No-Knead Bun 2.0

Heute habe ich für dich ein neues Brötchen-Rezept für sehr einfache weiße Brötchen im Gepäck. No-Knead-Brötchen − die wirklich einfachste Methode, um selbst leckere Frühstücksbrötchen zu backen. Eigentlich sind es sogar die idealen Brötchen, wenn wenig Zeit zur Verfügung steht. ♥  No-Knead-Brötchen − einfach und aromatisch Es wurde auch mal wieder Zeit für ein neues Rezept. …

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Weihnachts-Desserts und Geschenke aus der Küche

Christmas desserts & gifts from the K ...

Today I have some of my favorite recipes for Christmas desserts and homemade gifts from the kitchen in my luggage for you. I would be happy if you can find some suggestions here. Maybe you are still looking for a great dessert to make your loved ones happy after the Christmas feast. The …

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Apfeltarte mit Licor 43

Apple tart with Licor 43

(Post contains advertising) Today I have an incredibly delicious apple tart in my luggage for you. A particularly juicy apple cake with a base of tender almond shortcrust pastry. This fruity tart is particularly delicious with my beloved Licor 43. The Spanish liqueur gives this cake a particularly tasty note! ♥ Apple tart with a shot Who knows me and my blog ...

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Brotbackbuch For the love of bread - Zeit für gutes Brot

My bread baking book

Today I have great news: my bread-baking book "FOR THE LOVE OF BREAD - Time for good bread" has been published. The book can be ordered now! The desire for a bread-baking book kept coming back to me. After some thought, I decided to grant this wish. The fifth blog birthday is also a great occasion ...

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Einfaches Weizenbrot ohne Sauerteig

Plain wheat bread

Today I brought a new bread recipe for you: A simple wheat bread without sourdough. Nevertheless, this bread has a great aroma, is wonderfully fluffy and is relatively easy to prepare. You can also choose between two variants: one with and one without the seed-flake swelling piece. Overall, a wonderfully down-to-earth bread without a lot of frills and also ...

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Olive oil brioche

Today French patisserie meets Mediterranean flair. In the form of a wonderfully delicious brioche from the south of France, where olive oil instead of butter often finds its way into brioche dough. This particularly fluffy and aromatic brioche harmonises wonderfully with both sweet and savory toppings. The cold overnight cooking creates a wonderful aroma and makes this olive oil brioche ...

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