Month: December 2019

Lachscreme (Dip & Aufstrich)

Salmon cream (quick dip & spread)

Today I brought you a delicious salmon cream that can be eaten as a dip or as a spread. New Year's Eve is just around the corner and this cream with cream cheese and salmon fits perfectly on the party buffet or for the hangover breakfast the next morning ... ♥ Salmon cream - rather as a dip or as a spread? We like them in both ...

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Rustikales Baguette

Rustic baguette

Today I brought a new baguette recipe for you, a rustic baguette. Admittedly, the recipe has been in my drawer since the summer and is waiting all the time to be published here on the blog. But now, so shortly before New Year's Eve, it works really well. Because with us baguette is allowed to ...

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Mulled wine and cherry dessert (Christmas dessert)

Today I have another delicious Christmas dessert for you: a mulled wine and cherry dessert in a glass with gingerbread. Last year there was already the recipe for my cinnamon panna cotta with plum port wine sauce and my orange cheesecake dessert in a glass (with speculoos) here on Cookie and Co. And because a dessert always has the icing on the cake and the crowning glory ...

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Elisen Gingerbread

How about some homemade gingerbread today? With us, they are always part of the Christmas season, of course home-baked ... that's how they taste best. That's why I brought you my favorite recipe for juicy Elisen Lebkuchen today ... ♥ Nuremberg Elisen Lebkuchen This gingerbread recipe does not exactly correspond to the traditional Elisen Lebkuchen recipe that I know from my grandma. Because with my variant ...

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Brioche Burger Buns - die besten. Sehr fluffig, soft und sehr lecker. Mit wenig Hefe.

Brioche burger buns

Today I brought you my favorite brioche burger buns. They are loose, fluffy and soft. Just like a good burger bun should be for me. Because a good homemade burger also needs a good homemade burger bun. This should not only taste delicious, but also has to meet a number of requirements- ...

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Marzipanblüten. Siritzgebäck mit Marzipan und Konfitüre

Marzipan flowers (shortbread biscuits)

Now we are already in the middle of the Advent season and it is high time for cookies here at Cookie and Co! That's why I brought my marzipan flowers for you today: A marzipan shortbread cookie filled with a good dollop of fruit jelly. Not only does it look pretty, it also tastes delicious and is quick and easy to prepare ... ♥ ...

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Ur-Karotti - Kastenbrot aus Urgetreidesorten mit Vollkornmehl und lila Karotten.

Original carrot

Today primeval grain meets purple primeval carrot. A truly rustic, healthy and very tasty combination for a juicy crate of bread: My original carrot. Due to the high whole grain content, the original carrot not only tastes wonderfully aromatic, but also makes you feel full for a long time ... ♥ Ancient grain - what is it actually? Old grain varieties are, so to speak, the forefathers of today's high-performance wheat. In the Middle East ...

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Quarkstollen-Konfekt und Stolle im Glas

Grandma's Stollen Confectionery & Stollen in a glass

Today I brought you my recipe for Grandma's Stollen Confectionery & Stollen in a Glass. A 2 in 1 recipe where you can choose what you'd rather bake. I pimped up Grandma's traditional Quark Stollen recipe, optimized it for my terms and made it “blog-fine”, so to speak ... ♥ Grandma's Stollen Confectionery & Stollen in a Glass The recipe ...

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Marzipan potatoes - simply homemade

Today I have a very traditional Christmas treat in my luggage for you: Homemade marzipan potatoes. For me, at least from an early age, they are part of the Christmas season. Homemade, of course, they taste much better and, depending on your taste preferences, you can play a little with the flavors ... ♥ The marzipan potatoes ... ... are super easy and also pretty quick to make yourself ...

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