Buns with Lievito Madre

Weltmeisterbrötchen | Körnerbrötchen mit Vollkorn Anteil

World champion bun

Today I brought you a new recipe for rolls: my world champion rolls. These are wonderfully crispy, juicy and hearty rolls with seeds and whole grains. Overall, a relatively quick and uncomplicated recipe. These delicious grain rolls have convinced even the last wholegrain grouch ... ♥ World champion rolls - juicy & delicious The world champion rolls are a rather spontaneous recipe development ...

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Brot und Brötchen ohne Hefe

Bread & rolls without yeast

Today I have summarized my recipes for bread and rolls without yeast for you. Due to the current Corona crisis, many have difficulties getting yeast, it has become a real scarce commodity. We can be all the more happy if we have already grown yeast water, sourdough and Lievito Madre. If you are not yet the owner of this sourdough and ...

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Goldies – Frühstücksbrötchen mit Übernachtgare

Goldies - breakfast rolls with overnight stay ...

Today I brought you very tasty breakfast rolls: my Goldies. These are wonderfully crispy, golden yellow and aromatic rolls that you just need to put in the oven in the morning, very relaxed. Simply perfect for the weekend and the Sunday breakfast ... ♥ Goldies - Perfect rolls for breakfast Get up, push the rolls comfortably into the oven and after about ...

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Malt grains with eclats (refreshing rolls)

Today I have a new bread roll recipe for you. For particularly tasty and rather rustic rolls with whole grains. I called them malt grains because they have a slightly malty and therefore very pleasant aromatic taste. They can be prepared with Lievito Madre from the refrigerator as a refreshing roll or with refreshed Madre ... ♥ The malt grains ... ...

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Olive Oil Brioche Burger Buns (yeast-free)

Today I have a new burger bun recipe for you. But not just any - this time I have very special buns for you: Olive oil brioche burger buns. They become wonderfully fluffy and fluffy and without any yeast. These brioche burger buns also have a very tasty and delicately aromatic taste, but are neutral enough to ...

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Kartoffelkrusties: rustikale Kartoffelbrötchen auf einem Kuchengitter

Potato crusties: rustic potato rolls

Today there are freshly baked rolls. Crunchy and wonderfully fluffy potato crusties. If only you could smell the scent ... So delicious and easy to bite into. These rustic potato rolls are also nice and juicy and keep very fresh. ♥ The recipe takes time and a little preparation, but the actual working hours are really limited. Because that ...

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Laugen Brioche Burger Buns auf einem Backblech

Pretzel Burger Buns (Brioche Burger Buns)

Who also loves homemade burgers? Of course, homemade burger buns are a MUST for a good burger! That's why I brought some particularly delicious burger buns for you today: Laugen Burger Buns. Very fluffy and soft, in principle already fluffy and especially delicious by being dipped in caustic soda ... ♥ Pretzels are very popular with us, ...

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Burger Buns

Burger buns (hamburger buns)

Today I have a new bread roll recipe for you, but not for any kind of bread roll ... no, for delicious burger buns! The basis for delicious homemade burgers of all kinds ... ♥ In addition, dear Zorra is celebrating her 14th birthday with her blog Kochtopf.me. That's why she launched a blog event for the occasion: Bread rolls for ...

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Elsässer Käse-Weckle

Cheese Weckle (with bacon)

Today it will be a little hearty, there will be cheese rolls with bacon. These are fluffy rolls with a cheese topping and some bacon. If desired, this recipe can of course also be prepared vegetarian without bacon ... ♥ Thanks to the crème fraîche and a long, cool maturation time in the refrigerator, the fluffy, soft crumb has an aromatic taste. In combination …

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