Month: July 2019

Blaubeer-Käsekuchen mit Streusel

Blueberry Cheesecake with Sprinkles

Today I have another delicious cake recipe for you, for a blueberry cheesecake with streusel. The name alone sounds delicious, doesn't it? And the combination of quark and cream cheese with blueberries is simply unbeatable! Add to that plenty of crunchy crumble and the cake dream is perfect ... ♥ The dream team made of quark and cream cheese with blueberries ...

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Guacamole deluxe

Guacamole Deluxe (Avocado Dip)

Today I have a true classic among the dips for you: A Guacamole Deluxe. In the version that we like best with this avocado dip. Slightly spicier than the original recipe and super tasty, although so easy and quick to prepare ... ♥ Guacamole ... ... is a typical avocado dip from Mexican cuisine and also very popular in Tex-Mex cuisine. As …

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Batard-französisches Brot

Bâtard - French bread classic

Today I have a recipe for Bâtard for you. This is a French bread classic, which incidentally is very closely related to baguette. Why, why, why, I'll explain a little below. So it's worth reading. But baking it is even more worth it, I can promise you that much. Because this bread ...

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Peach and passion fruit jam with vineyard peach

Today we are boiling down again: a stunningly fruity peach and passion fruit jam that tastes like summer. In this case, however, simply made with aromatic vineyard peach. But now is exactly the right time to preserve the tastiest sun-ripened fruits for the cold season. Last year I made 15 new recipes for ...

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Strawberry cake with Yogurette® | Summer cake

Today, for a change, I have a new cake recipe for you for a delicious summer cake: a strawberry cake with Yogurette®. Refreshing, very tasty and nice and fruity. This cake is easy to prepare, fits perfectly into the summer and tastes big and small ... ♥ This strawberry cake ... ... consists of a Viennese base with cocoa and a fruity ...

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Tourte de meule in einer Holzkiste

Tourte de Meule (in 2 variants)

After my Provençal apricot jam with lavender, I continue today in French on Cookies and Co. I have a real French classic for you: Tourte de Meule or stone mill bread. An aromatic sourdough bread made from stone-ground flour with a cracking crust and a juicy crumb. Admittedly, the recipe has been lying around for a few weeks and is waiting for its appearance here ...

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Aprikosen-Konfitüre mit Lavendel

Apricot jam with lavender

Today I'll take you to Provence, because today I have a recipe for Provencal apricot jam with lavender for you. With it you can catch the sun of southern France and maybe a little holiday feeling ... directly into the glass and on your breakfast table, so to speak. In any case, my thoughts are immediately in the south of France and in the direction of Provence when I hear this delicious ...

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