ... for wheat and spelled rolls. At the moment I mainly bake the bread rolls for the weekend according to this recipe. I prefer the overnight variant, which I'm a huge fan of anyway. 🙂 You can find information about this under preparation. Most of the time I bake twice as much ...

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Brötchensonne über Nacht

Roll sun overnight

Today I have a delicious bread roll recipe again: “Roll sun over night” In the evening you prepare the dough and the dough pieces in peace, then they slowly rise overnight in the refrigerator and in the morning they are only pushed into the oven, similar to my brownie-pan breakfast rolls. Since I find this method very practical, we have this ...

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Mediterranean herb rolls

Today's recipe for you is again a very simple, uncomplicated and very quick roll recipe for delicious Mediterranean herb rolls. Based on the recipe for the magic baguette, the dough is simply mixed together for a short time. With this recipe, it is then filled into a baking pan and after just under an hour of walking, these delicious rolls can be baked ...

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Cereal sticks (vegan possible)

Today I would like to introduce you to the recipe for my cereal sticks. These cereal sticks taste very tasty and are a nice change from the “light” bread rolls that are often used for breakfast. I especially like it slightly sweet and usually put together the muesli mix myself. I also like to add a few raisins. Here but …

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Dinkelbrötchen mit Joghurt

Spelled rolls with yoghurt (vegan possible)

 These delicious spelled rolls with yoghurt are very often on our breakfast table. I like to bake twice the amount of this recipe and then freeze the spelled rolls with yogurt. At the weekend I only bake the finished rolls briefly and there are delicious rolls on the breakfast table that taste like freshly baked. By …

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