Month: October 2020

Kürbiskuchen mit Frosting und karamellisierten Kürbiskernen

pumpkin pie

Today it will be really nice autumn, because I brought a pumpkin pie with frosting and caramelized pumpkin seeds. This cake is very juicy, aromatic and delicious to kneel down! And above all, just the thing for autumn ... ♥ Pumpkin pie Like my zucchini cake and my carrot cake (carrot cake with cream cheese frosting), this pumpkin cake is also made with grated vegetables. ...

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Pumpkin cheese crisps | Crispbread with sourdough

Today it will be crispy on Cookies and Co, because today I brought my pumpkin cheese crisps for you. A crispbread recipe with wholemeal rye flour, which is great for using old sourdough. It is very easy and uncomplicated to prepare and super delicious ... ♥ Pumpkin Cheese Knäcke With this crispbread you can use the batter ...

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