Month: November 2020

Eggnog, amerikanischer Eierpunsch


Today I brought you a wonderful alternative to mulled wine, punch and the like: Eggnog, a super tasty egg punch with vanilla liqueur. Rounded off with a little tonka bean and cinnamon, topped with a good dollop of cream, this drink is simply a stunner! ♥ Eggnog simply made yourself Eggnog is traditionally drunk in North America during winter and Christmas time and is ...

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Erdnuss Karamell Busserl

Peanut caramel buns

The first Advent is just around the corner and it is high time for cookies here at Cookie and Co! That's why I brought my incredibly delicious peanut caramel Busserl for you today: A delicate shortcrust pastry with (salted) peanuts, filled with a decent dollop of caramel and a hint of chocolate. It doesn't just look pretty, it tastes good ...

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Marzipan Gugelhupf | Marzipankuchen mit Gewürzen

Marzipan bundt cake

Fancy some November soul food ?! Today I have a juicy and outrageously delicious marzipan Gugelhupf on offer. Because today is the official Gugelhupf day. Of course, a bundt cake is urgently needed. And so this recipe for the best “soul food day ever” was born with lots of marzipan, delicious spices and a crunchy chocolate glaze. There have ...

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WaldNuss Brot

Forest Nut Bread

Today I have brought you a wonderful, hearty and very tasty bread recipe, my WaldNuss bread. A real powerhouse with lots of (forest perennial rye) wholemeal flour and walnuts, which fills you up for a long time and just goes well with autumn. The preparation couldn't be easier. This box bread is very juicy, has a great aroma and ...

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Brownie Cookies mit Sauerteig

Brownie Cookies | possible with sourdough

Today I brought delicious brownie cookies for you. The special thing about it: You can use it to process the rest of the sourdough. Sounds a bit unusual. But once you have bitten into such a delicious and mega chocolatey cookie, you will have no more doubts ... the cookies are really good! Every cookie monster would be weak. ...

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