Month: April 2020

Versunkener Rhabarberkuchen mit Himbeeren

Sunken rhubarb cake with raspberries

Spring is in full swing and rhubarb is finally in abundance. So it's time for a delicious recipe with rhubarb. We have already enjoyed the first rhubarb cake and I would like to share the recipe for this simple and delicious cake with rhubarb with you today: A sunken rhubarb cake with raspberries ... ♥ Sunken ...

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Knusperkruste mit Eclats

Crunchy crust with eclats (cooked overnight)

Today I brought you a new bread recipe. A delicious crispy crust with eclats. The bread is simple and uncomplicated to prepare, tastes aromatic and delicious. It also gets nice and crispy and crackles wonderfully after baking ... ♥ The crispy crust with eclats As mentioned above, the crispy crust with eclats is more of an uncomplicated ...

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Rezepte für den Frühling

Spring recipes

Heute habe ich für dich meine 15 Lieblings-Rezepte für den Frühling zusammengefasst. Alle stammen aus der Blog Kategorie Frühlings-Rezepte. Da sich dort mittlerweile schon so einige Rezepte für den Frühling mit Spargel, Rhabarber & Erdbeeren angesammelt haben, verliert man schnell den Überblick. Deshalb habe ich hier für dich nochmal meine 15 Favoriten zusammengetragen…♥ Rezepte mit …

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Ur-Kornkasten. Saftiges Körnerbrot aus Urgetreide mit Sauerteig. Ohne Hefe

Original grain bin

Today I have a wonderful, hearty, healthy and delicious bread recipe for you: my original grain bin. A small muscle man with a high proportion of whole grains that will keep you full for a long time. The preparation couldn't be easier and does not require the addition of yeast. The actual working time is also only a few minutes. This loaf of bread is super juicy, has a ...

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schneller Eiersalat mit Schnittlauch

Egg salad | simply fast

Today I brought you a delicious egg salad. It can be prepared in a few minutes and is perfect for an Easter breakfast or brunch. Of course, it is also absolutely delicious as a topping on bread outside of Easter time. It is also ideal for using leftover hard-boiled eggs. We especially like sprinkling it with a little cress ... ♥ Homemade egg salad ...

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Eggnog dessert with white chocolate

Today I brought you a delicious egg liqueur dessert with white chocolate. A very tasty egg liqueur mousse. Easter is just around the corner, what is better than a dessert with eggnog ?! Because egg liqueur is traditionally always particularly popular at Easter. This delicacy is a small glass full of happiness and just the right way to end a delicious meal ... ♥ Eggnog ...

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mediterranes Tomatenbrot (hefefrei)

Mediterranean tomato bread | Pane Pomodori

Today I brought you my Mediterranean tomato bread, a Pane Pomodori. It does not require industrial yeast and is prepared with yeast water and Lievito Madre. Dried cherry tomatoes, roasted pine nuts and tomato pesto give this bread a special kick. Super tasty, very aromatic and also ideally suited as a side bread for grilling ... ♥ Mediterranean tomato bread I have my Mediterranean tomato bread ...

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