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Zitronen-Ingwer-Trunk mit Kurkuma in einem Glas und Flaschen

Lemon-ginger drink with turmeric (cold kill ...

Today I haven't got anything out of the oven for you, but a soothing lemon-ginger drink with turmeric. For me personally a real cold killer and very pleasant for sore throats and general cold symptoms. It warms from the inside and is simply good for you, similar to my ginger-orange concentrate with honey. And all of this with the power of nature. ♥ ginger ...

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Eierlikör mit Amaretto

Eggnog with amaretto (alcohol-free possible)

How about a little liqueur again? An absolutely delicious liqueur ... eggnog with amaretto. I would never have thought that it would really taste SOOO good ... very tasty and so easy and quick to make. ♥ This egg liqueur with amaretto has meanwhile been dubbed a “pantyhose”… 😀. I like to cook and refine with alcohol, ...

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Cappuccino Pulver mit Snickers

Cappuccino powder with Snickers®

Today I have the recipe for a delicious cappuccino powder with Snickers® for you. It tastes delicious and is soul food and a little pick-me-up in one. Just the thing for the dark and dreary season. 😉 The Snickers® can also be exchanged for your favorite chocolate or your favorite chocolate bar. ♥ Why make cappuccino powder yourself? ...

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Raspberry Ice Tea Concentrate (without flavoring)

It's berry season ... I love raspberries, do you? So today I have a recipe for you for a fruity iced tea concentrate - without the addition of flavors, but with fresh raspberries. You can use it to conjure up a delicious and really fruity iced tea in no time at all. The preparation is similar to my recipe for the low carb iced tea concentrate (click). Since I have many ...

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Low carb iced tea concentrate

      Today I have the recipe for a delicious low-carb iced tea concentrate for you. The iced tea tastes refreshingly delicious, is quick to prepare and without any sugar. This is not only ideal for all “low carb fans”, but also for all those who have to or want to do without sugar. This version of the iced tea concentrate is more tooth-friendly and figure-friendly ...

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Hot Chocolate deluxe

Hot Chocolate deluxe

Today I have an incredibly delicious recipe for you for cold, gray winter days: Hot Chocolate deluxe! Simply prepare this delicious recipe for Hot Chocolate deluxe, cuddle up and enjoy ... I think it warms body and soul equally. You can also use this Hot Chocolate deluxe to process leftover chocolate Santa Clauses in a very practical way. Of course, it also tastes particularly good to children if ...

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