Month: January 2020

Schokomuffins (saftige Schokoladenmuffins)

Chocolate muffins | juicy chocolate muffins

Today I brought you juicy chocolate muffins. These are delicious chocolate muffins with chocolate chips. Double chocolate, so to speak. After all, you can never get enough of chocolate, right ?! This recipe is super simple, straightforward, and quick to bake. These muffins are ready in just 30 minutes ... ♥ Chocolate muffins Muffins have been so with us in recent years ...

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Rauchige Mandel Speck Wurzeln

Smoky Almond Bacon Roots

Today it's going to be rustic on Cookie and Co: I brought you smoky almond and bacon roots. These are wonderfully aromatic and spicy root rolls with a special kick. Because fried bacon and salty smoked almonds provide a spicy aroma and a delicious crunch. Do you fancy a little taste explosion? Then put this recipe on your post-baking list ... ♥ Smoky ...

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Linsensuppe wie von Oma - Linseneintopf

Lentil soup like grandma's - hearty & tasty ...

Today we have the recipe for a real classic again: Lentil soup like grandma's. Winter time is stew time, at least for us. Stews and soups not only warm up wonderfully from the inside, but are also usually quite easy to prepare and can be cooked in advance. We particularly like this soup based on the original recipe ...

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Selbstgemachter Joghurt, auch präbiotisch und lactosefrei möglich

Yogurt - homemade natural yogurt

Today I brought you my recipe for homemade natural yogurt. I've been making yogurt myself for many years and today I'll show you how to do it. By the way, this recipe also works great with lactose-free milk as well as with low-fat milk ... ♥ Why make yogurt yourself? For us it just happened that way ... I do ours ...

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Landbrot aus dem Holzbackrahemn mit Sauerteig (ohne Hefe)

Country bread from the wooden baking frame

Today I brought a rustic country bread from the wooden baking frame. A wonderfully juicy, very tasty and actually quite simple mixed bread that currently has the potential to become my favorite bread. The special thing about this recipe is the two-stage sourdough process with a mixed flour sourdough made from wheat and rye, a kind of Balkan sourdough ... ♥ The country bread from the wooden baking frame The country bread ...

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