Wheat-free buns

dinkelbrötchen mit wenig Hefe und Übernachtgare

Spelled rolls (in two variations)

Today I brought you simple breakfast rolls with overnight cooking made from spelled flour: my spelled rolls. You can bake these in two ways. Either in a very simple and uncomplicated ciabatta shape or classically shaped as a roll ... ♥ Spelled rolls - it's that easy to get up, cut off the rolls and put them in the oven around 20 minutes later and after further ...

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Mohnhörnchen auf einem Teller

Poppy seed croissants - Delicious spelled croissants ...

Today I have a recipe for delicious poppy seed cones for you. They are loose and fluffy, tender and soft ... as they should be (for me). Simply a pleasure ... especially for breakfast, preferably with a little butter and honey. The day could always start like this for me ... But we usually only have poppy cones on ...

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Dinkelbrötchen mit Joghurt

Spelled rolls with yoghurt (vegan possible)

 These delicious spelled rolls with yoghurt are very often on our breakfast table. I like to bake twice the amount of this recipe and then freeze the spelled rolls with yogurt. At the weekend I only bake the finished rolls briefly and there are delicious rolls on the breakfast table that taste like freshly baked. By …

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