Bread baking course 2021 (gleanings)

Today at this point a little report about my bread-baking course “Bread Fairy” Heidi Schlautmann, which took place last weekend in Heidis Backschule in (Lippetal / NRW). Together with our 10 course participants, we baked as much as we could and made the ovens glow!

Backkurs Cookie und Co und Brotfee Heidi Schlautmann

Finally bake together again!

After a long break from face-to-face courses for known reasons, we can finally start again! Our course lasted 1.5 days, from Friday afternoon to Saturday evening. With the exception of a short break for the night, the course ran under the motto bake, eat, sleep, repeat. The course program was tight, but very diverse. In the end, our course participants are quite full and tired, but also happy and drove home with various baked goods and items for rye sourdough as well as Lievito Madre. All in all, it was an all-round successful course with lovely people, good food, lots of laughter and unforgettable moments, which for me once again confirms: (Together) baking makes you happy!

On Friday evening, Oliver Distelkamp from visited us deligio finefood and provided a top-class dinner. In addition to the famous “thick ollis” grilled sausage, there was also cheese cracker and a vegetable pan from the grill, as well as many delicacies from Italy to try. Including antipasti and excellent Italian sausages in organic quality. On Saturday we also had a guest: Dear Olja Rau, alias @bakedicted on Instagram, came to visit. Make sure to check out her on Instagram, one of my all-time favorite blogs! To the great joy of everyone, she spontaneously showed us how to braid a beautiful 6-strand braid / challah (see pictures below).

In addition to various types of bread, rolls, sweet baked goods and pizza, there was also breadsticks. In the process, our participants learn and deepen: techniques and knowledge about bread-baking. Everyone will be picked up according to their ability and level of knowledge and of course any questions that arise will be answered. By the way, we bake in normal household ovens. In this way, what you have learned can then also be put into practice at home. From the first step of the sourdough feeding, through the dough preparation to the finished baked bread.

Do you have any wishes for course content or course topics? Then please leave me a comment under this blog post. Of course there will be new dates next year. These will be announced via the newsletter. The new Brotfee course program is coming soon here to find.

Finally, I would like to thank you for your support at Eiling organic mill for the wonderful flour as well as for deligio finefood and La Bottega dei Gusti thank you for the very best pizza-related ingredients!

Below are a few more impressions from the bread baking course
Pizza: Saturday lunch
Sweet baked goods
Culinary highlight: grilling with Olli
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14 thoughts on “Brotbackkurs 2021 (Nachlese)”

  1. Hello Sonja, I've been following your blog for a long time and I've already baked a lot. The recipes are really great and so far I have succeeded in everything thanks to your great instructions. The photos from your baking class suggest a lot of fun and the baked things look really good. I would be interested in whether these are all recipes from your blog and, above all, which ones?
    Thank you for an answer and greetings from Uschi Sonntag

    1. Dear Uschi,

      Most of the recipes for the course come from the blog, but some of them have been adapted to the course.
      Some recipes are (not yet) available on the blog.
      We baked the breadsticks, the mixed bread with sourdough (house bread), the hearty wholemeal bread and the grill and snack rolls. The rest is not yet public.

      Many greetings,

    1. Dear Kristina,

      many questions about a course in Berlin. However, this is not so easy for organizational reasons. The location alone is very difficult, not to mention the equipment.


  2. Dear Sonja,
    Many thanks to you and Heidi for this great, adventurous and instructive bread-baking course! You patiently answered every question, provided assistance and made sure that every participant had to feel comfortable!
    It was my first, but definitely not my last course! I will definitely be back!
    Warm greetings

    1. Dear Andrea,

      thank you very much for your great feedback. The course was a lot of fun and I'm really happy that you were there!

      Many greetings,

    1. Dear Tanja,

      the recipe is not yet on the blog. But there was a lot of inquiries about this recipe, so it's definitely on the plan.
      But it will still take a while, as I currently have quite extensive technical changes in the blog background, which also affect the recipes.


  3. I would be interested in baking with the Livieto Madre ... are there any entries?
    Thank you and best regards

    1. Dear Yvonne,

      do you mean a pure Lievito Madre course? In the course we are currently also using LM but also rye sourdough and some recipes only contain a little yeast, so there is something for everyone.

      Many greetings,

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