Side bread, baguette, bread for grilling, flatbread

Grill-und Pfannenbrot

Grill and pan bread / panini bread

Necessity makes inventive, as the saying goes. For me, this grill and pan bread was created out of necessity. Because when my oven door from a well-known manufacturer recently said goodbye, I suddenly found myself without an oven. That is not how it works! Fortunately, my freezer was filled with bread and rolls, but not ...

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Grill- und Snackbrötchen

Grill and snack rolls

How about some delicious grill and snack rolls today? They taste nice and spicy, have a loose crumb and are ideal as a grill side dish and as a basis for delicious snacks. With the topping you can let your creativity and wishes run wild ... depending on how you like it best. ♥ The preparation is pretty easy because ...

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Herbal plucked bread: yeast dough meets herb butter

Today you get my recipe for a delicious herb bread. A plucked bread filled with homemade herb butter and, if desired, cheese that is very popular with us not only in the barbecue season ... it is super tasty, tasty and juicy. ♥ I have often baked the herb plucked bread for the New Year's Eve buffet or for birthday parties and it was always ...

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Flatbread (Pide) - Version 2

Today I have a new version for Pide, or flatbread, for you. It gets nice and airy and is simply the ideal side dish for Mediterranean dishes or for grilling, especially in summer. Incidentally, I also like to use Pide as a basis for delicious Mediterranean sandwiches ... ♥ If you are interested in last year's version ...

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Pane Bianco - Mediterranean white bread

Today I have the recipe for a delicious, Mediterranean white bread for you ... my Pane Bianco. A very simple and fluffy bread that is perfect as an accompaniment to summery and Mediterranean dishes ... ♥ The preparation is very simple and uncomplicated. You prepare the dough in the evening, let it rise overnight and in the morning you can ...

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Onion beer sticks

Today I have a recipe for you for very tasty onion beer sticks. They are a great change in taste and simply the perfect accompaniment to hearty dishes or for grilling ... ♥ The onion and beer sticks taste so delicious and become nice and crispy, you should definitely bake them again. The taste is really nice and hearty, thanks to the beer and fried onions. Additionally …

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Pizza bread

Today I have the recipe for my delicious pizza bread for you. It is the ideal basis for delicious, Mediterranean sandwiches, as a side dish for grilling or simply with Mediterranean dishes. I like to use it for my delicious pizza bread sandwich (recipe here). ♥ The pizza bread is easy to bake and the dough is easy to prepare. ...

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Flatbread (pide)

  Today I have my recipe for you - a variant for a really delicious flatbread or pide. Exactly the right side dish for grilling, with Mediterranean dishes or simply as a basis for delicious sandwiches. For us, flatbread or pide is one of our favorite breads, especially in summer, and is regularly on the menu, in all possible combinations. ...

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Spelled Chia Baguette (vegan possible)

How about a delicious baguette, a spelled chia baguette, with a light crumb and a crispy crust? Maybe for the next invitation to brunch or the next barbecue evening? Made easy, beginner friendly and well prepared. The dough does not have to be specially shaped for this spelled chia baguette, but only has to be cut after the walking time. During the walking time ...

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Mediterranean herb rolls

Today's recipe for you is again a very simple, uncomplicated and very quick roll recipe for delicious Mediterranean herb rolls. Based on the recipe for the magic baguette, the dough is simply mixed together for a short time. With this recipe, it is then filled into a baking pan and after just under an hour of walking, these delicious rolls can be baked ...

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