Month: July 2020

Aprikosen Käsekuchen mit Streusel

Apricot cheesecake with sprinkles

Today I have a new cheesecake recipe for you, because cheesecake always works, doesn't it ?! This time it turned out to be a very tasty apricot cheesecake with crumble. Along with peaches and berries, apricots are simply THE summer fruits for me, which is why this beautiful time must be savored to the full. Packaged as a cheesecake and in combination ...

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Backkurs ,Brot backen, Brotbackkurs

Bread baking courses

Do you want to learn to bake bread or deepen your knowledge? You will have the opportunity to do so in September. Because in my bread-baking course, together with the “bread fairy” Heidi Schlautmann, I would like to share the fascination of bread-baking with you. In our course we will provide you with the necessary know-how to be able to bake bread and other baked goods at home ... ♥ ...

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Softes Sandwichbrot

Soft sandwich bread | golden butter toast bread

Today I brought a new toast recipe for you, for a wonderfully soft sandwich bread. It tastes super delicious, the crumb is wonderfully fluffy, wonderfully fluffy and soft and fluffy. It also has great freshness. Just like a good butter toast should be ... ♥ Soft sandwich bread From my previous toast bread recipes here on Cookie and Co, my ...

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Thailändischer Gurkensalat (Ajad)

Thai cucumber salad (ajad)

Today it's going to be Asian for a change with cookies and co. Today I have a very delicious salad for you, a Thai cucumber salad. It tastes wonderfully refreshing, is a delicious side dish (not only for grilling) and also super easy and quick to prepare ... ♥ Thai cucumber salad Thai cucumber salad could almost be considered a classic of Thai cuisine ...

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Auffrischbrot Jule

Refreshing bread "Jule"

Today I brought you a mixed bread for using leftover sourdough: My fresh bread “Jule”. It's rather simple, down to earth and unexcited. Without a “special special ingredient”, but in this case with maximum flexibility. Sometimes the most unspectacular and simple things are the best. Because with bread in particular, you don't need a long list of ingredients to create something magical from the ...

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Brotchips würziger Snack

Bread chips

Today I brought you a hearty snack: Spicy and crispy bread chips. Perfect for mild summer evenings with a glass of wine or as a snack with your favorite crime thriller. The best thing about it, the bread chips are made super fast and ideal for using leftovers from stale bread, rolls or baguette ... ♥ Bread chips for a blog event Bread chips are so easy and quick ...

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