Month: November 2019

Kokoskonfekt a la Bounty

Bounty confections

Today I have a sinfully delicious snack in my luggage for you: Bounty confectionary. Super tasty, super easy and great for giving away. Of course, it is also delicious to eat yourself and always worth a sin! ♥ The bounty confectionery These small chocolate-coated coconut balls are VERY reminiscent of the well-known chocolate bar with coconut filling. The famous chocolate bar came ...

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Baked Apple Cinnamon Rolls

Today it will be particularly delicious on cookies and the like, there is a recipe for juicy baked apple and cinnamon buns. These are very fluffy snails or cinnamon rolls made from yeast dough, with a delicious baked apple filling. Incredibly delicious and just the thing for the cold and dreary season ... ♥ The yeast dough The dough is prepared with a little yeast. I use ...

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Mischbrot mit Sauerteig

Mixed bread with sourdough - my house bread

Today there is fresh bread again on Cookie and Co. A wonderfully crispy, rustic, juicy and very tasty ... actually unspectacular and completely normal mixed bread with sourdough. What makes this recipe special, you can find out below in the text. But does it always have to be spectacular, especially in everyday life ?! Mixed bread is not one of the most popular for nothing ...

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Kuchenstück von einer Apfel-Glögg-Torte (Apfel-Wein-Torte) auf einem Teller mit Weihnachtsbeleuchtung im Hintergrund.

Apple-Glögg-Torte (with Glögg)

Today I have a new and extremely delicious cake recipe in my luggage for you. And since we are making great strides towards the Christmas season, nothing fits better than a delicious wintry-Christmas apple cake: an apple-glögg-cake. Very tasty, very fruity and wonderfully spicy and aromatic. Exactly the right soul warmer for dark and cold winter days ... ♥ The Apple-Glögg-Torte The ...

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Französisches Landbrot mit Übernachtgare und ohne Hefe, auch als Topfbrot möglich

Pain Paysans rustique (rustic wheat bread)

Today I brought a new bread recipe for you: My Pain Paysans rustique. A French wheat bread, half of which consists of French original wheat flour. The bread has a wonderfully crispy, caramel-brown crust. The crumb is aromatic, juicy and has great freshness. It is also super easy to re-bake and does not require any yeast at all. Does that sound ...

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Vanilla extract

Today I have a new basic recipe for vanilla extract for you - homemade from real vanilla. The cookie season is about to start or is your Christmas baking in full swing? A lot of vanilla is usually needed, at least for me. With this vanilla paste, the valuable vanilla pods are not only much more productive, they also don't need ...

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Roggenmischbrot 80/20

Mixed rye bread 80/20 (instead of 08/15)

Today I brought a new bread recipe for you, for a juicy and rustic mixed rye bread 80/20 (instead of 08/15). Because it really doesn't taste like a run-of-the-mill rye bread, but very tasty, strong but still mild. For me, the taste was in the foreground with this recipe and the bread has become wonderfully aromatic and also has a ...

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