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Olive Oil Brioche Burger Buns (yeast-free)

Today I have a new burger bun recipe for you. But not just any - this time I have very special buns for you: Olive oil brioche burger buns. They become wonderfully fluffy and fluffy and without any yeast. These brioche burger buns also have a very tasty and delicately aromatic taste, but are neutral enough to ...

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Krume Bürli mit Sauerteig auf einem Backblech

Bürli with sourdough (Swiss style)

Today I have a new bread roll recipe for you. This time a traditional pastry from Switzerland: Bürli with sourdough. However, this is of course my personal interpretation of the traditional Swiss burli. Among other things, I (as the name suggests) incorporated sourdough and, in return, there is very little yeast in the dough. ...

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Batard-französisches Brot

Bâtard - French bread classic

Today I have a recipe for Bâtard for you. This is a French bread classic, which incidentally is very closely related to baguette. Why, why, why, I'll explain a little below. So it's worth reading. But baking it is even more worth it, I can promise you that much. Because this bread ...

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Focaccia mit Lievito Madre

Focaccia alle olive (yeast-free)

Today in keeping with the summer weather: Focaccia all olive. The dough does not contain any yeast at all and is prepared with a practical overnight cooking. The sole leavening agent here is Lievito Madre, also known as Pasta Madre or Lievito naturale. For those who do not know Lievito Madre yet, this is a firm, mild sourdough from Italy. There are different methods ...

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Focaccia: crispy, airy & simple

The barbecue season has started slowly but surely. What goes better as a side dish to a successful barbecue evening than a good focaccia? That's why I have a new focaccia recipe for you today. Of course, this delicious Mediterranean flatbread - often also referred to as pizza bread - goes well with much more ... ♥ This focaccia is a feast even as a sandwich. ...

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Laugen Brioche Burger Buns auf einem Backblech

Pretzel Burger Buns (Brioche Burger Buns)

Who also loves homemade burgers? Of course, homemade burger buns are a MUST for a good burger! That's why I brought some particularly delicious burger buns for you today: Laugen Burger Buns. Very fluffy and soft, in principle already fluffy and especially delicious by being dipped in caustic soda ... ♥ Pretzels are very popular with us, ...

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Baguette auf einem alten Backblech.


Today there is baguette. Simple and no frills. From only 4 ingredients. It does not work? It works ... and how! It even works really well and tastes really great too. You know, I love the uncomplicated. But the result has to be right in the end. In this respect the baguette is a hit! In addition to the few ingredients ...

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Burger Buns

Burger buns (hamburger buns)

Today I have a new bread roll recipe for you, but not for any kind of bread roll ... no, for delicious burger buns! The basis for delicious homemade burgers of all kinds ... ♥ In addition, dear Zorra is celebrating her 14th birthday with her blog That's why she launched a blog event for the occasion: Bread rolls for ...

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Focaccia with Lievito Madre

Today it's going to be Italian. There is focaccia ... an Italian flatbread that is typically topped with olive oil, salt and other Mediterranean delicacies before baking. With that I brought a little dolce vita and Italian holiday feeling home with me ... ♥ Because our summer vacation this year took us to Italy as well as France and Austria. Since after the vacation it was time to freshen up various sourdoughs, ...

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Walnut root bread: rustic & simple

Today I have a new bread recipe for you ... for a rustic walnut root bread. It tastes very tasty and brings a bit of variety to the bread bakery both in terms of taste and appearance ... ♥ The walnut root bread is not only ideal for all nut lovers, but also for bread bakers and anyone looking for an uncomplicated recipe for delicious bread. Because …

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