Rolls with yeast water

Brot und Brötchen ohne Hefe

Bread & rolls without yeast

Today I have summarized my recipes for bread and rolls without yeast for you. Due to the current Corona crisis, many have difficulties getting yeast, it has become a real scarce commodity. We can be all the more happy if we have already grown yeast water, sourdough and Lievito Madre. If you are not yet the owner of this sourdough and ...

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No knead Brötchen in einem Brötchenkorb

No knead bun - ingeniously simple

Today I have a new roll recipe for you for delicious no knead rolls. True to the motto: Because simply is simply simple ... Because in my opinion a hobby baker can hardly pull good rolls out of the oven more easily. And this is possible without any industrial yeast and with a manageable list of ingredients ... ♥ No knead rolls No ...

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Baguette rolls: rustic & crispy (with H ...

Today I have a new bread roll recipe for you, more precisely a recipe for rustic baguette rolls. Very tasty, very crispy and with a wonderfully loose crumb ... ♥ This recipe came about by chance. Because of the ongoing heat wave, I've been baking a little less recently. We were able to meet our need for bread and rolls ...

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Panini mediterraneo

Panini Mediterraneo (with yeast water): airy & #038 ...

Today we have a new bread roll recipe for you: Panini Mediterraneo. These are Mediterranean-inspired, wonderfully airy, light rolls that easily (in the truest sense of the word) pass as ciabatta ... ♥ The dough does not require industrial yeast and is instead fermented with natural yeast water and the Italian sourdough Lievito Madre. If you want, you can of course use the recipe ...

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Brötchen mit Hefewasser

Bread rolls with yeast water: crispy & fluffy

Today I have a new recipe for rolls with yeast water for you. They are just wonderfully crispy and have a wonderfully loose crumb. Just like delicious breakfast rolls have to be. They manage entirely without industrial yeast, which I find really fascinating ... ♥ I have to keep thinking that I actually ...

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Frühstücksbrötchen mit Joghurt

Breakfast rolls with yoghurt (cooked overnight)

Today I have the recipe for my delicious breakfast rolls with yogurt for you. They are practically the further development of my popular spelled rolls with yogurt. These were one of my first bread roll recipes on Cookie and Co. The highlight of today's recipe: The dough is prepared in the evening, after 10-12 hours of walking only it is cut and can then ...

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Sunflower seed bun

Today I have my recipe for sunflower seed rolls for you. They taste super delicious and are wonderfully fluffy and crispy. The sunflower seeds ensure a nutty taste and a good bite. ♥ The preparation of the sunflower seed rolls is very easy and does not require much practice when shaping. Because the dough is prepared in peace in the evening and needs ...

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Breakfast corners (with overnight cooking)

Today I brought my delicious breakfast nooks for you. These are delicious rolls that you can vary with different seeds and grains as you wish. Of course, you can also bake them completely naked ... 😉 This recipe is a very practical solution for me and my family. So I can do some justice to everyone. Because …

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Brötchen ohne Hefe

Wild yeast rolls: crispy & airy

May I introduce? My new favorite rolls ... wild yeast rolls. They are real little air cushions, without any industrial yeast. They are also super crispy and have an aromatic and very loose crumb. See for yourself ... The wild yeast rolls require some preparation time, but “good things take time” as the saying goes. And the dough does most of it on its own. ...

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