Bread rolls cooked overnight

dinkelbrötchen mit wenig Hefe und Übernachtgare

Spelled rolls (in two variations)

Today I brought you simple breakfast rolls with overnight cooking made from spelled flour: my spelled rolls. You can bake these in two ways. Either in a very simple and uncomplicated ciabatta shape or classically shaped as a roll ... ♥ Spelled rolls - it's that easy to get up, cut off the rolls and put them in the oven around 20 minutes later and after further ...

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Goldies – Frühstücksbrötchen mit Übernachtgare

Goldies - breakfast rolls with overnight stay ...

Today I brought you very tasty breakfast rolls: my Goldies. These are wonderfully crispy, golden yellow and aromatic rolls that you just need to put in the oven in the morning, very relaxed. Simply perfect for the weekend and the Sunday breakfast ... ♥ Goldies - Perfect rolls for breakfast Get up, push the rolls comfortably into the oven and after about ...

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Elsässer- Zwiebelbrot als Coronne auf einem Holzbrett

Alsatian onion ring

Today it's going to be rustic on Cookie and Co, with an Alsatian onion ring. Wonderfully spicy and juicy, with a slightly malty note and a caramel-brown crust. Baked as Couronne, it is the ideal party bread or also great as a side dish for hearty dishes or for grilling. You can also use the dough to make wonderfully crispy rolls or a ...

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Malt grains with eclats (refreshing rolls)

Today I have a new bread roll recipe for you. For particularly tasty and rather rustic rolls with whole grains. I called them malt grains because they have a slightly malty and therefore very pleasant aromatic taste. They can be prepared with Lievito Madre from the refrigerator as a refreshing roll or with refreshed Madre ... ♥ The malt grains ... ...

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No knead Brötchen in einem Brötchenkorb

No knead bun - ingeniously simple

Today I have a new roll recipe for you for delicious no knead rolls. True to the motto: Because simply is simply simple ... Because in my opinion a hobby baker can hardly pull good rolls out of the oven more easily. And this is possible without any industrial yeast and with a manageable list of ingredients ... ♥ No knead rolls No ...

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Elsässer Käse-Weckle

Cheese Weckle (with bacon)

Today it will be a little hearty, there will be cheese rolls with bacon. These are fluffy rolls with a cheese topping and some bacon. If desired, this recipe can of course also be prepared vegetarian without bacon ... ♥ Thanks to the crème fraîche and a long, cool maturation time in the refrigerator, the fluffy, soft crumb has an aromatic taste. In combination …

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Panini Semplici

Panini Semplici (Ciabattini)

How about a new bread roll recipe? A very simple recipe for delicious ciabattini. Because what goes better with summer and Mediterranean dishes than such a light, airy pastry? And since the rolls are so easy to bake, they are simply called Panini Semplici ... ♥ The Panini Semplici are not just great ...

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Grill- und Snackbrötchen

Grill and snack rolls

How about some delicious grill and snack rolls today? They taste nice and spicy, have a loose crumb and are ideal as a grill side dish and as a basis for delicious snacks. With the topping you can let your creativity and wishes run wild ... depending on how you like it best. ♥ The preparation is pretty easy because ...

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Frühstücksbrötchen mit Joghurt

Breakfast rolls with yoghurt (cooked overnight)

Today I have the recipe for my delicious breakfast rolls with yogurt for you. They are practically the further development of my popular spelled rolls with yogurt. These were one of my first bread roll recipes on Cookie and Co. The highlight of today's recipe: The dough is prepared in the evening, after 10-12 hours of walking only it is cut and can then ...

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