Whole grain buns

Weltmeisterbrötchen | Körnerbrötchen mit Vollkorn Anteil

World champion bun

Today I brought you a new recipe for rolls: my world champion rolls. These are wonderfully crispy, juicy and hearty rolls with seeds and whole grains. Overall, a relatively quick and uncomplicated recipe. These delicious grain rolls have convinced even the last wholegrain grouch ... ♥ World champion rolls - juicy & delicious The world champion rolls are a rather spontaneous recipe development ...

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Malt grains with eclats (refreshing rolls)

Today I have a new bread roll recipe for you. For particularly tasty and rather rustic rolls with whole grains. I called them malt grains because they have a slightly malty and therefore very pleasant aromatic taste. They can be prepared with Lievito Madre from the refrigerator as a refreshing roll or with refreshed Madre ... ♥ The malt grains ... ...

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Kartoffelkrusties: rustikale Kartoffelbrötchen auf einem Kuchengitter

Potato crusties: rustic potato rolls

Today there are freshly baked rolls. Crunchy and wonderfully fluffy potato crusties. If only you could smell the scent ... So delicious and easy to bite into. These rustic potato rolls are also nice and juicy and keep very fresh. ♥ The recipe takes time and a little preparation, but the actual working hours are really limited. Because that ...

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Sunflower seed bun

Today I have my recipe for sunflower seed rolls for you. They taste super delicious and are wonderfully fluffy and crispy. The sunflower seeds ensure a nutty taste and a good bite. ♥ The preparation of the sunflower seed rolls is very easy and does not require much practice when shaping. Because the dough is prepared in peace in the evening and needs ...

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Breakfast corners (with overnight cooking)

Today I brought my delicious breakfast nooks for you. These are delicious rolls that you can vary with different seeds and grains as you wish. Of course, you can also bake them completely naked ... 😉 This recipe is a very practical solution for me and my family. So I can do some justice to everyone. Because …

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Small world champion buns overnight

Today I have another very practical recipe for you: small world champion rolls overnight. With these delicious world champion rolls, the dough is prepared in peace and quiet in the evening, filled into a brownie form and just pushed into the oven in the morning. As with my brownie pan breakfast rolls (recipe here). These little world champion buns are not ...

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Brötchensonne über Nacht

Roll sun overnight

Today I have a delicious bread roll recipe again: “Roll sun over night” In the evening you prepare the dough and the dough pieces in peace, then they slowly rise overnight in the refrigerator and in the morning they are only pushed into the oven, similar to my brownie-pan breakfast rolls. Since I find this method very practical, we have this ...

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Cereal sticks (vegan possible)

Today I would like to introduce you to the recipe for my cereal sticks. These cereal sticks taste very tasty and are a nice change from the “light” bread rolls that are often used for breakfast. I especially like it slightly sweet and usually put together the muesli mix myself. I also like to add a few raisins. Here but …

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